USC Winners And Losers Of The Week



Isaiah White and Tahj Eaddy are on their third colleges. It might be the way it is these days and it paid off for them.


It’s going to be a busy day. You have spring practice starting and USC playing Gonzaga at roughly the same time Tuesday afternoon.

USC fans

Coach Bohn held a free Happy Hour Sunday for Trojan fans at the JW Marriott’s High Velocity sports bar before the Oregon game.

Bill Walton

The Pac-12 has three teams in the Elite Eight. The only other time it happened was 2001, when USC, Arizona and Stanford made it.


USC football reputation

The NFL coaches/scouts who showed for Pro Day were shaking their heads at some of the poor performances. There were some poor bench presses and also some players did not run nearly as fast as expected. Even some of USC’s own staff wondered what a few of the players were doing the past three months.

Clay Helton

He is opening spring practice with three players wearing No. 6 and three wearing No. 13 because he can’t tell anyone “no.” At least USC basketball is taking some pressure off him in March.

USC administration

A tuition increase and $1.1 billion settlement in the same week? And how long does Max Nikias get to remain as a non-voting trustee with an office on campus?

Drake London

He could have been in the Elite Eight instead of going to spring practice Tuesday. But he can find solace in being a first-round pick a year from now.

Charles Barkley

He said Evan Mobley would be the fourth-best player on the court Tuesday but didn’t show a lot of confidence naming the three Gonzaga players who were better.


Byron Wesley

Former guard played for USC and Gonzaga. And he didn’t want to say Sunday night who he will take on Tuesday.

41 thoughts on “USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

      1. Actually, Scott is at a $3500 a day Bed & Breakfast having eggs and chicken sausage with his roommate, Angelina Jolie….

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    1. Shouldn’t Scott be in the losers side? He was so hoping for early exit and yelling from the roof tops “Thanks Enfield”. This as always is not Scottie’s finest hour.

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Helton will open spring practice with “I’m so proud of Coach Enfield!”

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  2. Liked by 4 people

      1. More than a chance. It could happen! We just need to be “on” & not let the hype get to us…..

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  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is IMO by far the worst winners/losers ever.

    And that takes some doing. Bill Walton is an Inside USC winner? WTF? Because during a peyote binge he picked a final four of 5 pac 12 teams?

    A day of the week is a winner? WTF?

    Drake London is a loser? WTF?

    Is Scottie now this desperate for click bait? SMDH.

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    1. This post was late cuz Scott was debating whether to include the “day of the week” winner…..

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      1. Not exactly unpaid. USC has turned over roughly a million $$ in Covid Relief money to Petros upon his promise to work with Scott throughout the pandemic.

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  4. Scott is back I was truely worried about him. I heard he is trying to decide whether to run his bike to Indianapolis, or take the train. Either way I hope he makes it, and the Trojans advance to the final four.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Exactly. That Scott is a petty man was established long ago. Now it is just a matter of how petty can he get. Just when you think he has hit the bottom, nope, he comes up with something new.

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    1. You know, it isn’t so much that this team got to the round of 8, but more the dominating fashion that they did it. If he’d have beaten the jayhawks and quacks by a paltry 6-7 pts, Andy would still deserve praise, as it is I believe we are the ONLY team to have posted double digit wins in EVERY game this tourney.

      scottie give the man his due..

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      1. Okay. Our job is clear. Let’s see if we can make them into double digit losers…..

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      2. Last team to go undefeated and become champions was quite a while ago. Seems like we may as well keep the tradition going….

        Beat the zags….

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      3. To paraphrase the priest in “The Chocolate Wars”, “Only God is perfect. Does Gonzaga think they are God?!”

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  5. Typical Pisley, he posts SUCC fake facts and re-tweets bozo boot-lick opinions.

    Dear Pisley, the Boner’s personal varmint and SUCC-up.


      1. I say we make “S” Scampi, “tebow” can be Sparky…and let’s leave Owns with Owns [he’s earned it]……


    1. JO, the king of fake facts.

      The evolution of JO:
      1. Throws his own team under the bus. Should not be in tournament.
      2. Wins first game, half way back on the bus, and declares his goal has been achieved–“just don’t go one and done”
      3. JO now fully back on the bus.

      Such a loyal fan but I guess that is the way it goes with UCLA fans. They even have to hang out a USC blog, because their own blogs either don’t exist or are filled with JOs who cannot put together a coherent sentence. I did not know that their language department still offered Neandertal as a language. JO passed the class with an essay titled “Ugh”.

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