Wednesday USC Notes: Quick Look At Transfers

Defensive tackle Ishmael Sopsher, the transfer from Alabama, has been getting around USC recently on a portable scooter after undergoing surgery for compartment syndrome.

He will miss spring practice.

Meanwhile, I’ve heard some glowing early reports about the attitude of tailback Keaontay Ingram, the transfer from Texas, and coaches fully expect a significant role for him.

USC is deep at tailback (Vavae Malepeai, Stephen Carr, Kenan Christon, Brandon Campbell, Ingram) so it will be interesting to see what backs lose out on playing time.

  • Bert Smith, the official who collapsed during the USC-Gonzaga game, is in an Indianapolis hospital today under observation.

22 thoughts on “Wednesday USC Notes: Quick Look At Transfers

  1. It’s a wonder End Field didn’t collapse like one of those goats the drops when frightened. I wonder when his field will end? (So we can thank him) Rumors have it he writes his name on the bottom of his player’s shoes. He got the idea from Toy Story


      1. f y,

        What will you say to Jesus when he asks you about your heart and the words you have said or written?

        Seriously, you should stop this shtick. You will be judged by Christ.


  2. This is Christon’s third year. One of the fastest guys in college football, he had some great runs while a frosh, getting 68 carries for about 380 yards. Last year, he got 10 carries. SMDH.

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      1. The primary use of USC running backs now seems to be pass blocking. Maybe they should put tight ends in the backfield. Or OTs.

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      2. …Or Helton himself…. to handle the Notre Dame blitz….. just for one series….

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      3. I’ve had the same idea, ’67.
        Find some less-than-surly, skinny OT and put a 1-49 numbered jersey on his back…..

        BTW, I’m kidding.

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  3. Helton will go 8-4 or 7-5 this season. His offense will not be aggressive and take it to the defense. It will be soft. There will be no two back play, espcially on the goal line. It will be a medicore season this year.

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    1. Looking at the schedule, PT, a 10-2 record is where the season starts…..
      I think a 9-3 record in 2021 is grounds to be released.
      I’m starting to think that the only acceptable outcome in 2021 is 11-1.
      (ie, HC CH is released of his duties at 10-2).

      Look at the home and away schedule. ND is rebuilding with a new QB.
      We have TWO WEEKS to prep for the ND game. We travel to Boulder CO in early October–not the frozen snow on the ground November night game at CU that always bangs up a bunch of players.

      Trojans should be 10-1 going into the game vs BYU (at home).

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      1. Bourbon, “should be” is right. If they are, I’ll be joining you with that Blanton’s. BTW, any others you like? On the vanilla side of flavors?

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      2. Nestle’s used to make a really nuanced creme soda — which went equally well with fish or beef…

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      3. My friends, I’m an equal opportunity Bourbon sipper.
        Send me your thoughts and I will jump on in.
        Along with pretty ladies, hoops and fast horses, Kentucky gets distilling right. HOWEVER, I’m embarrassed to tell you that one of my secret “bourbons” comes from–egad–Oregon. Of course, since it didn’t come from Kentucky then its not really a Bourbon in my book. Black Maple Hill Bourbon will be a pleasant surprise!

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      4. ….and yes, I’m very happy with creme soda and cheetos.
        Dr Pepper and a Moon Pie? Hell yeah.

        Dots pretzels and pretty much anything drinkable.

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      5. Dots pretzels! Talk about a great fucking snack. I wish they’d take them off the market. They shouldn’t even make those things.


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