USC Morning Buzz: Questions Need Immediate Answers

USC might still be celebrating its Elite Eight appearance but there are already some pressing questions ahead.

It’s important to know who is leaving if USC is going to bring in any transfers.

Will Isaiah Mobley leave?

Tahj Eaddy is 24 years old so he is expected to leave for the sake of his potential pro career.

Does Isaiah White want to return?

Does Chevez Goodwin?

USC’s use of the transfer portal was instrumental to this season’s success, so it cannot wait long if it needs scholarships.

Also, what’s the deal with forward Joshua Morgan? He was the Big West Defensive Player of the Year but barely got on the court.

40 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Questions Need Immediate Answers

  1. Evan won’t be replaceable, guys like that don’t come along every year. But with transfer portal being full on free agency it will be interesting to see what happens. Enfield isn’t coach K, but he’s a solid recruiter which will keep us near top of conference.

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    1. They came close. Not saying USC should be satisfied with round of 8, particularly given how obvious gap is between very top and Trojans. But USC played hard, and showed they have potential (at least this year) to compete with anyone and win. Good stuff to build on.

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      1. How many times has a SUCC team wound up wreaked and abandoned on the island of potential due to piss-poor navigational skills.

        For instance, SUCC BB had the potential to defeat Gonzaga. Or SUCC FB had the potential to defeat a 3-2 Oregon FB team in the crumbling mausoleum. Or even better, SUCC FB had the potential to “Shock the World” and defeat Alabama FB in Jerry’s house.

        SUCC Water Polo also had the potential to defeat UCLA for the WP NC in its own pool, but…

        #Potential = two birds in a bush.

        #Oh the humiliation.

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      2. Some of what you say is true. But I’d put a different spin on things. This year’s basketball team had highlights of the kind we haven’t seen since the Rose Bowl in football. Obviously, they weren’t ready for what Gonzaga had in store for them in the first half. Great coaches know how to rip the heart outta you (and Andy didn’t see it coming). iiill11

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      3. 67 — I don’t know where all the i’s and 1’s at the end of my last post came from —but I kinda like the look —I’m thinking of going with it from now on ….

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      4. Michael, is there a Trojan contingent on Maui? Maybe we come to the islands and take over the local pub for the ucla game? Assuming the local pub has one of those newfangled 65″ 8K screens? Wouldn’t want to risk this for the ND game..,.

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    2. How many times has UCLA been humilated by USC in Pauley in recent years? Pauley, the glorious house that Wooden (read: Sam Gilbert) built. Total humiliation that USC now owns Pauley Pavilion. They still us backrent.

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      1. Stogie? That best you got? Okay, you have been humilated enough. You have my permission to leave. I accept your apology but don’t let it happen again.

        P.S. The painters will be arriving at Pauley later to put in the new SC logo. Could you please make sure you have mopped up before they come. That’s a good lad.


    3. USC under Nikias, Folt and Bohn will pat themselves on the back, probably make a hype video where they celebrate and give each other a “Participation Award”.


    4. Space X SN 11 Starship Rocket that’s going to take man to the moon






    5. According to sources Roy Williams has stepped down as a head coach of North Carolina. Andy Enfield has sent his resume to the sports information account in North Carolina. Mike Bohn in response has offered Andy Enfield in lifetime contract. In other news Andy Enfield was set to fire assistant coach mobley and looking to hire the father of the top recruit the next recruiting class. This is how things are done at USC


  2. My question is, if Hart was the head coach, how would USC look compared to Endfied’s teams. Would Hart be a better coach or would he be worse. We will see what happens with SC’s recruiting this year.

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  3. My friends, I wish for you to note the date, because I have made a decision that going forward will define my allegiance. Many of my friends know that I support my favorite teams 100% and that means wearing their colors, and knowing their schedules. Occasionally this means changing teams to maintain a level of respect. Such as the time when I changed from the Lakers to the Clippers and back. Or the time when I changed from the Dodgers to the Angels and back.
    I have determined it is time for such a switch. It has become clearly apparent to me that USC is no longer the best coached, and managed program in my sphere of influence. Ucla is poised to become the City leader and as talent rises they will dominate.
    This morning I cleared my closet of all things Cardinal and Gold. I am returning the juvenile sized sweater from the 1940s I stole from my brother (which he stole from my mother) that once was worn by George Tirebiter. (he still has the hat anyway. My collection of hat buttons are in the recycle bin. I am headed to the Goodwill store and Discount barns to pick up my new colors of baby blue and maize (occasionally all white) I am changing my name to Rialto Bruin.
    It has become increasingly obvious that USC is mired in a foggy Heltonesque type of thinking that will continue its spiral into second class in the city. Not one of my immediate friends can name the USC starting tailback, both of them think the position has been replaced by a new position of “backfield receiver.” Coaches are clueless and the athletic director is deaf and toothless. It is, unfortunately time for a change. If you need me I can be found burning a couch in Westwood. Farewell – Rialto Bruin

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      1. JO sprinkles fairy dust in his hair and wears pink bunny slippers. He is still mad that USC tackled the UCLA players in the football game (you remember, the one where UCLA blew a big lead)–he was heard saying “That’s not fair, you are so mean”


      2. I recall owns getting upset at Drake London at the end of the ucla game. But I don’t recall him getting upset when a bruin DL picked up Kenan Christon, threw him to the ground after the whistle blew, Christon landed on the cervical portion of his back. A few inches away would have been quadraplegia.

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      3. I’m sorry Owns, I couldn’t resist even though it is a matter of family history that my mother came to LA during WWII with her parents and enrolled in college. She had her heart set on a football school, but she couldn’t remember anything about the school except it had initials for a name. She wound up at UCLA but entered the transfer portal right after football season.
        In truth the real joke in my piece was the number of friends I have. You should have jumped on the chance to tell me I have only one friend since George Tirebiter 11 died last week.

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  4. CFB and NCAAM BB continue to change “moment-to-moment” given the NCAA transfer portal rules.

    The Nick Sabans and Bill Selfs of the world don’t need to care much.
    The rest of us do.

    I, for one, think Enfield did a good job cobbling up a pretty good squad given the recent defections/graduations and recent additions via the portal and recruitment. This team showed great intensity and emotion (except vs Zaga) and came together with very little pre-season prep. Great job by coaches and players.

    A lot to look forward to with USC hoops. Trending up.
    Keep recruiting at a high level. Maybe Eric Mobley knows how to coach up the big guys? Did a pretty good job with Isaiah and Evan–though he had a few years to work with them. Okongwu did a great job for us last year also. Did Eric Mobley coach him up?

    I would not be surprised if both Mobleys declare for the NBA. I’d like to see Goodwin return in all cases. We’ll see if Coulibaly develops. Keep coaching stout defence. Fight On!

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      1. The Board is gonna have to act fast to get it done before my birthday…

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      2. I wake up each morning hoping to see a Scott exclusive: “President Folt missing —rumored to have fled to China before bombshell New York Times piece appears tomorrow alleging crimes against nature committed on remote Santa Monica mountain trail”

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      3. Michael, I would be happy to let her enjoy life in China and not even try to extradite. (Though maybe we don’t even have an extradition treaty with China…)

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      4. Not to get (too) political —but, you’re right, we don’t….

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  5. Will be nice to not have the USC Hoops Twitter posting pictures or videos of Drew Petersen 4 times a day. Who runs that, a family member or romantic partner of his?


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