An Early Spring Surprise

Defensive tackle Jamar Sekona was a surprise starter during Tuesday’s opening spring practice.

The reason why became apparent today when defensive coordinator Todd Orlando said Sekona changed his body during offseason workouts.

“We’re going to play the toughest dudes that we’ve got,” Orlando said.

Did anyone feel like Orlando instilled toughness season? I didn’t.

Orlando also praised safety Xavion Alford.

“I love his sense of urgency and his maturity for a young person, just having only one year of college,” Orlando said. “For him, the maturity level he has, has been really great.”

The question to such comments is why Alford couldn’t play more at Texas? But since he was at Texas, he will no doubt be highly regarded by the Lone Star State coaches at USC.

Orlando also praised cornerback Joshua Jackson, who wears No. 6, like Isaac Taylor Stuart. When does he change his number?

17 thoughts on “An Early Spring Surprise

  1. Most of the positive changes happening at USC football are due to TO. He is the reason Donte and Vic came to SC. That is why they landed a stellar defensive class.

    The defense improved statistically year over year, despite having injuries at linebacker that he had to work around. With a year cut short by COVID, you really cant expect more than what he delivered.

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  2. “The question to such comments is why Texas transfer Alford couldn’t play more at Texas?”

    Answer might be the same as why Joe Burrow didn’t play more at Ohio State.

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      1. We may lose MG, but we’ll look better than the bozos doing it.

        Cronin won’t sit on his ass like Andyain’twinning ’cause he didn’t have a plan B or C.

        I give UCLA a puncher’s chance to win. The Zags are much smaller than Michigan. The Bruins match up size wise and are used to playing as an underdog.

        Oh yeah, the Bruins play defense too!

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      2. I wouldn’t really mind it if you won, my friend….

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      3. Michael, it is happening as we speak. Chip was on his way to the tourney tonight when his carryon started leaking white powder. Homeland Security went into lockdown model and Chip missed his flight. If only they were familiar with Stan’s Donuts…SMDH.

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      4. “White powder” means something very different in the Kelly kitchen –it’s something you sprinkle on donuts, pancakes and prime rib….

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      5. In my World, a loss is a loss, JO. There’s no “good loss.” There’s no “moral victory.” There’s no “we lost by less than you.”
        For cripesake.


  3. I’m more interested to see how Liam Jimmons does this Spring.

    I recall him pancake blocking some stupid Wazzu undergrad who was storming the field years ago during an upset loss in the Palouse. Just a non-chalant lil forearm shiver and the little crimson clad pissant was on the turf soiling his huggies and crying for mommy.

    Here’s to hoping Liam has a bunch more of those shivers for some LB this season.

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      1. One of the most embarrassing of many embarrassing debacles…I seem to recall that was a very late night RoJo vs 22 gladiator contest.

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      1. Before Carol gets all bent out of shape reliving all of this—Liam was just ahead of his time. He saw a super spreader situation developing…. and he did what every progressive dreams of: He discouraged it….. in the strongest terms.

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      1. I’ve seen lots of this kind of seedy behavior as a prosecutor, 67 — if past is prelude, I’m afraid she’s probably going to get worse before she gets better….


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