USC Saturday Buzz: More Details On The Imposter

With so much feedback Friday about the imposter story, I had to call by campus security for some more details.

Here is how the incident was recorded in the security log.

So the imposter apparently showed up at the McKay Center and found his way inside to the locker room. He then grabbed a helmet, jersey and cleats. At this point, give him credit for getting ahold of these items. No pads were worn Thursday so he didn’t need to worry about those.

He then walked over to Howard Jones Field, right past the event/staff security guards, who wouldn’t stop someone in a football uniform.

The imposter then started catching punts when a football staffer finally noticed him and wondered who he was. Campus security was called and asked to come over and detain him. The imposter was almost left but two staffers restrained him. He was then taken to the locker room area underneath the McKay Center and Heritage Hall.

“I’m not sure how he got into the McKay Center so easily,” the secruity source said. “That’s the question and the problem for me. He also shouldn’t even be on campus with the COVID-19 restrictions. We had a previous issue with him at the soccer field so we knew who he was but he had never done something like this before.”

You can bet security for today’s practice will be overblown in response.

  • I’m sure you know Arizona and Stanford will play for the NCAA women’s basketball championship. Six different Pac-12 teams have reached the Final Four since 2013.

Of course, USC is not one of those six teams and light years away from a Final Four. Coach Bohn seems happy for the program to drift, perhaps because he was more of a men’s team fanboy delivering post-game speeches about NCAA seedings. But Bohn was all smiles at last year’s on-campus screening of the HBO documentary on USC’s women’s basketball’s championship era.

22 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: More Details On The Imposter

    1. So, GC, here is how we let the imposter “live his dream.”
      Let him off the hook…for now.
      Put him in full pads on a live tackling day.
      Let him be the scout team RB for Okie tackling drills–full tackling, not the “wrap up” tackling.
      Ten minutes of pure hell.

      Might have to watch for him crashing tennis practice, but he won’t be seen anywhere around Howard Jones any more.

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      1. If the guy was catching those punts that get caught in the wind and sail over your head and you have to adjust and run after them like you’ve been over-led by the QB on what could be a touchdown pass and you have to make an over the shoulder catch then spin around to start the return like Adoree Jackson used to…. I say keep him.
        Serious question –as one of the many highschool halfbacks injured during the fucking Oakie drill cuz I has to run right at 2 guys I could easily outrun just by cutting to the sideline, I want a guy like you who knows football to explain why the toughness developed in that drill can’t be taught in other ways. I’m too dumb to come up with an alternative myself.

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  1. Now we know what Own’s does with his free time. His dream has always been to play for real football team. Ding Ding Ding. Gonzaga is going to steam roll UCLA today. #betthe2ndpenthouseinvegasonit


    1. Yeah sure Ricki, a real FB team (@ 5-1) doesn’t pussy, pussy, pussy out of a bowl game invitation ’cause two players are injured(MG’s excuse) in their last game, a humiliating home defeat.

      This is especially true for a FB team that loudly touts itself as an “ELITE” FB team that’s always REALLY to play “ANY TEAM, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME” – you know like UC Davis.

      #UCLA upsets the Zags.


      1. JO is just mad because USC dominates UCLA in athletics, both recently and historically, and now in academics. It is understandable that he is lashing out. Other than his water polo victory, he has very little to work with.

        He symbolizes UCLA fandom. From glorious basketball program (albeit, should have to forfeit all of those Sam Gilbert championships) to “hope we just don’t go one and done”.

        JO, you just keep on giving.

        P.S. Hope the check is in the mail for the Pauley, otherwise we will be locking the doors.


      2. Please don’t go there, my friend (not the “MG’s excuse” part —I deserve that: I’m talking about the “upset the Zags” part).

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    2. Uncle Rico,

      But ugly is not a real football team. Do you think he dreams of playing for USC? Take this a step further, do you think he was rejectede by SC and had to settle for the JC college known as ugly and that is the reason why he hates USC? His job collecting bottles, delivering pizzas, and working at McDonalds has shown his true college education and his ability.


      1. Funny. But we don’t let people who just work for themselves anywhere near USC, especially not the Athletic Department, and double especially not the football program…..


  2. Nice some guy can write this off his bucket list and now go around bragging, “Yeah, I’m an ex SC football player.”

    But this is trivial compared to the latest Clay Helton rumor that is all awhirl, with the guy having the audacity to ask Bo[h]n-Bo[h]n for a raise from $2000 per hour to $2,250. It’ll probably turn out to be baseless, but still.

    Got to put a plug in for Easter since no one else seems to know it exists. I tell a teller at a bank yesterday, “Why do we call it Good Friday, it’s terrible Friday,” and she retorts, “Oh, are you having a bad day, sir?”

    Even song-writer Leonard Cohen, a “non-believer” and Jewish, saw something special in this particular mission. To paraphrase:
    Jesus was born and became a man;
    He did everything one man can;
    All the while with a smile, singing–Alleluia.
    Alleluia. Alleluia.

    Rats, I forgot for a moment this is a sports blog. Well, I bet this Jesus guy could have been Elgin Baylor gracefully head-bobbing down the court, or Gale Sayers giving a tackler a leg and then jerking it away, or besting
    ‘The Blur’ by one-second over 100-meters.

    Get serious, man!

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    1. Actually, I’ll be happy if UCLA can pull off a miracle…..


      1. Defeating the Zags would be one step closer to the Bruins twelfth, NCAA BB NC. Now if that happens I might be hard to stomach for a couple of days.

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  3. He only got noticed because he was catching everything with proper technique, which the coaching staff had never seen before.


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