USC Friday Afternoon Notes

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Today, it includes a UCLA coach liking my story about the imposter who showed up at practice yesterday and a long-time USC booster giving up his season tickets.

Three-star offensive lineman Dylan Lopez of Bradenton, Fla., has decommitted from USC.

And now for some history:

I was amazed to find out Linda Ronstadt performed a concert at Cromwell Field on campus in 1974.

But a little research turned up this deflating news:

The concert lost at least $8,000 because only 2,000 students attended. Apparently, one reason was a rumor The Grateful Dead would perform angered students when they found out it was untrue.

Actor Albert Brooks and singer Maria Muldaur did attend, however.

I wonder how many students regretted a couple years later that they skipped the Ronstadt concert, which cost $4. Respect to the students pictured above who did attend.

21 thoughts on “USC Friday Afternoon Notes

  1. Scott Wolf gets an A+ in history…..kinda his go to “see I’m worth something” card to his detractors. See, he’s got game.


    1. For instance, it sure did seem like it to me that Scott was at that USC/Gonzaga game. I felt that through his writings. Maybe, he caught the red eye. Or, maybe he had sources on the ground real-time.


    1. Like I’ve said before, this recruiting team at SC is really good at bringing in receivers and D-Backs and QB’s. They’re not back at recruiting RB’s, D-Linemen and LB’s. But they stink when it comes to recruiting O-Linemen.


  2. We don’t need offensive lineman just wide receivers, and 1 qb. USC now plays flag or tough football because they think football is a finesse game. The only problem with that is Helton, and Harrell are coaching the wrong sport perhaps they should be coaching the badminton, or rowing teams where physically attacking your opponent is not required.

    ASU will win the Pac 12 South next year count on it. Herb Edwards is teaching physical football both on offense and defense over there, and slowly they are building a very good program.


    1. ASU has a trim but dynamic QB who put up numbers similar to Slovis’ during their frosh years. Last year, he was breaking in a new corps of receivers, so ASU was the most run-heavy team in CFB. With 20 games under his belt, he’ll be tough to handle. Expect Herm to open it up. That said, we should beat ASU at Tempe in 2021.

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  3. I wuz still in HS when Ronstadt crooned at Cromwell, but I can just imagine her belting out, “You’re no good, you’re no good, you’re no good. BABY you’re no good!” to those 2000 students.

    As the Undergrad enrollment was probably 6000 in 1974, I think 2000 is a fair turnout!

    Irrespective, I just never could understand what she saw in Governor Moonbeam. SMH

    The punk scene was alive and well in my first few years and we had concerts with Martha Davis and the Motels, X, etc. Not sure they drew big crowds.
    In the early 80’s most of us would head over to the Whiskey or the Roxy on the off chance we’d hear the next Van Halen. As if.

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      1. I was a GDI, so I didn’t frequent the 9-0 much, my friend. Very occasional for me.

        I was a 502 guy on the rare night that I’d go out on a Thursday.
        Premed and a job 3 years.
        Premed and two years of Varsity Football.
        Thursday nights were a huge study night.
        Woe is me.

        9-0 on a Thursday wasn’t gonna happen for me.

        Saturday night WAS my night.

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    1. That band did come. Only they performed first at the Starwood nightclub in Hollywood on April 24, 1981. They are Motley Crue. Tommy Lee and Vince Neal attended Royal Oak High School in Covina….same as me….

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      1. I remember the Crue getting tons of pub back in those early days. The early 80’s music scene in LA was effin’ awesome!
        I wasn’t into Rap, but it was bustin’ out in LA at that time also.

        And then the Chili Peppers hit.

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    2. I grew up watching dudes like that perform at backyard keg parties in Covina, CA. Vince Neal was singing for a local band called “Rock Candy.” I used to see Tommy playing the snare drums in the school band. They’ve sold over 100,000,000 albums by now.

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      1. That was a fun back & forth, guys..
        Now for a message to my friend, Mister Owns: Live it up. The countdown has begun…..

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  4. MG mein friend, wishing and hoping won’t cut it.

    UCLA is tenacious enough to pull another upset. We match up well with the Zags, and we won’t be enamored with our prior exploits like SUCC.

    Take the points and treat the better half to dinner at her favorite watering hole.


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    1. Johnny Juzang was greater than 50% of the Bruins scoring in the W over MI.
      Rest of the team is gonna have to step it up, as Zaga will score more than 49.

      Need an answer for Suggs.
      Then need an answer for Timme (big muscle is the answer, as he is just a slow, strong muscle man).
      Then need an answer for Kispert.
      Finally Ayayi and Nembhard can also score.

      Cronin’s got his work cut out for him.
      I’m not much of a basketball mind, but it was impressive how any of the 5 will move into the high post (it’s not just timme) and use the high post man as the ball distributor for easy buckets–layups, short uncontested 10 footers, cutters to the basket. Once they build a lead, the high post guy starts kicking it out to the 3 pt shooter. Seems to me like just a high post offense.
      I’ll be watching how Cronin plays the Zaga guy in the high post.

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    2. “..we won’t be enamored with our prior exploits..” So speaketh the man enamored over their prior water polo victory.

      “Prior exploits”…. do you mean the recent years of athletic dominance over UCLA by USC or the historical dominance of USC over UCLA? Perhaps, you mean the recent WSJ academic ranking?

      JO, I should thank you. You are always good for a laugh. As court jester, you are the tops. Only a UCLA fan like yourself can keep stepping into it.


    3. My dear friend Owns,
      You know what’s the biggest thing UCLA has going for it today? USC took ALL the pressure off the bruins by not even coming close to beating Gonzaga. If UCLA loses by 10 they’ll look mighty good in comparison.


      1. Fuck it all. I just talked myself into taking bruins & the points.


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