Football Is Not Only Sport That Needs Help

The failure to address Clay Helton’s terrible reign as football coach is obviously a huge shortcoming for the USC athletic dept.

But . . .

The women’s basketball team has not made the NCAA Tournament since 2014 and only two times since 2006. This is a program that was the nation’s crown jewel in the 1980’s. Now it has a coach (Mark Trakh) on his second stint at USC and has not made the tournament in his past 7 seasons.

It’s not a topic that garners a lot of interest. But an athletic director should be accountable for it. Especially when USC tries to act like it is so groundbreaking when it comes to women’s athletics.

3 thoughts on “Football Is Not Only Sport That Needs Help

  1. Yes totally agree – USC Athletic Department and Women’s Basketball program have a lot or work to do – coaching and recruiting – in a a solid highly competitive PAC12 conference: Stanford, Oregon, Arizona, and UCLA. I want to see USC Womens Basketball to be able to compete at high level in conference and nationally.

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  2. Wolf you seem to be preaching to the wrong crowd.
    The only school brags about the might of women’s sports is Ucla.
    They tailgate gymnastics harder than a Bruin football game.


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