USC Guard Noah Baumann Enters Transfer Portal

USC guard Noah Baumann has entered the transfer portal according to Verbal Commits.

It’s not surprising because Baumann averaged 3.6 points and 11 minutes per game.

Even when he hit shots, he sometimes got a quick hook or did not return. USC probably wants the scholarship for a transfer, anyways.

8 thoughts on “USC Guard Noah Baumann Enters Transfer Portal

      1. Cuz they’re “afraid to compete.”


  1. Cause Enfield recruits all these dudes and transfers (like Bauman is) and then brings in 4-5 grad transfers on top of them so they play b/c Andy likes the veterans. I mean explain to me how Drew Peterson takes more shots than Evan Mobley over the course of the season?


    1. smackyd, I will try as soon as you explain why Andyain’twinning is pulling down 3.2 million $$$ a year to lead the Clown U BB program.


  2. Noah Baumann is a good shooter, but is a little too slow to play major college basketball. I see in certain situations he can break a zone with his outside shooting, but a definitely liability on defense with his slow feet.

    I see him as a spot player shooter at UC Santa Barbara, Pepperdine, or the University of Portland,


  3. Tahj Eaddy is gone now too. So Enfield has to start over again to rebuild a roster. Enfield had just one year to get USC on top and now that it is over, his ability to recruit sinks back down to his core coaching skill level, which is not enough to win against UCLA going forward.

    No way his contract gets renewed.


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