Discuss The Baylor-Gonzaga Game

Baylor played a great first half but Gonzaga is down 10 at the half.

Will it be a blowout or a close second half?

19 thoughts on “Discuss The Baylor-Gonzaga Game

  1. With 10 minutes to go, Baylor has decided the Championship decisively. No CS Zags half-court prayer winner in this game.

    #F**k the Zags

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    1. Remember when Frazier lost to George Foreman after going 15 brutal, body damaging rounds against Ali? And people said that it wasn’t really so much a Foreman victory as an Ali victory cuz Frazier was so beat up by Ali in his previous fight? Well, that’s what’s happened to Gonzaga: after playing the Trojans they were spent. They barely got out of the UCLA game and they are still too shell shocked to play effectively against Baylor…

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      1. That makes 2 of us.

        I remember the Forman/Frazier fight vividly.

        First, Forman’s right hook, second, Frazier takes off and third, Howard screaming “Down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier.” It was on Wide World of Sports, can you believe it?

        I really miss those boxing years. I watchedFrazier try to knock out “Scrap Iron Johnson” in LA on TV. Scrap went 10 Rd’s as a punching bag but he never went down.

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      2. Scrap Iron was no joke. He fought everybody — Liston, Frazier, Quarry, Foreman. Took an unreal amount of shots over the years. Amazing he lived to 77 or 78.
        btw, before he fought Frazier, Foreman went on the Johnny Carson show on a night when Joey Bishop was guest hosting. Bishop had two pairs of 10 ounce gloves and said he wanted to go 60 seconds with Foreman on stage. Foreman obliged — but you could see he wasn’t expecting it….and he didn’t wanna do it. Bishop threw his right hand out like he was signaling to turn right, Foreman reacted by shifting his gloves a little to the left….and Bishop hit him in the right ear with a left hook. It was a cheap move and Foreman shoulda knocked him out for it….but he just smiled and took off the gloves to sit down.

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      3. Thanks for jogging my memory, ol’ sport, what is left of it. I was at the first Ali-Frazier fight (well, ok, I saw it in a movie theater), and I was rooting for Joe all the way, although I had nothing against Muhammad, I just like underdogs. That night Joe did not let me down as he put down The Greatest.

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      4. I saw it at a theater on or around campus [I can’t remember which anymore]. A bunch of Trojans went to see it –I remember one guy smuggled in tequila. I also remember walking down Hoover with friends afterwards and having kids ask who won —and when I told them, they asked “did Ali crawl across the ring and kiss Frazier’s shoes afterward like he promised he’d do if he lost?”


    2. I guess the bag man forgot to give the payment before the Gonzaga game. Where’s Wooden and Sam when the Bruins need them?


  2. There is a parallel universe out there somewhere, in which a Scott Wolf clone writes a blog called “Inside Gonzaga”, and tonight, all the clone writes is “Thanks Few!”

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  3. F**king Zags were crying after their 16 point defeat. Quite a different story from the UCLA game where they were running around signaling #1 and beating their chests after every basket.

    #F**k the Zags

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    1. Just Rent,

      and the litte ruins didn’t cry like girls after that heart killing shot by Gonzaga? I lisented to the Katz show after thir loss and everyone was crying like a girl and the classless Katz and like all classless ruins, said, that SC coward against Gonzaga. Well SC did not cower, and a loss is a loss, no matter if it by one point or by 10 or more. Your gutless little ruins will and do suck forever and always.


      1. Didn’t their all american Morrison cry also a decade or so before? Maybe that’s just what they do in Spokane.


  4. Not surprising Gonzaga could not get by real Bears after BAREly surviving the Midget-Bears. The gamblers weren’t fooled, reasoning that Bears will take out Bulldogs any day of the week.

    A couple nights prior Baylor must have been enchanted by the Gonzo Bozo’s self-acclaimed muscleman showing off his flat-liner biceps, and Suggs acting as if he had already won the National Championship.

    So I guess it figured these Baylor kids just had to ‘learn’ those Washington boys that there was a new bully in town, and that you had better watch out if you try to ‘mess with Texas.’


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