USC Sunday Buzz: When John McKay Didn’t Hold Back

If you missed Friday’s newsletter, there was a look back at USC’s 15-15 tie with Cal in 1974 that featured some memorable comments from John McKay.

:Our team ought to listen when a coach tells them that the other team can beat them,” McKay said. “This is a team playing in the past, without a future.”

There are more McKay quotes in the newsletter link,

Remember, this team ended up winning the national title. Can you imagine Clay Helton talking like this?

Cal QB Steve Barktkowski is pressured by USC defense during 1974 game at Coliseum.
  • Cyrus Moss, a four-star defensive end from Las Vegas, listed his top five choices: Clemson, Notre Dame, Oregon, Florida and Arizona State. USC has heavily recruited Moss.

21 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: When John McKay Didn’t Hold Back

  1. Sorta of a bummer we weren’t in his too 5…

    Sorta like Lake McCree committing to texas or
    Sorta like Korey Foreman committing to clemson or sorta like Raesjon Davis committing to LSwho…

    it’s a long ways to December, let’s just see what happens and who we end up with.

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      1. Over the years I’ve noticed kids always pick the team they place in the top right hand corner of their social media wish lists….

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    1. Correct, Pudly. With apologies to Frankie Valli, it’s probably time to sing “See you in September, see you when the summer’s through…”

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      1. June is the reopening of official visits for kids and in person evaluations by coaches. I’ve heard there’ll be a number of 5* & 4* kids at these visits. We’ll see how it goes. But let’s be honest here, how the team fares on the field will make a huge difference.

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      2. To the King Guarino- sire I proclaim that September 19th is the day the axe befalls the head coach of USC. I’m interested in seeing the raffle idea gathering “ Steam “ I am in for the proper footwear for said bicycle. I’m hoping that you would consider a wonderful restaurant that the winner is truly appreciated for nearest date without going over. I’m hoping that we can get all the regulars,without the 2/3 people who cannot shut down their vile opinions. ( Jo / to / fy) Just to name a few. A great night for the real start of the path to righteousness. I’m hoping that you will help me with this upcoming event. Thanks Enfield

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      3. Cal75 — Okay, wise guy, If memory is the SECOND thing to go, what’s the FIRST?!


      4. Bobby – If Helton’s little heart gets broken on September 19th, the magnificent first prize bike (well, tricycle) will be handed out before an appreciative Maui audience gathered in your honor at Whale Park (great Mahi Mahi tacos & chocolate covered bananas sold directly across the street)!
        Note to all future contestants: Bobby has September 19th all to himself. Pick a different date to stay in the running!


  2. Can I imagine Clay Helton telling anyone off for a poor performance? No, I can’t. But I can imagine him doing what I used to enjoyed doing when a member of my team fucked up a trial: get someone else to tell off that person, and then commiserate with the chastised person when he came to me to complain (sometimes even calling the person who did the telling off, “a real asshole”)….

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