USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

USC season-ticket holders

The deadline for season tickets came and went and USC is still pursuing them to renew their tickets.

Mike Garrett

The former USC Heisman Trophy winner/athletic director turns 77 today.

Sam Darnold

Any time you can get away from the New York Jets, it’s a good thing.

Pete Carroll

He recently spoke to the Arizona football team. When is the last time he spoke to USC’s football team? Of course, USC hasn’t hired his son as offensive coordinator.

Croix Bethune

USC midfielder had a hat trick in the Trojans’ 5-0 victory over Cal on Sunday.


Offensive line

Already having problems in first spring scrimmage situations despite four starters returning.

USC basketball

Gotta get some transfers for next season. USC probably hopes Mac McClung doesn’t turn pro after he decided to leave Texas Tech over the weekend. USC was a finalist for him last year.

USC lockdown measures

USC has suspended athletes of multiple sports teams for breaking COVID-19 protocols. But an imposter has entered the McKay Center, used the jacuzzi, eaten at the dining facility and fielded punts at football practice.


It’s great the defense has intercepted quite a few passes in spring practice. But not-so-great from a QB perspective.

47 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

    1. Anytime you take 3 games from Dixie State (who knew that was university let alone had BB team) you need to celebrate. #makesasmuchsenseasbasketballloser

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  1. Read something somewhere that was written by someone that they felt Clay The Good Man Helton was getting jealous/angry/petty of Todd O and his flattop. At odds it seems. Wouldn’t at all be a shocker given their differences about what they must do about culture.
    Every time T. Orlando (sans Dawn) talks of culture he says the gotta instill it, create it, etc. He talks as if there isn’t any. Orlando says BUILD.
    One the flip side you have Clay Fredo Helton who when asked about culture says that they need to maintain existing culture alongside something that apparently resembles toughness, unity, joy, brotherhood, juice, etc to the head bald coach.
    Clay says MAINTAIN.
    I dunno,… those words mean different things where I’m from

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    1. Gotta blame Bohn for that rub. He went out and hired guys and told them that our culture was broken. They are coming in and doing what they should, build and change that broken culture. Clay is just there to ride it out and be grateful. I can’t imagine any set of circumstances where anyone paid like Clay gets the pass he does. How much face can he save?

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  2. “ate at the dining facility” – not “eaten at the dining facility” – sorry Cal, I couldn’t let that one go.

    Digging pretty deep for losers this week, eh? USC basketball is a loser?

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    1. You’re only as good as your last game ’67. In bozo BB’s last tournament game they lost by 19 points! According to most CBB pundits the game was over after the first 3 minutes of the first half – Ouch!

      That’s hardly “Digging pretty deep for losers this week, eh?” Instead of pounding cupcakes, SUCC was the Cupcake team.


      1. Cupcakes like the ruins, who we beat like a drum for 2 yrs.. no wonder you want to forget the rest you useless bandwagoner

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      2. Owns,, seems you have forgotten that Mick is 0-4 against Andy. Hmm…0-4, with a couple of buzzer-beater daggers. And if you want to go to “last game”, then Mick really f’d up those last 3.3 seconds against ‘Zaga. How can you let a player go from his own baseline to past half court unguarded? That one hurt, my friend. Hard to forget. What could have been for Westwood…we’ll never know…

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      3. Hey BruinRob, how about the Preseason #2 ranked ucla baseball team of yours? They are unranked at 16-10 and 6-6 in conference after losing two straight series to Washington and Stanford. This further supports my hypothesis of when ucla has something to live up to and/or protect they spit the bit. But when they get to be the gutty little bruins and have nothing to lose, they achieve. Just like this year’s NCAA Tournament. Watch what happens next season when ucla cannot sneak up on people.

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      4. “You’re only as good as your last game ’67.”
        What kind of stupid comment is this? So Gonzaga, say, is only good as its last game. They had one loss the entire year. What a remarkably dumb comment. Just when you think JO cannot top himself he does so! One of these days, just maybe, you will say something that make sense but I am not counting on it.

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    2. T67,
      I herewith hand you the baton. Bourbon is your unpaid asst. Guarino will keep you employed. He’s old, you know.


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      1. Boy,Cal75. Talk about digging deep.
        [btw, I hope you’re not literally passing the baton. I’m kinda getting used to “the foundation”]…..

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      2. Being a strict grammarian was never going to be highly profitable Mr. CalSeventyFive. Nevertheless, I shall not drop the baton.

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    3. If I am not mistaken the word “has” preceded the word eaten in that sentence. So you have ; ” has entered, has used, has eaten and has fielded punts. But I could be wrong my credential is music

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  3. I don’t know a bigger group of losers than the offensive line pictured above. USC being taught big boy football by Alabama. And without looking too close you can see out of shape confused uniform manikins under-coached,not prepared for the beat down, boys. The wrong quarterback is behind a center, who could snap the ball half the distance to the goal line. The great beacon of Clay Helton’s tenure as clueless Clay.
    Losers: anyone hoping talent will overcome bad coaches.

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      1. Max was never really so much off the track as he was a victim of over-hype. Anyone who knew much about what it takes to be a great college qb (i.e., obviously not Helton or the folks handing out stars based on high school stats) could easily tell from Max’s film that those looping passes were gonna get knocked down or picked off in college. All through fall camp Sam was zinging balls into the endzone while Max was throwing floaters. It wasn’t fair to Max or the team to start him against Alabama. It turns out this was to be the failure that defines the Helton era: the inability to see around the corner. A fatal flaw in a head coach.

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      1. I am in that camp as well. None of us want Clay, but what can you do? Either hope for the best or stop caring. Me, I hope for the best.

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  4. I liked the changes to our defensive scheme in 2020, though there were times that the D got shredded. TO brings pressure most plays from many different angles–including CB blitzes, etc. Will lead to some big gains/TD’s by the opponent. At least we won’t get routinely shredded like DC Clancy’s scheme. Watching your D get pummeled all game long is demoralizing for an Offense. TO’s D is an improvement.

    If the Offense is getting beaten down by our D IN SPRING BALL, I’m overjoyed. I like seeing our O-line get “handled.” Tighten up that chinstrap and get mean. 1’s vs 1’s is how it should be run at the end of each practice.

    The O will improve and we’ll put up plenty of points in 2021.
    The 2019 version of offense was #9 in D1 CFB per FPI–with Drevno, Helton, the same RB’s, QB’s etc. Losing two big O linemen in two years and two talented WR’s is tough, but no reason to think we don’t have a good O in 2021.
    Losing Slovis changes the calculus.

    Will Helton run the ball 40 times per game? Of course not. He has been preaching POWER RUNNING FB since taking Sark’s job. It’s a chronic lie.
    With Calloway it wasn’t gonna happen. Likewise with “old Drev.”
    If the Trojans run 30 attempts effectively and pass 50 per game, we win all our games (maybe lose to ND in ND).

    Look at the schedule.
    A loss in Tempe? Unacceptable.
    A home loss to BYU after Thanksgiving? Unacceptable.
    Anything less than an 11-1 season in 2021 is unacceptable, my friends.
    We all know this. Time to push THAT agenda.

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      1. Ever the optimist, 67! [You don’t think the end of the season—for Clay– might be November 27th? The BYU game]?

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      2. Exactly Michael, I see a pac-12 showdown with oregon. It’s a win-win. If Trojans win, that is good. If Trojans lose, then Clay gets fired.

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  5. Firing Coach Helton would decimate Scottie’s clicks. You notice how Mr Wolf tip toes lightly around that outcome.


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    1. We could always discuss this BBC reported conversation between Jill and Joe:
      Jill: It’s not one ‘horse’ pony, it’s one ‘trick’ pony, Joe.
      Joe: It can be either one.
      Jill: No, Joe. One horse pony doesn’t make sense.
      Joe: It can be either one.

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  6. Memo to: “67

    I will explain why UCLA lost on a half court prayer, right after you explain why SUCC BB lost to Gonzaga by 19 points. I mean SUCC’s was bending over after the first 3 minutes of the first half.

    Even though Cronin is 0-4 (This record didn’t help in the Tournament) vs Andyain’twinning, it took Cronin only 2 years to reach the Final Four and it took Andyain’twinning 8 years to reach the Elite Eight. And Cronin didn’t have to buy his team.


    1. Yep, glad to see you admit the facts JO: USC 4-0 vs Cronin, and that USC owns Pauley.

      Regarding Gonzaga, a loss is a loss. Only someone with losing mentality would trumpet “but golly gee we did not lose by as much”. How incredibly pathetic that the once mighty UCLA basketball program (no matter how shady it was) is now reduced to such boasts. Such a monumental drop in expectations for Bruin fans. I suspect you will want to raise a new banner “UCLA, 2021, only lost to Gonzaga on a last second shot”.

      UCLA is now “Mr. DeMille, I am ready for my closeup”

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    2. Dumbest post of the week. And that’s saying something even for you. You judge your season based on a single matchup between a third party of your choosing?? Maybe in your pea brain this is a “moral victory”? Now that is funny. Fact of the matter is your team sucked. Sucked a big one but just matched up better vs zags. So what? You still lost and you still lost 4 straight to us and let’s go one step further and ask “how’d you do in your last 6 Pac12 games? 1-5? 2-4? Hahaha

      Look everyone! It’s a moral victory!!

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  7. REALLY?
    helltons sc in Pac 12 championship game ? w/out the political flu running interference? even winning the south is beyond him w/out irrational germ warfare…

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