USC Allows 5,000 To Spring Game

USC is going to allow 5,000 fans at its spring game on Saturday at the Coliseum.

The 5,000 will consist of family members, guests and fans. Football season ticket holders will have the first opportunity to purchase tickets.   

How many season-ticket holders will want to go? That’s a key question.

Now here’s the other twist: Clay Helton has turned the spring game into a glorified practice in recent years.

But this year the game will be four 12-minute quarters of live contact play. It will be televised on the Pac-12 Network at 1 p.m.

28 thoughts on “USC Allows 5,000 To Spring Game

  1. A Clay Helton-style Spring Game! The return of live programming to the Pac 12 Network!
    [Take a real good look at that 5000 fan crowd on Saturday—- you may be seeing it lots more]..

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    1. I remember going to SC & coliseum/compton track meets/invitationals in the ’50’s-60’s & 5,000 was a VERY small attendance,& they were better than the olympics, no travel hassles and results American & world records often… the spring football scrimmages drew 10-20,000 in those days,were free into the early 70’s at least…that was a different world & U.S. I lived in.
      sc /hellton spring flings are a joke, a manipulation for those with zero discernment.
      Maybe they will actually have a real scrimmage? Real McKay/Robinson/PC scrimmage? C’mon…Let’s see who believes that…I say , no, nope &nahda’ chance.

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      1. Hahahahaha‼️
        this from the guy who GUARANTEED nosen would shine brighter than the sun, woe is he who boasts his ignorance while trying to put others down… tell me, you sow alumni wannabe, did the rosen one ever get even with those ten other teams who passed on him and the ones who gave up on him after a single season?


      2. This story just in. Josh Rosen, a bit down on his luck, has agreed to chauffeur Sam Darnold around town. When asked why he fired a Bruin, Sam responded “Felt sorry for the guy, never beat USC, never did anything in the NFL, so what the heck.” Brett Hundley reportedly turned down the job because it would cut into his caddying hours. Cade McNown was last seen wandering around the UCLA parking lot for some reason.

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  2. I hear the imposter “homeless” guy is now running 1st team on the offensive line. Very exciting that USC allows walk ons a fair opportunity. Sadly, our offensive line is that bad.
    Stay away from the Spring game- USC is just opening it up because they need revenue. To me in the Helton era the spring game is a waste of time just more of this stupid air raid offense.
    Allowing 5,000 fans is alot different than how many will actually attend. I have my doubts many will attend even if there is no charge for admission, and they are giving out “free” Clay Helton bobbleheads”>

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    1. I remember the Spring game where Darnell Bing finally became eligible and it was the first look at Whitney Lewis who was enrolled. They both put on a show and had the best days of any Trojan player. We never got any thing close going forward from Lewis but Bing as we know had a solid year. Besides that it was just another scrimmage. I think for the most part everyone was there to see Bing and Lewis. They were the most talked about recruits in the Carroll era up until that point. A pretty fun day though.


  3. Spring games use to be fun to watch when USC “had” a good program. The offensive lines in those days were a battle to see in the spring as were the running backs trying to be “the man” for the coming season.

    I say take the air out of the football, and force this team to learn how to play physical in the running game.

    Finesse football must go sadly we hired so many air raid, pass happy offensive coach including Helton.

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  4. Dear Pisley, you lying POS, I’m not in a position to GUARANTEE any player’s survival in the NFL, particularly a former bozo QB.

    NOT ONE former Clown U QB has started a SB in the 50 + games. No Div. I FB program has sent more QB losers/busts to the NFL than Clown U – and that’s a fact AH.

    The only thing I can reliably predict Pisley, is that former bozo FB players will collect a NFL paycheck under false pretense.



    1. Sorry owns you are a liar. You guaranteed the success of the long nosed, hot tubbing ruin qb. Your prostests are too much and no one believes you.

      You little little liar, pants on fire, nose is long as a telephone wire….but not as long as the rosen one’s

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      1. What a time it would be for Ed Garrett to reappear, with his world famous diagnosis of a “pulled vagina” that hampered Rosen for 3 years.

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      2. Can’t belyowns walking away from his prediction on nosen one’s sure fire success. Like we wouldn’t remember the crap he kept spewing.

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      3. I’ll need proof three ball. Pisley, you stinking cockroach, have a notorious bad habit of making sh*t up to suit your fake arguments.

        BTW Pisley, I never “Prostests”(sic). Damn you’re stupid ignorant.


  5. Owns since you’re from the 1 month summer Upper Peninsula Michigan.. how come you don’t root for the Soggy Bottom Jr Col. Black Flies?

    F. uc Los Angeles is so far down the list of PAC 12 teams and corresponding NFL salaries that I get dizzy looking down the hole.

    Go ahead owns .. name the top 2….3….4….5…ruins NFL solid standouts.


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