USC Morning Buzz: Lynn Swann Surfaces Again

It’s funny how things happen by chance. I haven’t heard much about Lynn Swann, then he attended the Masters last week.

And Monday I came across this show Peyton Manning does for ESPN+, and he apparently does a whole episode on Swann (Heaven help us!).

No questions about USC, I’m guessing. I didn’t watch but Swann looks happier than the time he missed the Board of Trustees retreat so he could attend an autograph show in Virginia. Or the time he spent two weeks in Augusta while USC waited to hire a women’s basketball coach.

Or happier than when he gave Clay Helton that 5-year contract extension.

They filmed the episode at Georgia’s Sanford Stadium. maybe so Swann could also stop by Augusta National?

Manning also does an episode from the Coliseum, with wide receiver James Lofton, who as a child attended the first Super Bowl at the stadium. Below, Manning pretends to ride a jetpack, a re-creation of the halftime show at Super Bowl I.

31 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Lynn Swann Surfaces Again

  1. Peyton: “Welcome to the show, Lynn — I’d like to begin by asking why you were the only person Carol Folt fired.”
    Swann: “And I’d like to ask you why you look so retarded in that jet pack outfit.”

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    1. It’s Official…Clay confirms he’s clueless.

      Yeah, this week old news, I get that.

      What if with all these crazies out there playing with guns, had this guy been one of those crazies and shot up the locker room? Why wasn’t Clueless Clay looking out for his players, allowing a nutjob to just walk in off the street and do whatever?

      Maybe that’s what it’s going to take C.L. Max Nikias and his two puppets Folt and Bohn to wake up and realize what a liability this clown Clay Helton is, a tragedy to befall the Trojan players.


      1. Scott has been all over this. Amazing there’s been no disciplinary action taken by USC. Consider the huge degree of culpable negligence on the part of Helton and his coaching staff required for this to have played out the way it did. No position coach realized he was overseeing someone who doesn’t play for USC? And yet Folt is pretending it didn’t happen….


    2. Remember when a NASA astronaut plugged a hole in the ISS with his finger to prevent disaster?

      This is what should have happened…

      At first, ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst simply plugged the hole with his finger to stop the leak, but of course, that’s not sufficient as a long-term solution. Instead, the astronauts used epoxy and Kapton tape—a form of high-strength tape commonly used in spacecraft—to seal the breach. As of this writing, the air pressure inside the station is stable, which means the seal is working.

      Still, it’s likely that both NASA and the astronauts aboard the ISS would prefer an even more permanent solution than this, but it’s not clear at the moment what that solution would be. The astronauts may simply have to survive with their tape and gauze patch until the space agency comes up with something better.






      1. Oh my gawd TO you are over the giant flat white disk trapped in our atmosphere today. To save weight on many space missions much of the so called space craft are little more than Mylar and balsa sticks. It’s all a trick like golf being a sport.
        We at the flat earth society believe that flying spaghetti monster deposited us on an atom of a burning table leg. You should join our next meeting at the community in Westwood.
        Oh, and that pain in your side, how far up did you insert that suppository or was it a tampex ? We don’t judge!

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    1. If Clay had played his cards right he coulda gotten the all time record setting buyout….

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    2. LMFAO!

      NASA now says that the moon is within Earth’s atmosphere.





  2. Hehehe… yup this is the year chippie’s gonna break thru and win the natty 🎉🤡🖕🏽

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    1. I don’t get it, Pudly. It doesn’t look that great for the bruins to me…..

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      1. Nah, why would I piss on the ruins? Just their wannabe bandwagoner fans who couldn’t recognize reality if it hit them in the face…. like last year, the year before, the year before that, oh hell let’s just go back to when they said chippie was going to be the best and smartest coach in the conference!! 🤡🤪 And now they’re saying he’s ready to pounce. Honestly, if there isn’t a donut around chippie and pouncing on nuthin…

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      2. That’s not fair, 67. I’m sure there’s someone somewhere who gives the bruins a 2% chance….

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      3. MG, if the Clown U pussy’s finish second(or lower) again will they (not their, or they’re or them)pussy out of a another Bowl Game invitation due to cheesy bozo loser excuses?

        #2021cupcakeFBschedule-some things don’t change.


      4. “Keep the ruins home… they embarrass me too much. Oh the misery they put me thru….”🤯🤯

        Never mind 🤡🤡🤡🖕🏽🖕🏽

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      5. Pudly –Maybe you can help me on this one. Hasn’t USC usually honored the (many, many, many) bowl invitations it’s received over the decades? Is it also not true that last season was, from start to finish, something of an anomaly (except for the bruin implosion part, of course) due to the “pandemic”? Could it be that Helton actually had legitimate reservations about extending the season of a team that had been jerked around all season by “covid” & the Pac 12?

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      6. Poor owns. Living in So California for a guy grasping at straws isn’t easy. As the drought worsens the straw thins and becomes brittle, much like sow wannabe’s mentality. He is fast becoming exactly like the school he wished he was associated with, basically irrelevant, fundamentally disjointed, financially irresponsible, socially outcast and morally corrupt.

        Good work owns. 👍sit on it.


    2. I am glad JO brought up bowl games. It brings to mind UCLA football’s lost century:
      -Last major bowl game (Rose Bowl–a loss of course) 1998! Wow, have to go back to 20th century.
      -Since 1999, ten (yes, 10!) losing seasons, with 5-17 record against USC. (including the memorable 50-0 trouncing).
      -Last five seasons, losing record.
      -Perhaps the unkindness cut of all, a losing record against Clay Helton.

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  3. Fucking Lynn Swann, a grown man still talking like Cindy Brady with a lisp.

    That motherfucker with all the money he ripped off from USC couldn’t afford to hire a speech therapist?

    Goddamn! Talk about a lazy son of a bitch!


    1. Shaw needs to quit before they get around to him……

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      1. Speaking of quitting, I remember Lynn Swann resigning his position. After looking it up I found numerous stories saying that his departure was voluntary. He stated he felt it was customary to offer a resignation to incoming administration.
        To bad Helton didn’t feel that way when Bohn was hired.


      2. Well —- As I heard the story, one sunny day Swann was asked to get out of bed & report immediately to Folt’s office. Ten minutes later he was off campus for good.


  4. Memo to: Dear Pisley, MG

    Prior to the 2020 Pac-12 Championship game, you two Clownster’s claimed that should SUCC win (6-0)they deserved consideration for a spot in the 2020 CFB playoffs-LOL

    But after SUCC’s FB debacle/humiliating loss to Oregon @ the Crumbling Mausoleum, Mighty SUCC decides to pussy out of any bowl invitation, take their ball home to Mommy for warm milk and cookies and a kiss on the cheek to dry their tears.

    Now you two eight balls can whine loudly(what’s new), dredge up SUCC’s 1927 season, attack me and UCLA, piss and moan and make up the usual excuses, excuses, excuses why Clown U went from deserving a shot at the CFB playoffs to pussying out of a Bowl game invitation based on 1 ugly, humiliating FB disaster.

    The FACT is SUCC, the any team, anywhere, anytime FB program, is Pussy; whiny little Hollywood bullies that can’t handle competition. Clownster’s love to brag about the 50 – 0 win vs UCLA, but ignore their “shock the world,” 52-6 Alabama annihilation.



      1. Whiny, ugly, moaning, clownster, pussy-losers who run to mommy for warm milk & cheek kisses?
        [btw, I’ve known Pudly pretty well for years and he never runs to anybody’s mommy for warm milk]…..

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  5. The practices are revealing a huge gap between the defensive and offensive coaching and scheme. So we finally have a competitive defense and the offense is getting crushed.

    Good! This will put huge pressure on GH/Helton and Bohn/Sosna to make a change.

    And the defense is still getting more talent in the Fall, with Sopsher, Foreman, Wright, Davis and let’s not forget Prophet Brown. The offense really only picks up Michael Trigg as a potential contributor this year.

    Not only does the offense stink, but the defense doesnt get to practice against a competent offense. That one-page playbook of the air raid offense doesnt prepare the defense for opponents.

    Is it possible to fire GH and the air raid between spring and fall practices?

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