USC Recruiting In Texas (As Usual)

When 90 percent of your coaches are from Texas, of course USC will concentrate on recruiting there.

The Trojans will be among the schools at SMU for the Dallas Showcase on June 5-6 for a satellite recruiting camp. Oregon, Oregon State, Utah and Washington State will also be there.


21 thoughts on “USC Recruiting In Texas (As Usual)

  1. “ Oregon, Oregon State, Utah and Washington State will also be there.”

    So are these teams there because of the 90% of their coaches come from there, or could it be that texas, like California, florida, georgia, etc have so many highly ranked players?

    What?!? no ruins?

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    1. No matter how hard they try they will never find another OJ! I run through defenses, airports and brentwood condos in my Brono Maglis without breaking a sweat. Pudly, if you want an autograph of the Juice, just send me a self addressed and stamped envelope and I’ll hook you up. Of course, I might come to your hotel room in a few years with guns blazing to take it back.


      1. Phunni guy. I got your autograph in ‘84 when you and your buddies spilled drinks on my mother-in-law… cost me $25 but it was worth it. Spilling the beer I mean.

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      2. Don’t do it Pud — for your own physical health — give no addresses or location clues. He can be a mean drunk if you’ve pissed him off. And because he praises linemen so often, he has some very large dudes to hold you down and hide all evidence from law enforcement. 🙂

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    2. Wow Pisley, you road apple, all the biggies are in Tixas – LOL! How does SUCC explain to Tixas recruits why the bozo’s pussied out of a Bowl game invitation after the Oregon ruination @ the Crumbling Mausoleum?



      1. Korey, Domani and Raesjon said “hold their beers” while they finish laughing..

        Dolt. Wake me whe sow makes the top 45 in recruiting.

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  2. “USC Recruiting In Texas”

    It’s all for show. Helton hears that he’s not addressing needs of the program and he has to end up pretending that he’s trying to address the issue. Why has it taken him so many years to figure out what people that know Trojan football have been telling him?

    Helton has been with the Trojans since 2010 and he still has no clue about the history of the program.

    Helton never thought about or even attempted to recruit offensive linemen until last year. Every year with that Clueless Clown was about recruiting WR’s, never any players who could protect the QB.

    Helton is a joke, doesn’t know WTF he’s doing.

    They’re all laughing their asses off in Texas, they know Helton is a clown without a chance in hell of luring any of the top players from Texas. Hell, Helton can’t even get recruits in his own backyard to come to USC.


  3. Texas is a very large state where high school football is a religion. If you want almonds you don’t hand pick them, you shake the tree. This year California abandoned their almond crop(HSFootball) but Texas played a full season. You’d be nuts to not go there.


  4. Memo to: Dear Pisley, the bozo Horse’s Ass

    UCLA 7 – SUCC WP 6

    UCLA wins the WP NC, their (not there or they’re) team NC.

    SUCC comes in second……Some things don’t change.


  5. There’s a reason snake oil salesmen from olden times were always on the move, never selling there wares from a fixed location… once the incredible claims were made and product was sold, it was only a matter of time before the locals discovered they were conned.
    While it’s true that Texas is familiar to many staff members and that’s got its advantages, it’s just as probable that this unprecedented and seemingly overnight focus on Lone Star players has as much to do with Clay needing to find a whole new bunch of rubes to buy the crap he sells.


  6. On Clay’s biz cards, right underneath his pic, or name, or whatever claims he makes to trophies and titles won by others, the phrase “Caveat Emptor” in bold red all caps font, twice underlined should be legally required…


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