Where Are The Physical Protests At USC?

The proposed Super League for European soccer fell apart today and fan protests were given a lot of credit, including the pictured protest at Chelsea in London.

But what would it take for fans here to protest something?

Why haven’t USC fans protested keeping Clay Helton the past three years?

Coincidentally, a USC booster/donor expressed his apathy here.


17 thoughts on “Where Are The Physical Protests At USC?

    1. Damn Ricki, I’m trying to find bozo BB (Men’s and women) 2022 recruiting ranking, but they’re (their or there) MIA. I guess Andyain’twinning landing the Booger and his daddy isn’t such a big deal – no sh*t!

      UCLA is #1 in the Pac-12 and #2 nationally.


      1. BTW Ricki-Tiki, K. J. Allen flipped his commitment from bozo BB to Tixas Tech – OUCH!!!………..LOL

        What are the odds the Booger and his daddy take their (Not they’re or there) game elsewhere?


    2. This clown JustOwns still on this blog??!! How much will it take to pay off this clown to leave us alone? I can buy any recruit I want! Just ask any of them fellers that I paid off to come to USC! By the way you are welcome for the tap on the wrist for “varsity blues” and the “Tony Bland” fiasco! I had to go through the cushions in my couch to pay off the NCAA.



  1. Against whom would the ‘physicality’ be used against? Just how ‘physical’ would it have to get to qualify as a ‘physical protest’?

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  2. “Why haven’t USC fans protested keeping Clay Helton the past three years?”

    Has Scottie pulled a Rip Van Winkle on us? What does he think we have been doing? He doesn’t remember that Mike Bohn’s twitter feed lit up with thousands of negative tweets within 10 minutes after he announced keeping Clay?

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    1. Oh, Scott remembers. He just wants to see if we’re willing to go the “extra mile” and dismantle the university…..brick by brick.


  3. Scotty you know the only time when the Trojan fans come out is when OJ is involved. I remember masses of fans that lined the overpass as the LAPD escorted me all over Los Angeles!




      1. My Friend Owns,
        Cal75 means well….
        [we should be nice to him —I have a feeling he’d just love to kick both of our asses —between us we might get one punch in]…….


  4. USC fans boycott the University and the Athletic Department silently- no need to hold signs and demonstrate just don’t attend the athletic events, and donate money until a change is made.


  5. Kids are too much into themselves to go an protest about Helton. You have not seen excellence like Mckay or Carroll for over 16 years. Kids weren’t even born when Carroll was rolling. So how can the protest if they have never seen what SC is supposed to be. It is a shame.


    1. It’s a shame that you haven’t been able to occupy your time at the senior citizens bingo game at your church! The young people are the ones who got Trump out of office and got Biden in!

      What have you old farts ever done? Going to Vietnam and killing babies?


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