Let’s Take A Look At USC Basketball Recruiting

Does it matter that USC basketball’s recruiting class for the Class of 2021 is currently ranked No. 49 nationally by Rivals?

Does it matter that the Class of 2022 recruiting class currently has no commitments?

By comparison, UCLA is ranked No. 10 in 2021 and No. 2 in 2022.

I suppose nowadays you can build a program through transfers, which is largely what USC did this past season.

But as Mike Bohn mulls giving Andy Enfield a contract extension, he should ponder whether he thinks recruiting can even come close to the Mobley Era?

19 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Look At USC Basketball Recruiting

  1. I’m guessing Andyain’twinning wouldn’t add KJ Allen’s Ta-Ta to the bozo BB program staff – so, adios! Thanks Enwhine.

    #Does Andyain’twinning have backup lights. Just asking for a friend.


      1. Andyain’twinning 8 year Pac-12 conf. record: 69–76 (.476)

        He can’t buy (Andy tried) a win in Colorado – He’s 0 – 8

        Final 2020 -21 AP BB poll: UCLA #7; SUCC #9…LOL!

        K J Allen to Andyain’twinning: “Adios MF’er.” Maybe Chuckie Buggs, former SUCC Super Star, has some eligibility remaining.

        #bozo bb: OOOOOOOOOOOO ferever and proud of it.



    1. Get some new material ass-clown — you’re deeply stuck in the BORING zone.

      But, I will give you credit for one thing loser — reading your posts works faster than counting sheep.

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  2. Mule
    You need a new writer. The schtick is tiresome. A broken cuckoo clock is right twice a day like you but you’re cuckoo 24/7.


    1. Whoa ’86, what vicious third grade repartee. I see you still haven’t got the Enquish shtick down pat.

      #”protal”(sic) on


  3. Coach Trakh was too old to be the USC women’s basketball coach. Big mistake in bringing him back. No doubt about it this was a forced retirement……and he saw the writing on the wall when his top assistant just took the job at Loyola Marymout.

    Top candidates would be:

    1) Tina Thompson- Current University of Virginia basketball coach
    2) Cheryl Miller- semi-retired from basketball coaching, but might want the job if offered.
    3) Clay Helton- Perfect job for him leading women rather than men. We can let him be an interim coach until his contract runs out, and then we won’t have to pay the buy out.
    4) Carol Folt- this would give her an opportunity to learn what athletics is all about.

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    1. tommyd you misogynistic @sshole! I bet to you women are possessions. Why would you say Clay Helton is perfect for leading women rather than men? You believe women are intrinsically not as valuable or important as men?
      You are the kind of bigot that didn’t vote for Biden because you were afraid if Biden were to pass in office a black women, Kamala Harris would become the president!


  4. Where is Clancy Pendergast today? The once highly thought of USC Defensive Coordinator apparently is not wanted or in high demand by other college programs or the NFL.

    Scott Wolf, perhaps you can provide an update on Clancy No Recruit Pedergast as to where he is today.??????????? He and Helton were two of a kind worthless coaches who always seem to get jobs they were not qualified for. Is Helton going to join Sir Clancy Pendergast on the unemployment line?


  5. Maybe I’m wrong but I think Enfield is a better recruiter than Cronin although I do think that Cronin is a better coach.


  6. Maybe I’m wrong but I think Enfield is a better recruiter than Cronin although I do think that Cronin is a better coach. They are saying that this is a duplicate comment. It’s not. I don’t remember ever saying this before. Maybe they are thinking of someone else.


    1. As of today OO7, Cronin has the #2 national BB Class of 2022.

      Andyain’twinning has lost commit KJ Allen to Tixas Tech, lost the Mobley’s to the NBA and recruited the Booger and his Daddy to replace them. Really, really huge.

      Who wants to play for a BB coach whose team choka, choka, flop, flopped in the Elite Eight and lost by 19 points, even though some BB/Sports pundits had predicted SUCC had the chops to whip the ‘Zags….LOL

      #”Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”
      ~Mike Tyson.


      1. Yeah and mick and his boys showed their manly chops all thru the Pac12… their plan worked alright. The ruins saving grace is they didn’t need to play any Pac12 teams.
        Get a grip… you lost that game. Your claim to fame this year is a LOSS and yet you’re all giggly like a third grade school girl in sex ed.

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