USC Women’s Basketball Coach Mark Trakh “Retires”

Mark Trakh, who coached USC women’s basketball for two different stints from 2005-09 and 2018-21, announced his retirement today.

“This is a perfect time for a transition in the Trojan basketball program,” Trakh said.  “I can’t imagine a more optimal time for all of us to embrace a fresh start. I am incredibly thankful to athletic director Mike Bohn, senior woman administrator Joyce Bell Limbrick and the USC Athletics personnel who have kindly provided the opportunity for me to leave USC in such a courteous manner. Their leadership will surely make the next chapter of women’s basketball the greatest one yet.”

Trakh had a 155-114 record in nine seasons at USC.

I’m highly skeptical Trakh decided on his own to retire. USC hasn’t been to the NCAA Tournament under Trakh since 2006 and is basically irrelevant in women’s basketball despite the Pac-12’s success this past season.

“The future of our women’s basketball program is very promising, and we are committed to providing the necessary resources to restore the illustrious tradition of excellence of the Women of Troy,” USC athletic director Mike Bohn said.

The proof will come by who USC offers the job? Will it go after a big-time coach or will it try to just get by, like when it re-hired Trakh in 2018?

Trakh is believed to the second-or-third-lowest-paid women’s basketball coach in the Pac-12. I’m sure Hawaii coach Laura Beeman, a former USC assistant coach, will be interested.

Someone should check out Cincinnati coach Michelle Clark-Heard, since Bohn already knows her.

24 thoughts on “USC Women’s Basketball Coach Mark Trakh “Retires”

  1. “ I am incredibly thankful to athletic director Mike Bohn, senior woman administrator Joyce Bell Limbrick and the USC Athletics personnel who have kindly provided the opportunity for me to leave USC in such a courteous manner. ”

    Sounds like there was a nod and a wink and probably a moving truck at his office door as he showed up for work this morning…

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  2. Who would be the big time hire? We’ve tried former player greats with mixed results. I don’t see any of the coaches at major established programs headed here. Who’s on the list of “Big Time” hire?

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  3. 1) Kate Paye- A great choic!Currently,. the top assistant to Tara Vanderveer at Stanford. She wanted the job before, but USC went with Traka which was another big mistake..
    2) Tina Thompson- University of Virginia Coach
    3) Lisa Leslie
    4) Cheryl Miller
    5) Clay Helton- A perfect fit. He cannot lead or motivate young men so make him the interim coach until his contract runs out next year, and we won’t have to pay him off by letting him go early.

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      1. Michael, the odds of Clay taking the women’s team to the final 4 is about the same as Mama’s Ono dinner going back to $25 per plate.

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      2. We may get a chance to find out —I hear Clay called Bohn the moment the Trakh announcement was made. People outside his door said they heard Clay saying something like “Of course someone could take over my job at this late date, Mike —- who for instance? — Well, just about anybody. As a matter of fact—forget the ‘just about’ part!”

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    1. tommyd you misogynistic @sshole! I bet to you women are possessions. Why would you say Clay Helton is perfect for leading women rather than men? You believe women are intrinsically not as valuable or important as men?
      You are the kind of bigot that didn’t vote for Biden because you were afraid if Biden were to pass in office a black women, Kamala Harris would become the president!

      I bet you are the kind of @sshole thought it was funny when Trump said you can grab women by the pussy… And all of you who laugh along, F@ck you too.


      1. Ted — I find your stuff thought provoking. You are obviously a man who thinks a lot about life… and what’s right….and what’s fair. But may I say –with all respect— that people pass on Kamala for reasons having nothing to do with the fact she’s black or a woman. It’s a whole lot simpler than that —she’s a phony.
        Just cuz Trump was boorish and Mike Pence was a dipshit doesn’t mean we improved our lot with Joe & Kamala. I think we have to consider the possibility most voters are not being well served by either party —-and haven’t been for a very long time.


  4. If Clay takes the women’s team to the final four in the next two years of his contract once the existing contract expires as an equal opportunity employer we can gladly offer him a new contract at fair market value of what a women’s basketball coach now makes which is around $100,000 -150,000/yr depending on the size of the program. Bone, can then congratulate Clay for a great season, and welcome him to the world of women’s college basketball.

    We would have to continue to pay Clay until the current contract runs out, but this way we get rid of him without paying the buy out option by placing him in another position within the athletic dept. Sadly, I would not be surprised if Clay accepted the offer to be the next Women’s Basketball Coach, but doubtful he would stay on once his current contract with USC runs out since thanks to Lynn Swann he would be a multi-millionaire.


    1. Maybe if pudly refuses to bend over or get on his knees for Helton until they let Mr. Wolf back on the field, that would probably do it.


  5. Thank you Michael Guardino! I often find people that call others a bigot without actually knowing them are the most racist people I know. The last time I checked there are men and women head coaches in women’s college basketball so we truthfuly cannot disqualify Clay Helton as a male candidate for the USC job, He has failed as the USC football coach so perhaps he could do better in another sport whether it is women’s basketball, men’s soccer, or water polo. Conversely, a women should also be given an opportunity to coach the USC football team or men’s basketball program. My thinking is Helton needs to be removed, and placed in another position within the athletic department, and at this time the USC women’s basketball program has an open head coaching position the last time I checked.

    As far as politics our candidate is sold on Joe Biden and Kamela Harris. I actually voted for both so Mr. Ted is wrong. However, just like Carol Folt, and Mike Bone our new President, and Vice President must perform and produce in the next four years, or they too should be replaced by the American people, or if the performance is there get relected. The American people have given Biden and Harris an opportunity to rebuild America let’s hope they get it done.

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    1. I think the part Ted missed is that YOU didn’t grab the idea of sending Clay over to women’s basketball outta thin air. Scott opened up the subject by asking who should take over the program —


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