USC Morning Buzz: Big Changes Coming To Fall Camp

Fall football camps are expected to undergo major changes, with a 50 percent reduction in full-pad practices and abolishment of collision exercises, such as the famed Oklahoma drill, according to Sports Illustrated.

USC has started some spring practices this month with the Oklahoma drill in an effort to make practices more intense.

You would think Mike Bohn, who last week said his athletic dept.’s focus “remains on being the most student-athlete centered program in the country,” would have abolished the drill given the concussion study was made available to colleges in February.

There will also be only two scrimmages allowed instead of the current 3.5.

The changes are based on a five-year concussion study funded by the NCAA and U.S. Dept. of Defense.


33 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Big Changes Coming To Fall Camp

      1. After all these years you hang your hat on one guy at a single position because it’s all you have..
        terrible to be you..


      2. I think they give a trophy for that. It is called the “Own’s I Found A Stat That UCLA Is Good In Award” #thegiftthatkeepsongiving

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      3. Just Rent,

        Have you been hitting the sauce already or are you just plain dull? Your sentence reads, “And still SUCC hasn’t a drafted former QB start a SB at QB”. I see your Ebonics is improving, your ugly education is showing.

        Let us break this down, first there is no school named SUCC. I think when you wrote this you were drunk. Let us think you are writing about USC. Now, you say SUCC hasn’t drafted former qb start a SB at qb.

        First USC does not draft, they recruit. SC cannot recruit a former QB. They have to recruit current qbs. Former qbs means they are retired. How can a former qb start a superbowl at qb? Once again, former qb’s are retired.

        i will help you. I believe you meant to say, USC does not have a qb that has started a superbowl game.

        See how clear and concise that is? Please, stop taking ebonics and take English classes at Cerritos JC. They are equivelent to ugly.


    1. “Fall football camps are expected to undergo major changes, with a 50 percent reduction in full-pad practices and abolishment of collision exercises, such as the famed Oklahoma drill, according to Sports Illustrated.”

      So, Helton was ahead of the curve with his no pad, soft serve practices.

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  1. Maybe Clay saw this coming and got out ahead of it years ago by preparing with lighter and less contact practices? He’s seeing 5 steps ahead and will now show everyone how great he is.

    Just kidding, he will mess this up too.

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  2. How long until it’s flag football ?
    What are the long term implications of men and women beating the shit out of each other in cages ?
    How long before it’s ” FA CUP FINAL SUNDAY ON NBC ”
    How long do men’s sports have until they’re deemed to be some made up woke problem to women, blacks, LGBTQABCDEFG ?


  3. Vindicated at last. Back in the 60’s I tried to get our Frosh Football Coach to dump the drill where a running back had to run straight at 2 lineman ….

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  4. She-don Slovis and any of the Polynesian Pipeline Trojan players wouldn’t last a quarter if they went up against these teams…the Trojan girls would be on the injured list for the rest of the year





    1. ….And that’s why you should stick to the Lingerie Football League from now on, tebow….


  5. Mule

    please remind me why you forgot to recollect how many Bears started Super Bowls.


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    1. Big reason – there was zero reason to point out Kal’s 4.5 QB SB starts. However since you’ve whined, like a hungry dog, here are Kal’s SB QB stats: Kapp 0-1; Morton 0-2; Ferragamo (Cal 2 years/Neb. grad) 0-1; Rodgers 1-0; and Goff 0-1.

      Thus, former Kal QB’s are 1 – 5 in SB starts – talk about SUCCing hindtitty. Good enough to get to the SB, just not good enough to win.



      1. JO, just keeps on giving. Football being a team sport, let’s see how the ranking of college teams by most Super Bowl-winning players looks: 1st: USC (48)

        USC number #1 again! You lose again JO! You just cannot help yourself.

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      2. Just Rent,

        5 qb’s to your two is very good. Taht is 2.5 times better. BTW, your ugly starters were Kramer and Schroder.


    2. Cal75,
      I believe there ahve been three Cal qb’s. Kapp, Rodgers, and Morton. Kapp played for the Vikings, Rodgers is with the Packers, and Morton played for Denver. Let me know if I am correct. Thank you.


  6. When I was in high school the frosh football team cleared out space in the PE storage area by throwing out the leather helmets . We hit sleds and we wore pads to every practice. The coaches taught us to watch our coconut not bang it. The leather helmet era had concussions but not as many because they knew better.
    Cutting full contact by half means; In the middle of practice Helton will sent the boys in to remove pads- right?


  7. “Fall football camps are expected to undergo major changes, with a 50 percent reduction in full-pad practices and abolishment of collision exercises…” In other words, will be required to practice like UCLA plays in games.

    If UCLA has another losing season, they will be relegated to Intramural, Flag Football Division III. But at least there they will finally get to wear their powder blue ballet shoes.


  8. College football – what’s next flag football on saturday with no pads, and helmets. If the NCAA is regulating contact sports what about rugby.


  9. Is this a rule being laid down by the NCAA or is it just USC’s new policy? They keep telling me that this is a duplicate comment. No it is not. You must have me mixed up with someone else.


  10. So you are saying that Clay Helton is a man ahead of his time? Maybe he got a copy of the report before everyone else and all us alum were just stuck in the past.

    Even if physicality is diminished with these changes to rules, the ability to create a physically dominant culture will be important for winning. Seems that we had better be looking at ways of training that physicality into practices that is done in the S&C program. If I were Sosna, I would be trying to figure out how this will change football as a sport and what types of programs can be developed that still meet the regulations, but allow for the skill-building that develops a winning team.

    I still dont think that the air raid is the answer, even if all contact is gone. I think that a new set of schematics that relies even more on developing leverage against an opponent will be important. The simplicity of the air raid is bound to fail.


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