Latest USC Scandal Involves Song Girls

Did you read the L.A. Times story on the song girls and removal of long-time coach Lori Nelson?

Someone at USC came out looking good and probably helped leak the story.

Well, I have some thoughts on that and my own experiences dealing with the toxic atmosphere surrounding the selection process and the athletic dept. Read it here in the USC Newsletter.

32 thoughts on “Latest USC Scandal Involves Song Girls

  1. C.L. Max Nikias cancel culture, anything to do with athletics…De-emphasize it.

    Under Nikias USC is supposed to be the “Duke of the West”

    Yeah, that corrupt bastard Nikias is still calling the shots at USC.

    Carol Folt is a nothing, just a high paid puppet.


    1. Like my man sparky said “In cheerleading we throw people in the air” ” fat people don’t go up as far”

      “Everyone go on a diet. Maybe if you stop eating maybe your body eat your ass instead’


    1. Tommy Lasorda was asked “What’s your opinion of (Dave) Kingman’s performance?” in the post-game interview session after Kingman had hit three home runs on May 14, 1978 for the Chicago Cubs to defeat the Dodgers in a 15 inning game at Dodger Stadium.


  2. Once again SUCC whips out their .357 and blows some toes off.

    Clown U: The #1, Div. 1 school for scandal. What a f**king joke.

    #Some things don’t change.



    1. Rialto —
      Why “unfortunately”?


  3. ” Now my own song girls story: Around 2007-08, my blog pointed out the lack of transparency involving the selection of the song girls. ….” At long last, Scott has his Pulitzer Prize winning story. Just a guess, but you met your sources in an underground parking garage. Please tell me you are trying to do parody.

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    1. Every large institution HAS to have their Tesselone. Check out Fred Ward in Robert Altman’s The Player.


  4. Scooter,

    I saw Neilson a few times at the games. Every time i saw her she looked like a psyco nut. I thought of what she was doing to the girls. I am glad she has been exposed and is gone. Now for the cheerleaders, I hope they find someone who is not a nut case and can guide the girls correctly. Good read.


  5. Scooter,

    Or, if SC was smart they could get rid of alot of problems and Folt by having the football team play flag football and have all the cheerleaders look like Pom Pom mom. That would solve attendence problems, get rid of alot of staffing and no helton. Tnis is a win win situation.


  6. I am willing to lead the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of everyone here.

    My body, my Heath, my wit&Wisdom, my voice…whatever it takes…



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      1. For the uninitiated, JO, is our in-house pinata. He says something moronic then gets batted about. No candy, just nutty things come out.

        JO, you might now have a chance to fullfil your lifetime dream, to be a USC Song Girl. I think all of your badmouthing of USC is smokescreen (“The lady doth protest too much, methinks” ) to cover up your lifetime dream to wear the tiara you received in HS and to be a song girl.


      1. Cal75 doesn’t realize yet that we all know how to amend the sentences with one letter missing…. it’s only when there are whole words missing that we need the epilog post…..

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  7. Lori Nelson, who was paid $100K a year to oversee the song girls leaves the show. For years, that woman trashed those poor girls, and picked her own kids to be on the squad. Art Bartner, former band director, was a part of this charade too, Even his own daughter, Barbie (who had no business being on the squad) was “selected” over all the other talented girls who tried out. Glad to see both of them gone. One of the most amazing aspects of Nelson’s reign was how she managed to keep hispanics, blacks and asians off the squad. They didn’t look like her, or fit the image of her USC. Of course, the token minorities were let in so that a stink would not be made. Instead, those talented minority women instead ended up on the dance squad at the basketball games. Good riddance to Nelson. Let’s hope some of those girls sue her for the damage she inflicted all those years.


      1. Thanks for the correction. You are right. I also forget the name of that girl who lived at John Robinson’s house that had an in with the band.


  8. This is just another part of the cancel culture that is now running USC. OK, so maybe the lady in charge was a total Bitch but what is going to happen now? Open try-outs where the quality of the song girls declines because it has to be politically correct? No judging based on appearance, so we end up with alot of talented and ugly girls?

    Sorry, but we should be allowed to discriminate in favor of good looks in an area where one main attribute is appearance.

    Our country is descending into liberal madness. And we are ignoring the fact that China is going to rule the world due to the weakness that is being perpetrated on our culture by liberal mandates. I can guarantee that Chinese society, dominated by men, is going to beat the daylights out of the weak cancel culture generation that is becoming the future of America.


    1. So are you saying that Chinese girls should not be allowed on the squad ? I cannot even remember ever seeing a Chinese girl on the squad ever ! All I can say is that USC is probably going to get sued for this one too.


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