Radio, Radio

I will be a guest on Petros and Money at 4:30 p.m. PT discussing all things USC.

23 thoughts on “Radio, Radio

      1. Why is there a minus sign in front of the ruins’ number? Is that good?

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      1. He just rolled out the whole cheerleader scandal this am… well actually the times did but scottie will run this into the ground too. You all heard about Milek went down with a knee injury yesterday and Falo hurt himself too. Not sure the extent of Milek’s injury but Falo resumed a lighter workout afterwards…

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      1. Ha!! Pudly delivers two HRs in the same post!! I was about ready to bail on “Inside USC” temp until Scottie delivered something that came close to being interesting. But given the quality being delivered here, I’m good to go!

        BTW, what is the deal with Owns, penile implants, and Hairy Axel? I’m worried about the young bruin fan…

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      2. Obviously projecting his worries upon others…
        what’s really weird tho, IMO, is that his biggest win this season is a LOSS… on second thought he’s a ruin fan so that’s not so weird 😂😂 💥✌🏾💥✌️💥✌🏾💥

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      3. Must be, close losses = victories & penile implants must be a normal part of ruin life the way he always brings it up.
        Hahahahaha 🤡✌️

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      4. Hey Pisley, you pathetic water head, you’re crowing about an insignificant bozo women beach bingo wollyball victory.

        Pisley, let’s see who wins the Natty. Seriously Pisley, SUCC Rah-Rah’s are so hard up for SUCCess, you’ll soon be publishing intramural sports and bar game victories.

        #SUCCpussy’son – any time, anywhere, any bar game Div. 1 University.


      5. Key word… “VICTORIES” as opposed to the sow wannabe scum bag who touts “it was almost a tie”… hahahahaha!!


    1. Why Pisley, you illiterate, gopher hole trash.

      UCLA 7 – SUCC WP 6; the Bruins win their(not there or they’re) #119th team NC.

      #SUCC: where the greatest ex-BB player is a woman; Reggie Miller’s sister.


    2. Pudly, we need to invoke the mercy rule here for owns… and speaking of the paperback, they are selling copies with the front cover torn off at a 90% discount at Costco.

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  1. Absolutely Pisley, except when SUCC BB is a 19 point Loser/Succer in it’s first Elite Eight in 20 years. Just f**king huge.

    #K J Allen to Andyain’twinning: “Adios MF’er.”


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