Petros and Money Recap On USC

If you want to hear the segment today on Petros and Money, click here.

We talked about the football imposter, the song girls and spring practice!

30 thoughts on “Petros and Money Recap On USC

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      1. Oh, he won’t pass. This is red meat….

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      2. Michael, the T-Rex gets a 10 out of 10. On the other hand, we’ll have to see what owns can deliver. We owe it to him to have high standards. It will toughen him up.

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      3. Quality, not quantity, is a much better yardstick.

        Dollars to donuts at Chip’s favorite shop, SUCC is in the top three Div 1 FB programs for total accrued NFL Busts!

        In fact, we could call SUCC, JaMarcus Russell U.

        $25 million for the Piglet a year!? – An injury racked, INT machine. The Piglet, a boner fide loser/succer.


      4. Yup… maybe we should list total MVPs, Super Bowl MVPs, Hall of Famers, 1st team AllPros and Pro Bowlers…..

        You should think BEFORE you stink…

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      5. The Piglet was the 2018 NFL #2 draft choice, but 3 years later, after 13 – 25 W/L record, 45 TD’s, 39 INT’s and 9 lost fumbles, the Jets trade Darnold for late round draft choices(essentially cheap, crap shoot draftees), to save $$$ cap space and draft another rookie franchise QB – OUCH!

        Why the Jets keep drafting SUCC NFL Busts any higher than in the 6th or 7th Rd. is beyond my ken.

        Based on his stats, the Piglet is just about worth the F/A NFL players minimum salary.


  2. Something shocked me on Petros’ show: Scott said that —–not only was the o-line terrible in Saturday’s game —-but he was “skeptical” about them getting better. What happened to our Scott’s usual unbounded optimism? [In response, Petros voiced the very thought on every listeners’ mind: “Thinking the o-line would look better with a new coach is a little like cutting open a cantaloupe and expecting to see a watermelon”]…..
    [I was also a little surprised when Petros went Full Monty on Lori Nelson & called her “evil” —- I say save that word for government officials. Nelson was more like a misguided

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    1. Well if you cut cantaloupe with food coloring, However I’d have more faith in the new guy if he were a great cagch. We went after this coach the way someone finds the bottom of the barrel first. We opened the wrong end of the barrel.
      What does this guy have on his resume’? How many championships has he won? Has he placed men in the NFL?
      I know, is he a buddy of the offensive coordinator? Bingo perfect logic.

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      1. He’s an Air Raid O-Line Coach, RT!


    1. The Song Girls thing has been up for hours. I was worried something happened to you.


      1. Dear Pisley, you ignorant POS, the subject Dr., did not work for UCLA the Univ. He was employed by the hospital as opposed to Dr. Tyndall who did all his vile porn examinations on the Clown U campus with the express consent of C. L. “Max” Nikias.

        So what Doc Tyndall was a kinky AH. Good fundraisers are had to find.


      2. Oh you’re right. Excuse me for thinking the general public deserved basic human dignity and shouldn’t have to worry about having their lives R U I N’d.
        Did you really imply that it was better to sexually assault the general public??

        F’n dolt wannabe sow 🤡


      3. Catch up? Catch up?! Don’t sell UCLA short, Pudly. By the time this mess is over they’ll be way in the lead…..

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      1. Cal75 is a classicist. He was using the ancient form of ‘golly’ —the one used to greet Caesar —that’s why his sentence is clearly divided into three parts….


      2. “Cal75 is a classicist”

        – Michael Guarino

        No, Cal75 hippie is a “ass-cyst”.

        Cal hippie’s asshole, after enduring decades of abuse in the Castro district, his hemorrhoids have become so enflamed they are now protruding beyond the point where he is recognizable as a person. He is the worlds only walking talking asshole or “ass-cyst” as it were.



      3. MG
        Gaul es dividia en tres partes. How’s that from Latin I, circa 1967?

        As for TballObummer, stop your projection. Just stop it right now. What a maroon.


  3. This just in: The “Imposter” is suing USC! After living the dream for 3 weeks he asking for 17 million $$ to help him re-acclimate.


  4. The Air Raid will be gone along with Helton, and Wonder Boy Graham Harrell, and of course our new imitation of an offensive line coach.

    Bottom line we need to recruit 4-5 lineman who are athletes not overweight lineman made of jelly who can barely walk yet alone move rather than standing still trying to pass block faster defensive lineman. One good lineman per year does not cut it folks we need 5 quality lineman like we use to have in the Mckay, Robinson, and Carroll eras. Bottom line Helton and Harrell don’t know what the necessary ingredients are for a physical running game since they both came from pass happy programs.

    USC will be 7-5 this season so don’t get your hopes up for anything better than that. The good news if that happens Helton will be gone, and probably his entire staff unless they pull another dumb mistake and hire Graham Harrell as the new coach which will sink the program to the very bottom.


    1. Helton isn’t going anywhere, not as long as C.L. Max Nikias is still calling the shots at USC…and he is.

      In 2018 Clay Helton coached the Trojans to a 5 -7 record and he nearly got a contract extension. LOL!

      Neither of the two imposters/frauds Carol Folt or Mike Bohn have any authority to fire Clay Helton. As long as Helton can keep his and the teams head above water he’ll be the head football coach at USC.

      C.L. Max Nikias has made Clay Helton untouchable, he’s there to make sure the Trojan football program remains mediocre at best.

      Any half-wit with somewhat of a clue could coach USC to at least 10 wins every year with the recruiting class USC hauls in annually, only a clueless fucking idiot could take that kind of talent and go 5-7.


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