USC Morning Buzz: Does This Statement Hold Up?

I was doing some research today and this quote popped up from last year.

“I think it’s miraculous, it really is. It’s impressive. More importantly, Clay Helton and those new coaches, and the existing coaches that are on that staff. They have attacked (recruiting) with a competitive spirit and gusto.”

It’s USC athletic director Mike Bohn last May on the coaching staff’s recruiting efforts.

USC obviously rebounded from its worst-class ever and finished No. 8 in the Rivals rankings.

But that word “miraculous” really rankles me nearly a year later. What is Bohn? A preacher? Miraculous will be when he gets the guts to fire Helton.

The last two newsletter entries were on the messy state of Trojan clubs and the time Traveler knocked over a Stanford cheerleader.

13 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Does This Statement Hold Up?

  1. SW hates the word “miracle”. I wonder where he was on Feb 27, 2020 when DT said about COVID-19: “It’s going to disappear. One day — it’s like a miracle — it will disappear.”


  2. The miracle of which Scott is referring to has to be that Helton wasn’t fired after the recruiting cycle the year before. It never ceases to amaze me that Helton is still employed. When his gig is up I expect to see him as a color commentator for a black and white TV station his color is grey.

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    1. Helton NEEDS to get fired for the greater good…
      [..In fact, it’d be neat if Clay did ALL their programming —like Sherriff John did for KTLA back in the day — just one voice introducing all live programming Monday through Sunday]…


      1. Don’t act like you didn’t benefit from a socialist free ride into law school.

        I dare you to deny it.

        You don’t want to go down that road.


      2. Sherriff John was on KTTV

        He moved to Boise, lived in a retirement home there, still got hundreds of cards on his birthday from locals who had moved there from California

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      3. If you are going to highlight an Edgar Winter song at least do Frankenstein.
        Besides if I got something for free that had a lifetime value is it your business? Jump over the moon

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      4. Hey MG that’s a perfect place for Clay, right next to his favorite fan Yogi Roth at the Pac 12 network. Now Yogi can rub elbows with him instead of kissing his ass!


  3. Tbone is just a Grade A AH. He’s in his own hell everyday. He reminds me of a moose limb who wants to die but b4 he does brings everyone down to dirt level.

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      1. When you see a Tbone post do you:

        A. Honk your horn

        B. Flash your lights

        C. Hit the bourbon and full speed ahead.

        D. Realize you’re in the mental ward

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  4. @ Rialto I miss going to the games listening to the greatest university band ever. But will not go back until Clay is gone. I made that commitment 3 years ago and still sticking to it.


  5. USC has so many recruiting advantages – academics, alumni network, media market, NIL, weather, girls, campus, metropolitan city, early playing time due to lack of development on existing roster. USC should be in the top 3 recruiting classes every year, if the coaching staff were considered to be top notch.

    The coaching staff is the one thing that holds back the recruiting. But Bohn has made some positive changes.

    If Helton is fired or his contract is not renewed, we want to have a strong player roster for the incoming head coach.


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