USC Pushing Season Tickets

USC is having enough trouble selling football season tickets right now and then I get these personalized ads today.

I suppose it would be interesting to find out how season-ticket sales are going with basketball after fans were not allowed last season. Did the Elite Eight spur a ticket boost or does Evan Mobley’s departure cause fans to be more skeptical about buying tickets?


14 thoughts on “USC Pushing Season Tickets

  1. Unfortunately I think our boys missed out on probably our best shot and longest run that we’re gonna see in quite some time, most likely due to the departure of Evan. That dude is a once in a generation talent.

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    1. Evan Mobley or no Evan Mobley —there will always be an intense interest in USC basketball tickets…..

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      1. ….just a reminder.
        When the Trojans and the baby bears tee it up in November for the annual cross-town rivalry game, 1000 days will have passed since the powder blue last beat the Trojans in the two revenue sports.

        Admittedly, that includes two last-second BB wins and a last second FB win for Troy–all 3 excruciating to watch for Bruin fans. But, hope does spring eternal, no?

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  2. Scott,

    Love your updates and color. I’m a huge basketball fan and I’m someone who would be a season ticket holder. Unfortunately, all of the lower bowl decent seats are taken by founders etc. Have no issue with that other than the lower bowl is always completely empty and they don’t even show up for big games. That is an issue that will ultimately have to resolved. Big money contributers don’t care about basketball at USC

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    1. Thanks for picking this one up, Pudly! I really like where we’re headed on this: a solution all the other conferences are just too dumb to see! [And I’m heartened by the anonymous spokesperson’s comment about the Pac 12 presidents having “no idea what they want or what they need”].
      The concept of paying TWO Commissioners to do ONE person’s job is genius: Each Commissioner can blame the other for his or her failures…. no accountability whatsoever….

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  3. Memo to: Bourbon4me

    It’s been 24,455 days since bozo BB last made it to a BB Final Four. Justa 19 points short this year. After just 3 minutes into the 1st half, the bozo’s were bending over and singing “Give It to Me.”

    And, speaking of abject failure, bozo BB is OOOOOOOOOO ferever @ winning a single BB NC.

    Hanging your the bozo hat on SUCC’s 4 – 0 record vs UCLA in the last 2 years is just plain ludicrous Moonshine.



    1. You dunce ! Go drown yourself in that shitass hole they call a
      swimming pool at Westwood High! No use berating your
      worthless stupid looking appearance since the homeless
      needs plenty of mental help to get off the streets.


    1. This I know, PT. The Chipper will have the bruins playing great run-game offense by November 2021, and DTR will be a challenging Dual Threat QB to “control.”

      I don’t know if DTR will have a credible WR stable and I don’t know if Chipper’s D will be sturdy. USC lost some good D talent, but I see our defense as improving with some great D-line talent/LB/edge rush talent. I think UCLA could come into the rivalry game about 9-1 or so…

      Still, I am thoroughly enjoying this almost 900 day run without a MBB or CFB loss to the cross-town rival. Also nice to see that USC has passed up UCLA on the WSJ ranking of University prestige. We’re #2 in the West, behind the ‘furd. Our students and student-athletes get a superior education for their money (per WSJ metrics).

      It’s a great time to be a Trojan.


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