USC Thought For A Day

From long-time USC booster/graduate/insider today:

“If you don’t think Clay Helton runs a tight ship, ask the homeless man posing as a USC player who apparently infiltrated the training facility and dining hall for weeks, becoming exposed only when he donned a practice uniform and helmet to field punts.

“But I’m sure this imposter would’ve gone undetected had he simply signaled for a fair catch inside the 10-yard line like the rest of the return specialists.”

9 thoughts on “USC Thought For A Day

  1. That booster/graduate/insider pulls out a zinger!

    Flow, don’t you know? This never happened at USC, which is why USC won’t comment on it. Right?


  2. I agree I think the imposter/homeless guy joining the football team before finally getting caught is now a dead issue, but I will admit it does show how incompetent people are now running the show now at USC. Again, take a look at Clay Helton’s resume he was clearly not qualified from day one to run a top level collegiate football program which USC once was.

    Sadly, and forgotten is we have more imposters on the football team that are on scholarship, and the same thing goes with some of our overpaid assistant coaches.

    Who knows this homeless imposter might have made the team if he had not been discovered. and USC then put on probation for offering a scholarship to a “non-student” athlete.


    1. Agreed. And just look at that pic of Helton in this post. That’s his smug look which says, “I’ve fooled all of you and I’m taking it to the bank.” We all need this ship to turn around, dock,, and start over.

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  3. Uncle Fester Clay Helton at his best. in this picture. The true imposter and getting paid 4 million a year. John Mckay, wouldn’t even have this guy on his freshman team football staff which in those days was called the Trobabes.

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  4. Helton a tight ship? This is the bohn of contention for the past several years. It is the reason someone paid to have a plane fly over the coliseum with a banner asking for the school to release Helton. Now I’ve known about and read about coaches fired for much less than the continued stupidity that Helton has committed under the guise of being a football coach. The real question is why has the University of Southern California casually ignored the health and well-being of their student athletes by having an unqualified person coach them. As the school has ignored the evidence of unsuitablility of Helton’s ability to provide adequate training, the school itself assumes liability. Why USC why?

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  5. Just be irrelevant baby! Leave them in ruins. Talk about an obsession. You have one with this blog, owns/moans like Scotty has one with this homeless walk on! The only difference is, yours is for years now. Why Scotty just began his journey of obsession!


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