USC Morning Buzz: NFL Teams Want Honest Evaluations

So many little things that happen by themselves at USC are not a big deal but when you add them all up, it continues to demonstrate the circus-like nature at the McKay Center/Heritage Hall.

Here’s a small example: I’m hearing NFL teams are now consulting outside sources for evaluations of USC players this week because they don’t trust the information they are getting directly from the program.

I previously gave an example: NFL teams were unhappy with information received on defensive tackle Jay Tufele, because they felt people were upset Tufele did not play for USC last season.

It’s really about professionalism. You either have it or you do not. NFL teams expect it. They want an honest evaluation. But if you are not qualified to deliver one, where does the NFL team turn?

38 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: NFL Teams Want Honest Evaluations

  1. Yes I sure that the NFL front offices are struggling with evaluations. They solely rely on what the college coaching staff says to evaluate a player. It’s not like they have an opportunity to work these guys out, interview them, and watch hours and hours of game film. They certainly do not have staffs and systems for player evaluation with multi million dollar budgets. Nope, they just talk to a college coach. “Is that guy pretty good?”

    Where does the NFL turn?

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      1. Make ’em all take a Wonderlic test, fer cripesake.

        Had my doubts about DeShaun Watson when he was at Clemson. Not looking good for him at present.

        Had my doubts about Jameis Winston when he was at FSU.

        Why on Earth would anyone trust any College FB coach–perhaps other than Saban or David Shaw?

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  2. Hard to believe Tufele was thrown under the bus for not playing last year. More like they didn’t know much about him since Orlando and So’Oto were new in 2020 and hadn’t coached him.

    I guess a dozen stories about the homeless guy, and allegations like this, pass for “Inside USC” material when a fellow can’t get access to spring practice…

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    1. Or, NFL teams are sick of drafting overhyped, underperforming, overpaid bozo FB draft choices.

      For instance, the Jets recently drafted Leonard Williams and Sam Darnold in the first Rd., and then got rid of both players for peanuts. Both players were deemed franchise players at their positions.


      1. Just rent,

        name a player from scum sucking ugly that is in the nfl? We know that rosen went home to his spa in his house and pouted like a girl for being cut by 3 teams

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      2. How about the two losers from fucla , Josh Rosen and Brett Hundley Qb”s. plus yourself of course. Your input is so worthless
        to any subject. Get lost from your encampment please.


  3. We’ve been treated to a number of off season distractions and fluff recently but none of the tough questions get answered.
    What’s the name of the homeless guy? What harm is there in training to run track if it helps you develop speed and keeps you knees from being tweaked by poor tackling?
    Why do the Trojans use a horse as a symbol when a wooden one was used to sack Troy?
    Will there ever be a horse more dead than the ones being flogged daily here?
    Did man really go to the moon or are 30,000 aerospace workers the best secret keepers ever?

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    1. Answers:
      The homeless guy (he prefers going by “The Imposter”, btw) doesn’t have a name. He’s a metaphor. Like those marbles—or whatever the fuck they were— in The Caine Mutiny.
      USC’s white horse represents Aeneas — the Trojan who carries Troy to ultimate victory (over the whole world).
      Every single NASA and JPL scientist signed a Confidentiality Agreement. [Scientists —and office custodians— who refused were summarily executed. Tebow is the custodian of the signed agreements — & has been rendered mad by the weight of all he knows].
      I hope this helps.

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      1. RT —The Martians behind the NASA cover up knew Tebow was their man…..

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      2. The poor captain.. that fucking Fred MacMurray…..


      3. Thanks for clearing up all those mysteries, Michael.

        I bet you know who REALLY shot JFK and where all my missing socks are hidden.

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      4. As Mort Sahl commented in 1967, “if you give me a billion dollars I can convince the American people Bob Hope shot Kennedy.”

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  4. Scooter,

    You are correct about evaluations. I spoke to a fomer player’s father and he said that helton told the scouts that is his son was selfish and self centered. Helton was pissed at the player. The nfl scouts went to his high school and the head coach said that the player was one young man that put everyone in front of him and that he worked hardere than any other of the kids. I would not trust helton for an evaluation if you are not one of his favorites

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    1. I confess I know nothing about the “former player” or the “former player’s father” or the “former player’s high school coach”…..but I do know this: They are telling the truth.

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      1. RT,
        When it comes to food, I trust Clay to say what’s in Clay’s best interest. Here’s a quote from Clay’s As-Of-Yet Unreleased December 2021 Cookbook, “The Joys of Contract Extension”: “Carol makes the bestest apple pies ever! The process always begins with finely polished apples….which is where I come in….”


    1. Have you noticed:
      Whenever people talk about Darnold’s ability they always couch things with lots of “ifs” and qualifiers….
      ….They don’t use qualifiers when talking about the Pac 12 vs the SEC….

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    1. Jimmy’s remarks here are pretty consistent with what he said earlier…. but they somehow seem brighter and more nuanced in this version…

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      1. He seems more confident in the second video…. less self aware….
        while maintaining the illusion of extemporaneousness ……

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  5. Memo to: PT

    Mark Sanchez, Carson Palmer, Sam Darnold, Matt Leinart, Matt Cassel, Cody Kessler, Matt Barkley and John David Booty.


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