The Lasting Image Of Spring Football

Is this going to be the enduring image of spring practice?

Clay Helton knows it’s always good to stay close to Carol Folt.

Meanwhile the fourth round of the NFL Draft provided relief for USC as Jay Tufele was the first pick and went to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Six picks later, Detroit took Amon-Ra St. Brown.

Talanoa Hufanga went to the San Francisco 49ers in the fifth round.

37 thoughts on “The Lasting Image Of Spring Football

    1. Is it a bad omen when the President of the University looks 12 times as fit as the Head Football Coach?

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      1. I’d take Carol over Gomer in a 40 yd. dash.


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      2. Sooner or later the light bulb over Mike Bohn’s head is gonna go off ……

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      3. What do you think of this? Is this why more schools are recruiting texas and georgia?

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      4. FACT: More schools would recruit California players if our entire state weren’t tainted by the presence of UCLA — the very fact that a major program within the state gets by with an 80 yard practice field hurts the image of every high school player unfortunate enough to be born in California… as unfair as it seems, UCLA’s very existence makes it look as though all Californians think football is a joke…. which, of course, is not true….but it is what is ….


    1. That fat cat needs to go nothing but a grifter thinking he’s a someone to the University. He should of been shown the door, with Lopes. He’s the main problem to the football program right now. Hiring game ball Carol and that spineless sock puppet Bohn.


  1. Cozying up to the big Kahuna will not keep him in there if he doesn’t win big. Again, they are calling this a repeat comment. It’s not. Hey Wolfman, you have a defective algorithm.

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      1. Gosh Pisley, the #2 UCLA Beach Volleyball team mugged #1 SUCC 3 – 1 a on Sat., to win the Pac-12 Championship. Can of corn, as usual. LOL!


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      1. Well….the first time other than when she and Clay are discussing “things” in her office….and the sun is going down ….and Carol isn’t turning on the lights…. and the radio is playing “Twilight Time” by the Platters….

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      2. Michael, what is the over/under on the number of times we see that beauty of a photo per month?


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      3. Oh, it’s a good one. No doubt about it. It’s up there with Bohn and Helton holding hands and looking deep into each other eyes after a game. But…… I think there’s a better one out there. One more along the lines of the one that got Falwell Jr. fired ….

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    1. That crap happens to me all the time, when I post. Scotty needs to work on this blog more instead of obsessing over the walk on homeless guy; living his dream at the expense of the football program.


  2. What a joke that picture of Carol Folt and Clay Helton is. Each appears to be congratulating each other for the great job they are doing.

    Watching the Spring Games today Washington and Oregon are doing things right teaching and working on the physical part of football first, and running the football. Oregon, is loaded with talent once again.

    Arizona State, Oregon, and Washington are the 3 best teams no question in the Pac 12. All 3 teams have good offfensive and defensive lines so they are recruiting correctly, and importantly teaching the correct way to win football games in the 4th qtr.
    Look out for UCLA this year they may surprise, and at this point it would not surprise me if they finish ahead of the Trojans in the standings.

    While USC continues to sleep on getting rid of Helton the other teams in the Pac 12 are moving forward and improving their programs.

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  3. “ they are recruiting correctly, and importantly teaching the correct way to win football games in the 4th qtr.”

    Could’ve sworn that the asu coaches switched to man on defense from zone and lost the game in the 4th qtr… Yup, just checked. They lost. Gave up 2 TDs in the last two minutes, remember?

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    1. Yep we took them last year —and if we play with a bit more discipline on offense, we’ll take ’em again. We had lots of last minute heroics in 2020. Interestingly Phil Steele employs last second victories as a negative factor in his multi-multi-multi factor rating system (I guess on the assumption that coaches & teams who squeezed out a string of close wins last year probably aren’t as strong as their won/loss records indicate)……

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      1. Can’t argue with what Steele says. But the games still need to be played. Are you saying it’s better to give up those 2 TDs with 2 minutes to go is better?

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      2. No, Pudly. I’m pretty sure Phil doesn’t give out lots of ratings points for losses either (but, seriously, he’s not as impressed with 9-3 teams who won 6 of nine by an average margin of 3 points —especially 4th quarter points —as he is with 9-3 teams that dominated the games they won. That’s not a particularly brilliant approach to ratings —but it’s better than the AP Poll which doesn’t take anything but raw won/loss records into account]…

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  4. As a kid, there were guys who made fart noises by placing their hand in their armpits and flapping their arms. We used to call them …cool.
    Anyway my first impression of the picture was a fart noise contest between Helton and others. Which would pretty much explain Helton. Most of his statements to the media run off like he’s in a fart noise contest.
    You went and looked at picture again didn’t you? Now don’t smell your fingertips unless you are wearing old spice.
    Oh you checked that too?


  5. While It sucks Bryce and DJ went far east to play ball— I think Jaxson Dart will be starting over Kedon this year. Huge stretch but I see Kedon hurt at some point. Until someone gives Kedon some anxiety meds for game day — he’s going to be off. It’s all in his head. He needs to clear it out.

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    1. I’ve read stories about how much time Harrell spends with Slovis. They hang out together. Slovis listens to Harrell’s gems and —in equal measure —bullshit…. 24/7.


  6. good athletes at a cheap price …nfl coaches will coach them all up…unlike hellton who lies to them and parents in recruiting, but talent is still talent waiting for real coaches…

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    1. hi folks, contacts are out and delmont will be seeing loses here!!!!!!!!!! 77 greensburg road ehh st ehh what have u????????


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