USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week



Mike Bohn keeps hiring Cincinnati employees, including as a replacement for Steve Lopes. Read about it here.

Alijah Vera-Tucker

He was able to fend off the negatives that surround USC and convinced the Jets to trade up in the first round.

Art Bartner

He finally got his farewell tribute after 50 — uh — 51 years Sunday night.

Women’s water polo

Won the MPSF Tournament and ranked No. 1 in the nation.


NFL Draft Reputation

One player picked in the first three rounds? The Pro Day was a bust and no amount of hype from USC on social media could change anyone’s mind.

Club Helton

How are 40 players out with injuries during practice last week? Could it be that it was the fifth week of spring and some guys were just ready to check out early before finals?


USC spent all last week hyping the NFL Draft on social media . . . to disappointing results. It would nice once these days if USC actually did something and then did the talking.


This was the most important thing Clay Helton did the entire five weeks of spring football: Protect his job.

Kedon Slovis

Can’t say spring practice erased all the doubts from 2020. There’s always training camp.

21 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. I don’t know what adds you get interspersed on your inside USC page but I got one for wine. I actually thought it was a joke because directly under the headline, Club Helton there was an ad for Purcell which had a picture of a wine bottle the label says “no bottle photography available.” The irony being the admonition to buy wine. I guess enough wine and won’t care about couch Helton.
    I know you are thinking I have a typo, but no, he’s officially couch Helton the wrong furniture in the wrong room.

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      1. I’m predicting that Sober Sark does very well at UT.
        He was already a fantastic recruiter at UW and USC.
        Add in some Saban mentoring and Sark should bring the ‘horns back to prominence. He’ll need to win a Red River Rivalry game “quick, fast, and in a hurry.”*

        *borrowed that from an Okie friend of mine.

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  2. Winners:

    Pudley. He beats Wolfie to anything relevant about USC sports here, usually by a day or more.

    Any football player that can get drafted in any round or signed as an FA after being ” coached ” by Gomer and his band of assistant coach clowns.

    Both track and field teams, both water polo teams, women’s golf


    Wolf. His act has grown tired and this blog is an afterthought to him now that he has his ” newsletter “.

    Gomer, Folt, Bohn. Go look at the NFL drafts from 1985 through 1988, even at 12 rounds back then you’ll see the same pattern that’s happening now, not many USC players got drafted. USC football is dead.

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    1. But USC football could be revived quickly with just one personnel change…but Clay sucking up to Folt on the last day of Spring practice is not a good sign.


      1. SC had their chance to sign the biggest fish in the sea and passed because he has baggage. Bohn had the chance to grab the Cincinnati coach before he signed an extension and passed. He had a chance to go after Iowa State’s coach before he signed a new extension and passed. Folt won’t let any big time donor help pay for Gomer’s severance or a new coaches’ buyout.

        Yes, they are one hire away from being relevant again, do you think you’ll live long enough to see that hire ?

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      2. BK, I am 60, so fingers crossed, and given the miracles of modern medicine, yes, I am hopeful I will see a coaching change.

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    2. Not trying to “beat” wolf. Just embellishing… what and when scottie decides to expand on is his choice, obviously. My posts aren’t in anyway a form of competition.

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      1. Didn’t say you were competing just that for a person who is supposed to be all things USC sports, Wolf has dropped the ball

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      2. 67, I’m 60 too but I don’t know that if I live another 30 years I’ll see USC relevant in football again, the Administration just doesn’t care if USC is good in football

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      3. BK, I hear you. My hope is that enough alums (particularly deep pocket, big donor alums) let Folt know that gifts will dry up unless USC becomes serious about football.

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      4. …and are very much appreciated by “the cognoscenti” here, Pudly76!

        (I put the latin in there for Guarino).

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    3. The Tollner effect, BK.

      JR left the cupboard bare, and Tollner did not have connections to elite assistant coaches/DC, etc.

      USC CFB not dead, but definitely on life-support.


    1. LOL Pisley, you worthless egotist.

      List of NCAA schools with the most NCAA Division I … › wiki

      Institution: undergraduate enrollment; Total; Men’s; Women’s.

      Stanford University 7,083 128 68 60

      University of California, Los Angeles 31,002 119 75 44

      University of Southern California 20,000 107 85 22

      SUCC was established in 1880, 39 years before UCLA, yet SUCC succ’s hindtitty in total number NC’s to UCLA.

      Only losers/succer’s crow over insignificant competition BS.

      Wear the shoe proudly Pisley, it fits you perfectly.



      1. Yesterday’s news again owns, you sow wannabe twerp. I notice it’s only insignificant when we win, like in BB. You remember that insignificant sport sow USED to dominate, don’t ya? Why sure you do, it’s the reason you’re so miserable all the time.
        Just another wonderful day for Trojans and a miserable season for sow and their wannabes..
        🖕🏽🖕🏽 💥✌🏾💥✌️💥✌🏾💥


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