Another Day, Another Texas Transfer

When all your coaches have Texas ties, it makes sense that you want players from Texas.

USC got a commitment today from University of Texas tight end Malcolm Epps, who caught three passes for 42 yards last season. Epps had 20 receptions for 232 yards in 2019.

Maybe the good news is USC taking a tight end means Graham Harrell will throw to a tight end. Well, we’ve heard that before.

It’s another transfer where Clay Helton was probably out of the loop, with Harrell, Todd Orlando and Craig Naivar plotting the whole thing.

USC must hope some of these guys, who had trouble making an impact at Texas, do better in L.A.

37 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Texas Transfer

  1. I wouldn’t call Ingram a guy “who didn’t make an impact” at Texas. He ran the ball nearly 2,000 yards in his career, almost 6 yards per carry. Injuries kept him from playing much last year at TX, and after he healed he was ready for a new start at USC.

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      1. Great post!

        When asked why he robbed banks, P76, the famous (if not so intelligent) thief Willie Sutton replied,

        “cuz that’s where the money is.”

        I like that our present staff is making good inroads into recruiting Tejas.
        “That’s where the money is.”

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    1. Notre Dame will feel Ingram’s “impact” in South Bend….
      [btw, Naviar and Orlando, before plotting major changes to the program, always duck their heads into Clay’s Office and say “here’s what we’ve decided for the team…. go back to making videos of yourself reading the Bible”]…

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    2. “USC got a commitment today from University of Texas tight end Malcolm Epps, who caught three passes for 42 yards last season.”

      Those three receptions for 42 yards last season will be three more receptions that he’ll have in his first season as a Trojan.

      In Helton and Harrell’s air raid system the TE doesn’t even need to know how to block, he just needs to be a decoy, running around acting like he’s expecting a pass.

      Those two clowns Helton and Harrell would get more production out of their TE’s if they had them fall down to the ground at the snap and hope of the defender’s trip over them. That would be a better blocking scheme than those two idiots have been able to dial up the entire time they’ve been at USC.



  2. Wolf doesn’t seem to realize that the demographics of California have changed

    Gotta wonder why any TE would want to paly for Opie Harrell

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    1. All his receptions came as an outside receiver, he was only moved inside this spring as I understand it. Has a lot of Drake London in him.

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      1. “Has a lot of Drake London in him?”

        He only caught three passes all season, but pudlyfudgepacker69 thinks he’s comparable to Drake London who had 33 receptions last season and 39 the year before that.




    2. Why would any TE want to join our offense? Maybe cuz (1) he hasn’t watched any film on USC and/or (2) he was promised “no blocking —you’re gonna be catching passes all day long!”

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    3. Thanks for teein’ it up for me, BK.
      Thanks for teein’ it up for me, MG.

      Football is inherently NOT liberal.
      Best person plays, no matter what.
      If a guy is bigger and badder and beats the crap out of you,
      get bigger and badder or find another game.
      You can’t libt@rd yourself through this fact.

      New York and the East Coast have not mattered in FB since the 1950’s.
      No one cares about Syracuse FB anymore, though Jim Brown, Ernie Davis (rest his soul), and Lenny Moore sure did. No one cares about Boston College FB anymore. The East Coast Libt@rded themselves out of football relevance decades ago. So it will go with the West Coast also. The data from California is terrible.

      High School and College FB will soon be only the province of moderate/conservative communities. Where USC goes at this stage?
      I don’t know.

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      1. California SHOULD always be up there with Texas and Florida in terms of producing NFL-ready players. It isn’t for a simple reason — unlike a lot of older people with deep roots, talented high school players don’t have to put up with California bullshit (lack of accountability, irrational social agendas, lots of crazy talk from civic leaders and university presidents). They can go anywhere.
        Note: Over the last week I’ve tried several times to get in touch with California DMV on an important matter. Each time I’ve gotten a breathless, recorded female voice saying, “Due to the high volume of calls we cannot take your call today. (Extra sweetly) Goodbye”….

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      2. Who, pray tell, will ever forget the favored SUCC vs Boston College loss dubbed the “Boston Massacre,”?

        SUCC snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. OUCH!!!

        The BC QB ran wild and the Clown U defense and offense SUCC’d.


      3. MG Excuses For Boston Loss: (1) We were still reveling in our Stanford victory, (2) Sark was already preoccupied with how to go about shielding his assets in coming divorce…..

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  3. Another TE just what we don’t need.
    There is a good reason offensive lineman don’t want to transfer to USC right now.
    Harrell and Orlando are all campaigning heavily to become the next USC coach after this season. Both are not head coach material.
    Looks to me like Luke Fickell will be the next head coach at USC based on the USED CAR LOT Buddy System that Mike Bone has brought with him to USC. Everyone is coming here from the State of Texas, and or the Univ. of Cincy.

    Mike Bone, thinks he is Gen. Sam Houston who left the Alamo under distress with the promise he would bring extra troops from within the State of Texas to Save the Alamo from Gen. Santana. Sadly when he arrived with the new manpower the Alamo was wiped out. TOO LITTLE TOO LATE!

    Can Mike Bone save the USC football program by bringing new troops from Texas, and the Univ. of Cincy. Sorry, I don’t think so
    unless you remove Clay Helton. TOO LITTLE TOO LATE ALSO!


    Mr. Bone you are on the clock just like Crockett and Jim Bowie were at the Alamo. The future is now.. You were hired to save the USC Athletic Dept. ….The future of USC football is at stake. Minor repairs in the athletic dept are not getting it done. Ticket sales are at an all time low, and so is fan support The politics need to stop it’s time for a major overhaul starting with Clay Helton or please abandon the fort.

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    1. Fickell has a huge new contract from Cincy.
      Buying out both Helton and Fickell will be a tall order.
      The opportunity for Fickell passed after retaining Helton after the Holiday Bowl fiasco.

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    2. First (& foremost: Love Davy Crockett stories —-but we have to be careful to never mention Davy’s name in the same breath as Helton’s or Bone’s names. [Helton…and Folt & Bohn….would have accepted Santana’s surrender offer in roughly one tenth of a second].
      Secondly, I agree Helton has to go. Not because he’s a bad coach —cuz he won’t be “coaching” this year—-the Coordinators will be in charge. He has to go cuz his presence at practice, on the sidelines and post games deflates the team. You cannot put a shameless toady and self promoter in front of college athletes and not expect negative consequences.

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  4. Not saying Fickell is the best choice to replace Helton, but sadly Bone thinks he is. They both sold used cars together in Cincy, and his buyout is not nearly as bad as Helton’s.

    Bone, will leave if he cannot obtain approval to sign Fickell they are that close. I do know Fickell likes to win the games with physical football in the trenches, and will deflate every football on campus to get rid of this lousy air raid offense.

    I do think there are better choices than Fickell, but anything is better than Helton.

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  5. How about if you tell us if he can do anything well, block? catch what is thrown at him?They must want him for some reason, good speed?

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  6. Michael:
    You are correct Davey Crockett should not be associated with Clay Helton, Mike Bone, or Carol Folt.

    However, we all knew Davey because of “Fess Parker” the actor who was a graduate of USC with an MA degree so there is a connection.

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    1. Fess [“Be sure you’re right, then go ahead”]Parker would be tempted to barge into Bohn’s office with “Old Betsy”…..


  7. Remember the Alamo, and don’t forget Richard Widmark who played Colonel Jim Bowie. Sadly, many kids today don’t even know who Davey Crockett, and Jim Bowie are, and what they stood for in fighting for the great state of Texas through the bitter end at the Alamo against all odds. Sam Houston, finally delivered the troops and although they eventually won the battle it was too late to save the Alamo. I give Sam Houston credit for fighting through the battle. Clay Helton, would have deserted, and headed to Mexico where he knew it was safe because a heavy duty air raid offense filled with bombs and artillery were not available at that time. Clay Helton is in a battle but his way of attacking is with no contact, and retreating from the competition whenever possible.

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    1. When Colonel Travis took that stick, drew the line in the dirt and said “Men– anyone who wants to stay and fight, cross this line and stand with me” —- Clay would have said “And what about all the people who want to leave?”


  8. Tight ends are great if you want to use them as an extra tackle to help your running game. But even with the tight ends that they have, the running game isn’t working. And they never throw to them. So what are they good for? And if they have no place in this offense, then why do they keep bringing in more tight ends?

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    1. Would it not be better to bring in some O-Linemen? If we are going to bring in a lot of people at one position to increase competition(and competition always brings out the best in all of us) then why not pile up offensive linemen. The more we have, the more chance to get lucky and find a sleeper. At least these guys will be used. Even if you do find a sleeper at tight end, what good is it if you don’t use tight ends in this offense? Hopefully, this means they have plans of opening up the offense a little and using the TE’s. Otherwise, I can’t see why they are bringing them in like crazy.

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    2. Same reason Clueless Clay recruits 20 and signs at least 10 – 12 WR’s every year, he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing.


  9. SC probably has 6 to 7 tight ends on schlorship now. This tells me even more Helton and Harrell don’t know what they are doing. 1 or 2 of the tight ends will get to play this season, and probably make 3 receptions each for the season, and the rest will ride the bench. Why not grab some offensive lineman off the transfer portal where we are quite thin on talent that is for sure. All I hear from the staff is that the air raid is unstoppable, and although it does produce some nice stats this type of offense does not win the big games. Balance between the run and pass does win football games yesterday, today, and it will continue to be that way into the future.

    I say where are you Norm Chow??? You understood the correct balance between the run and the pass. We need more speed at the running back position, and a dual threat quarterback like Vince Evans to bring the balance back to our offense.

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    1. One QB in the Vince Evans mold would solve all Harrell’s problems on offense…..


  10. So it is official now that USC will be renamed UTLA?

    Do not crap on Epps. It is amazing what a 6’7″ receiver can do for a team in the end zone.


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