Munir McClain Back In Transfer Portal

Wide receiver Munir McClain, who has been on double-secret probation since last summer, is back in the transfer portal.

Did you know he ever left the portal?

McClain has been suspended since being investigated over pandemic unemployment benefits.

USC has a history of not re-instating players it suspends or taking a really long time to make a decision. McClain’s brother, Abdul-Malik, had already transferred to Jackson State.

6 thoughts on “Munir McClain Back In Transfer Portal

  1. Not sure how secret his suspension was, seemed like everyone I talked with knew about it. Who would’ve taken a kid who has pending charges against him. He got a free year’s worth of tuition out of it.

    Besides chippie, I mean.

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  2. Boogie Ellis will be the most exciting guard we have had at USC in a long time. Very explosive player capable of scoring 30, and capable of dishing the rock off to his teammates in the paint. Boogie, is definitely exciting to watch, plays with a ton of energy, and probably has the same explosiveness as Harold “Baby Jordan” Miner.

    Definitely, can be a 1st round NBA pick once he matures a bit more.

    All we need now is a 6’7-6’8 type of wing or forward who can come in off the bench and hit some three’s, and rebound. A similar player to David Blumenthal,Joe Mackey, and Mo Williams who were deadly outside shooters. If we can get that one last piece in the transfer portal USC basketball is headed for another great season with what we have coming back.

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  3. Looking at the draft, its probably best for Munir to focus on getting his degree from USC rather than Jackson State….his eventual destination. USC hasn’t been this light on receivers in years.


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