USC Morning Buzz: What Did You Say That Crowd Size Was?

I spoke to a USC official on Monday who said they believed less than 2,000 fans actually showed up at the Coliseum for the spring scrimmage.

So 5,000 were allowed and 2,000 showed up? Sounds like a USC game.

What does this portend for Sept. 4 when very few will be excited with the idea of watching San Jose State? Maybe the cardboard cutouts can continue in 2021? It’s a way to make some money.

  • Did you notice the link for Art Bartner’s farewell celebration is now private? Was it supposed to be private all along since people paid to watch the show? USC athletics deleted the tweet that had the link to the show.
  • Did you see the appearance of former USC special teams coach John Baxter? Somehow they forgot to mention that in the pre-event hype and he was definitely the most surprising guest. If you watched the video, you also saw John Robinson and Pete Carroll made appearances, along with Mick Fleetwood wearing a band helmet. Robinson talked about being interviewed after the 1996 Rose Bowl and telling the sideline reporter (Lynn Swann!) that he had to go listen to the band.
  • Clay Helton made a low-energy appearance and Mike Bohn did that whole talking/yelling thing he does.

But it’s all private now. Who goofed? I’ve got to know!

34 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: What Did You Say That Crowd Size Was?

  1. Sometimes the band is all that has any worth at the football games. The only person that could shut them up was Helton. They play when the team scores which under Helton isn’t often enough.

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    1. Funny post….[but scoring’s actually been up the last 2 years].

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  2. For the San Jose State- the fans should donate 5,000 cut outs combined with the pictures of just – Clay Helton, Mike Bone, Carol Folt, Lynn Swann, Pat Haden, and Max Nikias so they can all watch the game by themselves.

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    1. Tommyd,
      Is there any reason why the entire Board of Trustees shouldn’t be represented too?


    1. Hype’s only necessary when you really do have nothing. And Ingram, the two Drakes, Kedon, McCoy, Kenan, Dart, Carr, etc. are not nothing.
      In the immortal words of that Starsky and Hutch ballad, “don’t give up on us”…….

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  3. Dear Fans: Stay away from going to the opening game vs. San Jose State.

    FAN BOYCOTT DAY—–Let the monarchy watch the game all by themselves, and with a bunch of cut off of themselves so they will do nothing but look at themselves in the stadum.

    Yes, the board of trustees led by Caruso are more than welcome attend on opening day. The Grateful Dead should also be invited to perform at halftime if USC can now afford it.

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    1. I’d be for the boycott IF we hired a pilot to fly over the stadium with a “We Love Our Team” banner……


  4. As fans we need to really show who is in charge. USC is now inviting everyone back after this terrible pandemic, but we should all remain strong in our protest, and decline the invitation which will clearly show that the fans want a change, and want it now.

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  5. espn’s top 25 has Trojans at #13

    “ 13. USC Trojans

    2020 record: 5-1 Pac-12
    Projected returning starters: eight offense, eight defense, two special teams
    Key losses: OT Alijah Vera-Tucker, S Talanoa Hufanga, WR Tyler Vaughns, WR Amon-Ra. St. Brown, CB Olaijah Griffin, DT Marlon Tuipulotu
    Key additions: DE Korey Foreman, RB Keaontay Ingram, DT Ishmael Sopsher, S Xavion Alford, QB Miller Moss, QB Jaxson Dart, ATH Kyron Ware-Hudson, ATH Julien Simon
    Previous Way-Too-Early ranking: 9

    Outlook: The Trojans might return one of the better rosters in the Pac-12, but if they can’t block, it might not matter. Quarterback Kedon Slovis is back for his third season as a starter, along with four starting offensive linemen, top two rushers and nine players who caught a pass in 2020. The defense brings back 18 of its top 21 tacklers from last season.”

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    1. For all the doom and gloom, most prognosticators are saying USC has the potential to be very good this year….. I’d prefer to hear them saying we’re in the hunt for the play offs —but it is what it is….

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      1. Guess you didn’t read the next paragraph of this article….

        “ Whether the Trojans are a legitimate Pac-12 championship contender — and potentially the league’s first CFP participant since Washington in 2017 — is probably going to come down to one critical area. Can the offensive line protect Slovis and establish a running game to take pressure off of him?”

        Yeah it would be better if this wasn’t the biggest question.

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      2. Okay. You guessed right, teach (I feel like I’m back in high school …. where Father Anselm could easily tell I never read the last chapter of “A Separate Peace”).
        2 observations:
        Oregon is building a defense that will probably be able to stop Harrell unless Harrell grows up real fast and adds some nuance to his attack…..
        I can’t believe how inexperienced this year’s Notre Dame team is gonna be (wish we played them in our & their first game)….

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      1. O-Line will likely be a problem (neither Helton nor Harrell have a clue as to what they want from their new o-line coach —which means the poor guy’s operating in as much a vacuum as Callaway & Drevno).
        As tommyd has pointed out on numerous occasions —- the answer to our o-line problem comes in the form of a more mobile QB. Dart may be the answer.


      2. Once this video hit YouTube it was over for Neil Callaway and it should have marked the end for Clay Helton as well for hiring that idiot in the first place…

        Neil Callaway just might be about the dumbest coach in the history of college football.

        Callaway and Helton are Hall of Famer’s for being dumb when it comes to football

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      3. Every time I watch this Callaway seems dumber. “Why hasn’t o-line had success?” Answer: “We’ve had some success!” “How do you measure that success?” Answer: “Well, I watch the good and the bad.”


      1. P. S.
        If he is, hope the answer to second questions is a big yes. In that covid infested setting anyone valuing their own and/or others’ lives needs a mask…. or two….


      1. What’s there to be positive about USC football as long as Clay Helton is head coach?

        You really need to stop believing that bullshit hype that pudlyfudgepacker keeps trying to sell every year. pudly is so full of Helton’s shit that his nose and tongue are permanently brown.


  6. The USC TE coach that left Clay for Lane Kiffin, here was his production at USC…

    John David Baker led the tight end group to finish the 2020 season with 11 receptions for 62 yards and two touchdowns. Although the Trojans only competed in six games last year, their role remained underutilized; somewhat parallel to the Trojans 2019 season. USC’s tight ends finished the 2019 season with 15 catches for 145 yards and one touchdown.

    So this clown John David Baker is an expert at underutilizing the TE position, huh?

    I’m surprised Steve Sarkisian didn’t snatch him up before Lane Kiffin did.



  7. It would really be quite a statement if fans simply didnt show up for the season opener and Folt/Caruso get to see just how unhappy we are with the endless reign of Helton.

    Bohn has taken steps to put in place some good coaches and staff for recruiting and they will have some good talent. I dont think the team is going to suck this year. But that is the tragedy. They will be good enough that it doesnt become real apparent just how much Helton hurts the team and the players.

    Without Helton, USC would be in the top 3 for recruiting this year and for every year forward. It would take 2 years to get the roster up to the talent level required to compete for a national championship. And alot more of the players would be prepared for the NFL.

    When does USC actually require some accountability out of the senior leadership? I blame this all on Caruso. He is the problem at USC.

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    1. Caruso will run for Mayor and the wise voters of Los Angeles will elect him in a record-setting landslide….


  8. I am hoping and praying that no one shows up for all the games. That would be weird, surreal, and what a statement to Folt, John, and helton. The kids deserve it, but not the incompetent jokes that are called president, ad, and head coach.


  9. USC alums, fans, and booster need to make a statement-
    Do not go to the opener vs. San Jose St—–let the monarch of Folt, Caruso, Bone, and Helton look at each other in the mirror, and come to a conclusion we have lost our fan base which at this point they don’t obviously care about.

    Yes, we can still all support the players but we should not support a bad monarchy of kings and queens who are not about the people, and for the people.

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  10. Best dual threat QB USC has every had???? YOUR CHOICE This is what we need with a bad offensive line. A quarterback that can roll out, throw on the run, or take off with some speed for 15 yds.

    With our offensive line problems the last 8-10 yrs a mobile QB is needed not a pro-style gunslinger.

    A) Rodney Peete
    B) Vince Evans
    C) Steve Sogge
    D) Troy Windslow
    E) Jimmy Jones
    F) Pat Haden
    G) Sam Darnold
    H) Mike Holmgren

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  11. My choice is Vince Evans.. That guy had a rocket for an arm, and once he made the decision to run he punished the tacklers due to his size and strength.

    2nd, choice is Jimmy Jones. 3rd choice is Rodney Peete who was a decent runner, but not great.

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    1. You almost have to go with Vince. Can’t count the number of first downs he got on his own. It’s a shame Harrell doesn’t see that HE is not the prototype of tomorrow. He did great things in college —no doubt about it — but football has moved on….


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