The “Most Physical Spring Yet”

It is a rite of spring that USC calls the latest spring practice the most physical ever.

It’s what happens when you are sensitive to criticism about how physical practices really are. The funny thing is I’ve had USC coaches tell me they didn’t think this spring practice was all that physical.

Then again, 40 guys tapped out the final week.

27 thoughts on “The “Most Physical Spring Yet”

    1. How can you say that, Tim? I watched the video —and guys were touching each other—and they were doing it physically — the kind of physical stuff no one’s ever seen on a football field before —- and then there was that pounding musical score (which made it even more physical)!

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      1. Terrific Tommy,

        That was a Tim Rossovich move at the FIJI Mother/son banquet IIRC. About 1966 or so. Somewhere around that time frame. Do you realize that this lore will die off when old timers like us kick it? No cell phones. MG has better details. He’s very old.

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      1. You’re missing half of the hyped excitement —- before speeding the film up (like a James Bond fight), the amateurs in the video department slow things down…


    1. We’ve gotten to the point where it’s a waste of time to counterpoint Clay Helton. Nobody takes his yearly “chip on the shoulder”, “totally revamped training program”, “most physical spring (fall, whatever)”, “best staff ever” talk seriously…..

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  1. Maybe Clay is talking about the relationship he has with Carol Folt. That was as physical a hand shake as I have every seen between a head coach and the school president at the spring game. Based on what I am seeing Carol seems to like having Clay around alot. Things happen inside companies sometimes they are hard to figure out sometimes they are not.

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  2. I think that Utah, UCLA, Arizona State and even Colorado might give USC a bigger challenge this year, so if the team is not truly getting better it is going to show up in the win/loss column.

    It is probably incorrect to think that Folt/Caruso care what SC fans think.

    Now if the stock market falls apart and the endowment drops alot, reality will finally start to touch them where it hurts. We are dealing with first rate idiots at the top.

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    1. gametv,
      On the surface, Folt and, especially, Caruso are pretty sharp —so I take it, by “idiots”, you are making use of the term in the Greek sense of “moral idiots”…..


    2. Nice analysis, gametv.

      I agree on all accounts–though losses to Utah, UCLA, ASU, and CU are not acceptable results for 2021.

      CU and Utah are breaking in new QB’s, and we play CU early in October when the evenings are still warmish. UCLA is officially “back,” and will give Orlando quite a test. If the Chipper can build a defense, watch out!

      If Corporate Taxes are hiked, the stock market will tumble 20% and indeed the USC endowment will tumble. I don’t wish this on the US investor nor USC.


  3. Helton is punishing the fan base by clinging to cliches and delusional thinking. The assistant coaches probably had an effect on the training schedule for the spring, but the Helton effect is lurking around the corner.
    My problem is punishing the team by not watching the games doesn’t seem fair to the players. It can become a self feeding monster where the players feel disrespected, so they don’t really care to play. I’m sure that has something to do with the number of players entering the transfer portal to nowhere . Helton is trying I make us the Ucla of the(slightly further) west.

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      1. The missing “to” ALMOST ruined everything, RT….


    1. I’ll be watching every game.
      Might even attend a few.
      It’s about my school and the young men playing the game for my school.

      I care not one scintilla for the privileged white people in USC leadership.
      Dead weight in my book.

      As a donor, there are ways to give to USC students (and not the University) and still take a state tax deduction! Attend an alumni function (for me–a watch party), connect with a young family putting a student through undergrad/postgrad, and donate to their 529 or U-gift account. Win/win.


  4. Scooter,

    What did they do that was more physical? Let me guess, they had a pillow fight at the end of proactice instead of full blown hitting


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