A Much More Physical Spring At USC

Clay Helton thinks spring practice was the “most physical yet.”

He should have look at this picture from 1961.

USC players had the “privilege” of playing against pro players Marlin McKeever, Ron Mix and Leon Clarke, who once broke open the door of a sorority by head-butting it.

Mix is in the NFL Hall of Fame and considered one of the greatest offensive linemen in NFL history. Defensive back Lindon Crow played for the New York Giants in “The Greatest Game Ever Played” (1958 NFL championship game).

McKeever played 13 years in the NFL and was the Rams MVP in 1971. Monte Clark had an 11-year NFL career and might be best known to some as head coach of the Detroit Lions.

Jon Arnett and Jim Sears, two star USC running backs, served as the coaches. Arnett told me he wasn’t about to play and get injured.

Here’s the USC team that had to face the alumni:

13 thoughts on “A Much More Physical Spring At USC

  1. Rex Reed became the biggest joke of all the joke film critics by saying each Superman sequel, each Batman sequel, each Bad Boys sequel, each Lethal Weapon sequel, etc., etc., etc., was the best of the series [“Best yet!”].
    Everybody laughs when Helton says it was “bestest spring ever!”

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    1. “Mighty Joe Young –Mightier than King Kong!”
      “Ghostbusters 2 —Superior In Every Way!”
      #Godfather 3 —Best Godfather Yet!”
      “Spring 2021 —So physical I shouldn’t even talk about it”

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  2. I guess we will have another two years of helton, this season and in 2022. There is no fire in the university with the bong head in charge and Bohn being castrated by bong head. All I can say is if we suffer then let SC suffer by having season tickets drop and donations drop. Once that happens, then they might listen.

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    1. PT:
      Take a quick glance at the 2021 FB schedule–home and away.
      Look at the “annual tough games” and see how Stanford, ND, and BYU etc are “breaking in” new QBs. AZ and CU Boulder are breaking in new QB’s–
      though AZ’s freshman QB did a GREAT JOB vs the Trojans in 2020.

      No Oregon, no UW on the schedule. ND is on the road for us–but after a bye week!

      This schedule shakes out to be a 9-1 or 10-0 season going into the UCLA and then BYU game–both of which USC must win.

      If this team is not 11-1 or 12-0 going into the Pac-12 champ game, then the season is a disappointment and the HC should be terminated.

      In my 51+ years of watching USC FB, I’ve never seen a more favorable schedule for the Trojans. I am cautiously optimistic that the players and DC/OC deliver on this promise. I’ll be cheering for them.

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      1. Bourbon — The Trojan’s 2021 schedule may (or may not) be easy. But there is this little matter to consider: Every team USC faces has a better Head Coach than we do……


      2. Ideal Scenario —USC beats ALMOST everybody (embarrassing Notre Dame & UCLA to the point both their coaches are summarily fired after the game) — doesn’t make the playoffs (avoiding humiliation) but ends season on high note by winning a first tier bowl game…


  3. Bourbon,

    Then you have seen McKay, Robinson, and Carroll with their players and the schedules that they had played. Helton, his team, and the schedule are not up to par to the previous and teams. The schedule is easier for incomptent coach with inferior perssonell.


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