USC Morning Buzz: No More Mr. Nice Guy

It’s an interesting thing about Clay Helton, because he has this media image that he is Mr. Nice Guy.

But if you talk to people that coach under him, they say if you want to thrive at USC, you need to constantly kiss up to Helton or he will write you off.

That’s relevant because some at USC have been deemed surplus to requirements amid questions about whether they properly sucked up to the boss.

Why did two people leave the recruiting dept.? Because they worked tirelessly and didn’t get promoted or a raise but someone who constantly buttered up Helton got rewarded instead.

Try to find an assistant coach loyal to him as a person: They’ve all been fired (14 in total).

Remember, he told the strength coach he did a great job in early December and then fired him two days before Christmas.

I’ve mentioned a staffer who worked with Helton for at least half a decade and then went to work at another college. They ran into each other at a USC event a couple years later and Helton told the person, “Who are you? I don’t remember you.”

Then there was the employee who worked closely as an aide to Helton and said, “Never got a thank you. A Christmas card. A Christmas gift. Other coaches did that.”

33 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: No More Mr. Nice Guy

  1. Prolific LIARS are not gentlemen ,and they are not nice people. They think they actually fool all the people all the time,which is perhaps true here in this country…the schools,teachers,and unions have accomplished that…

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    1. Why shouldn’t Helton behave exactly the way he does? Why shouldn’t he continue his two faced bullshit (giving game balls to the university president and screwing everybody else)? It’s working! At most other universities this guy would be seen as a talentless grifter —Owen Wilson’s Dignan character from “Bottle Rocket” —- but Folt, being a hick herself, sees it differently (“Why should we go after Urban Meyer when we already have our OWN Urban Meyer?!”).
      A former California Assemblyman from the Bay Area told me, “you don’t have to please everyone —only the people that matter.” Clay is currently L. A.’s most devout disciple of this philosophy.

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  2. Helton is more a bureaucrat than a football coach.
    At USC its becoming painfully obvious that admin (who are not going anywhere) has decided that the skills of a bureaucrat are more desired than those of a football coach for the football program.
    If Helton is somehow able to get to a record of 9-3 this season (which I personally do not expect) he may receive an extension.
    At which point I will cease any interest in USC football since it will be obvious that the program will have no chance to excel in the future and no longer represents any semblance of what it used to be.
    Just holding on to the idea that the weasel negotiated a contract with Swann that called for a huge buy out no matter when he was fired. Swann would have been dumb enough to sign it.

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    1. I think that if Helton gets an extension, there will be many fans that will simply walk away from supporting the team, but I dont think that Folt/Caruso really care. Folt/Caruso view the USC faithful, who are often politically conservative, as THE PROBLEM at USC, so losing their support does not matter to them.

      Folt and Caruso need to have a fire lit under them, but with the endowment doing well due to the stock market, I dont see anything happening to get rid of Caruso. He is really 100% the whole problem here. A tyrant who is incapable of sharing power or being a leader, he probably sets the tone for the whole USC administration, which is an organization that does not require leadership or integrity, but it does require fealty.

      It is my hope that Bohn just simply demands the right to hire a new head coach. The decision will need to be made this year, since it will impact recruiting if Helton remains head coach, but his contract is not extended.

      The whole world knows that Clay is an inept coach and needs to go. But he is such a good kiss-ass that Folt and Caruso want to keep him. I wonder if Bohn/Sosna can create an argument that will allow them to hire a real head coach. One of the biggest problems will be if we need to replace either TO or GH. What decent coordinator will come to work for Helton?

      Alot of improvements have been made with the new coaching staff and recruiting operations, but those are 100% due to Bohn/Sosna and Todd Orlando (for hiring a great defensive staff). So does Helton somehow get to claim that he is responsible for those improvements? Is there any semblance of reality over at USC?

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  3. Guess it must be a slow news day… we are gifted again by a rehash of scottie’s opinions on clay with nameless entities “offering” their “testimony” in support. After all the firings, and all the years mistreating subordinates, coworkers and colleagues, we’re still not treated to a single named person willing to eviscerate Clay?

    Better dredge up the homeless guy again, or maybe another cheerleader who was told to stay in shape (like every other D1 athlete).

    “Good Lord I feel like I’m dying…”


  4. Gomer kissed ass to get where he is now, that’s what he expects from his underlings.

    Anyone still buying that this guy is a man of faith ?

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  5. Remember how Helton was all “praise God” after winning the 2017 Rose Bowl? In my experience people who play “the God card” and go out of their way to show you how pious and Godly they are can often be some of the most nasty, hypocritical people, especially if you work for them. It almost seems like they figure spending one hour in church on Sunday gives them license to spend the other 167 hours of the week figuring out how to screw people.

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    1. Interesting how this has morphed into bashing those who practice their religious beliefs. Nice.
      Hypocrites come in all persuasions, including the bashing of a whole group for the actions of a specific few. Proud of ya. Keep it up Joe. It’s a good look.

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      1. I don’t like religion bashing either. But Joe is, I think, pointing out Helton’s penchant for praising God in post game pressers. I remember when the very pious Senator Sam Ervin, during the Watergate hearings, asked Halderman if he believed in the Bible and Halderman said “yeah, I just don’t quote from it in public meetings.”

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      2. Seemed to me he generalized pretty well, to include most anyone who preached their faith. I suppose we can go back and forth for hours while one points out hypocrites and the other reminds that “one” example doesn’t make it the rule.
        Secondly, pointing this out doesn’t mean anyone is defending Clay. One is not mutually exclusive of the other, is it? Picking on somebody’s faith is bothersome, especially on a sports blog. If this is the best scottie can do, it is a shame.

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      3. Scott takes some wonderfully cheap shots at Helton (his entire photo library of Clay is one big cheap shot)….but Scott didn’t bash Helton’s religion here.
        As someone who loves (and really understands) Trojan football, do you feel somewhat sorry for the players under Helton? I do. The QB’s don’t progress (especially when the Helton family was personally in charge of that position) and Clay hasn’t done the running game any good with his string of average and sub-average o-line coaches.
        USC football would have returned to glory if Helton had done something really principled a couple years back — surprised everybody by stepping down and throwing his support behind one of the MANY better candidates vying for the job.
        That would have been a highly moral act. One that people would remember and praise him for as the years roll by… instead we got more politicking and survival bullshit….

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      4. I don’t believe I said scottie bashed Clay on religion THIS TIME. But he has. And what is or should be more moral a thing for Clay isn’t for me to judge, I’ll let those with higher moral standing than I be the ones casting those stones. Thanks anyway.
        Most all reporters/bloggers generally post interviews or some type of q&a with people who have names, including coaches – players – other involved individuals, but not scottie. He boasts of contacts yet other than petros refuses to share them with his blog. He shares HIS opinion on what’s happening with the team without any practice attendance and without any NAMED sources. I get it, fun is fun. But after a while it becomes obvious that redundancy is the rule and there are fewer posters with fewer diverse options than have been. It’s to the point where trolls are allowed more vulgar postings and attack anyone with an open mind.
        Explain again why scottie can’t get anyone on record? Ever?

        Maybe I hope for too much.

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      5. I have not read anyone bashing religious beliefs…just bashing the hypocrites who take it in vain, false/lying ones.

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      6. Damn Pisley, you’re the professional hypocrite on this blog. Sgt. Joe doesn’t illustrate his feelings by plagiarizing someone else’s creation – you know, like your “Whipping Post” crap.

        Why is it Pisley, Clown U, a white bread, private, Methodist(I.E. Christian)Univ. has the second most NCAA violation convictions of any Div. 1 Univ.

        Why is it Pisley, that Clown U ignored the of hundreds of female
        student complains regarding the campus pervert, Dr. Tyndall for 20 or so years.

        Why is it Pisley that many Rah-Rah’s are inordinately convinced Sam Cunningham single handedly integrated Univ. of Alabama’s FB team when Clown U didn’t have a AA(Coach Johnson did not favor Bosco) in the FB program for the majority of years up to the McKay era.


      7. Why is it that sow holds the record for most murders caused by a former student? Or by a former student under color of authority (former lapd detective)?? I could go on but talking to you is like talking to mud.

        sow wannabe


      8. Plagiarizing? By posting a music video of the allman bros band playing?

        Your the one who uses the posts of others as his own…. over and over again.

        You are as dumb as mud.


      9. I can’t remember the year —it might have been 2017— but it seems to me players went on the record at the end of the season (I think they were Cameron Smith, Aca’Cedric
        Ware and one of the receivers) saying that Helton promoted a lazy, “non competitive culture.” And he played favorites to such an extent it was “distracting” to the rest of the team. No one has gone public since then —but I don’t think it’s cuz Helton has changed. I think it’s cuz nothing good can come of complaining as long as Helton is in charge —he’s a tinhorn dictator with a long memory.
        As far as my friend Owns’ remarks about USC culture — he’s got a very old photo of USC in his wallet —USC isn’t a white “bread institution” –it has as diverse a population and as diverse a range of opinions as the megatropolis it is located within. And the same goes for its faculty.

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      10. The reason our transfer portal is so full no doubt. And all these stupid families and athletes that continue to commit, so so naive.

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      11. I get it. And I’ll readily concede USC is an attractive spot for 4 & 5 stars to land & STAY—-but I grant me this: it’s cuz of a whole host of things —facilities, reputation, caliber of teammates, present coordinators, opportunity to play in Big Games — that have little (little, not nothing) to do with respect for the guy at the top…..

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      12. I’m not defending anyone. Contrary to how some like to pigeon hole me, everyone has to carry their own water, especially the head coach. He lives and it’s by his record, actions and words. And if I was to take a position on his future employment, it would be that his time is waning without a serious upgrade in results.

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      13. The God of the Bible has much to say on this taking his name in vain, it is also one of the 10 commandments. If you want the truth read what God says, look up the word vain in a concordance, or incl what I have done the last 40 yrs,buy some word studey books on the hebrew and greek,it gives all the passages where God uses that word, it is all about false professors,mocking God by claiming him…nothing at all to do about cussing or the famous using of his name by people who lie profusely.
        It does not matter what you or I think it ,only what God states, and calls sin.

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  6. Why would the USC athletic department be any different than most of corporate America? Throughout my career, the people who got ahead and were retained, were those who kissed the right asses. It wasn’t necessarily the people who contributed the most to an organization. It’s not what you know, but who you blow!

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    1. I share your factual observation (USC’s Athletic Department HAS become an extension of America’s current corporate model) but I would like to reply to your philosophical observation—why would USC want to be different?: cuz Athletic Departments that focus on sports rather than turf-o-rama produce better results.

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  7. Boy am I relieved, I thought may no more Mr. Nice Guy meant Clay was following the footsteps of other sports notables such Bruce/Katelyn Jenner. Maybe Clay would become Cayreese. The thought boggles the mind. I mean the field of oddballs (pun intended) running for governor of California is already crowded.
    Ps sorry this didn’t post earlier. I wrote it and hit post, but just discovered it hadn’t posted.

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