A USC Trustee Speaks

The USC newsletter today is a conversation I had with a member of the Board of Trustees.

“It’s a shame things are in the present state,” the trustee said. Sign up for full interview.

Earlier, I wrote about the changing face of the athletic dept.

USC athletic director Mike Bohn continues to raid the University of Cincinnati for high-ranking positions inside the Trojan athletic dept.

Bohn recently hired Nick Bowes to be USC’s Chief Operating Officer, a position previously held by Steve Lopes.

Bowes was Associate AD for Business and External Affairs/Chief Financial Officer at CINCINNATI.

And Bohn previously hired Lindsay Jaffe as Associate Athletic Director (Sport Administration) at USC. Jaffe was an assistant athletic director at CINCINNATI.

Now the kicker: Bowes and Jaffe are married.

Bohn’s right-hand man, Brandon Sosna, the No. 2-ranking official at USC, also came from CINCINNATI.

USC’s new strength coach, Robert Stiner, worked with Bohn and Sosna at . . . CINCINNATI.

If a good job opens up at USC, you better have worked at Cincinnati if you want it.

The question is whether the athletic dept. is now split between the Cincinnati people who trust each other and the USC people wary of the Cincinnati people?

22 thoughts on “A USC Trustee Speaks

  1. Wait just a minute SUCCster’s; I won’t have Cincinnati maligned, my ex-wife was born in Cincinnati. She a fine women with sometime imperfect taste.

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      1. PT, where the hell is “Cinnincinati”? Must be across the street from Jackson’s Never-Never Land home.


    1. Hey BruinRob, is that the “ex wife” you dumped for the “hot blonde” who supposedly rode up to San Francisco with you in a convertible when you went to see ucla get their heads kicked in by Illinois in the Kraft Fight Hunger bowl?


      1. No trojnfn4, but she watched bozo FB happily bend over for Alabama, 52 – 6, with me at my home. What a night that was.

        The sole bozo game highlight was when the Clownster’s kicked a 48 yard FG down 38 – 3. LOL!



      2. I thought you weren’t BruinRob? Anyway, was “she” with you for the 50-0 beat down of ucla at the Coliseum? You know, the one where you and your “kids” were verbally and physically harassed? Or was it the 66-19 beat down?


  2. Typical political statement from the Board of Trustees. Nothing is important unless it comes from Colonel Klink (Hogan Heroes). Colonel Klink had no clue of what was going on a daily basis just like Carol Folt. My goodness the political environment at USC is worse than our government, and what’s worse our President is too old to make the changes we are all looking for, and for sure does not understand how important the football program is at USC. Remember, she came from UC Santa Barbara where burning down banks in Isla Vista was what put that school on the map, and it had NO FOOTBALL PROGRAM.

    As far as Mike Bone- watch him speak he is for sure a used car salesman. Hard to believe he is getting away with hiring all these employees from the U of Cincy which is the minor leagues compared to USC. Where is the new Women’s Basketball Hire Mr. Bone….maybe you will go a step lower and hire a coach from Kent State to make sure yourself look good with Carol.

    Since he is so loyal to Cincy……….why not hire Loni Anderson to boost season ticket sales so we have something to at least look at while we all go through the pain of watching Troy tumble.

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  3. Sad to say this, but it looks like Folt, Bone, and Helton are a package deal meaning the only way things improve is to get rid of ALL 3 OF THE STOOGES. All 3 think they are living in a palace surrounded by guards, and don’t have to respond to the needs of the students, faculty, alumni, and all other local supporters of USC. SAVE YOUR MONEY FOLKS! Don’t make the monarchy look good with YOUR MONEY. There are better places, and better people to spend your money on including the Children’s Hospital.

    So we now know the Board of Trustees won’t remove Folt, Bone, and Helton on their own. If revenue continues to dip like it is the USC will have no choice but to remove all 3 if they wise to recover financially, and move forward.

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  4. PERFECT ANSWER—SO WHAT? You would fit in nicely with Bone, Folt, and Helton. SO WHAT IS THE PERFECT POLITICALLY CORRECT ANSWER.

    Scott Wolf is a great reporter he is one of the very few that does not say “so what”, |it is what it is”, and let’s wait until next year.


    1. WOLFIE even complained being about the ones being replaced by these new people,and now that is wrong too…incl anyone affiliated with sc ,any ties what so ever…SO WHAT? THAT’S WHAT ,HE HATES ANYTHING SC…and everything is a scandal 24×7…


  5. I’m not sure that I see a big problem with this. He’s hiring people that he knows something about. They certainly did have some success at Cincinnatti. You have to admit, it’s a step up on the people who he had before(Haden and Swann)

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  6. I’m not sure that I see a big problem with this. He’s hiring people that he knows something about. They certainly did have some success at Cincinnatti. You have to admit, it’s a step up on the people who we had before(Haden and Swann). I must be getting Alsheimers. The Wolfman keeps saying that I have already said these things. Please show me where I said this. Wolfman…….fix your algorithms.

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  7. Helton hired all his buddies also………I see a pattern going on here at SC, and let’s hope the results are better but I have my doubts on Bone. Just ask Mick Cronin what he thinks of Bone’s used car salesman management style.


  8. What is USC doing?!? Hiring a guy from Cincinnati? Was there sports program that wonderful? USC is caught in quicksand it seems.


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