USC Leading Scorer To Arizona?

USC point guard Endyia Rogers, who led the Trojans in scoring last season, is transferring and could be headed to Arizona, per a published report.

Rogers led USC in scoring (14.4 ppg) and rebounding (4.4 rpg) last season. She apparently is not interested in sticking around and seeing who Coach Bohn hires.

Arizona went to the NCAA championship game, has a charasmatic coach (Adia Barnes) and recently hired USC assistant coach Erin Grant.

20 thoughts on “USC Leading Scorer To Arizona?

  1. Saw the headline (“USC losing Leading scorer”). Got worried. Checked out the story. Saw we’re talking about Women’s Basketball….


    1. Same old, same old MG. Don’t forget MG, the lady Clownster’s have won a BB NC. So the SUCC experience must SUCC.

      The good news is the Booger and his Daddy are signed up for 2021-22 SUCC BB season. Andyain’twinning be cranking.


  2. Memo to: Dear Pisley

    UCLA men’s BB: 11 BB NC’s

    SUCC men’s BB: OOOOOOOOOOOOOfereverandproudofit

    Don’t forget Pisley, you mongoloid, the greatest ex-bozo bb player is a woman – Reggie’s Miller’s sister Cheryl!!!



    1. How come the moderator lets you get away with calling my pal Pudly a Mongoloid? And I get censored last week for making a joke about the Chinese Navy & the Mongolian desert?

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      1. Scottie has a hamster on a wheel spinning away in the basement, every once in a while the hamster takes a break, and voila, a post is censored.

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      1. 67 —Your hamster remark just got me moderated for merely asking NCAA to follow Bill’s advice…..

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      1. Answer: 67 years ago

        Question: When was the last time men’s bozo BB was in a Final Four.



    2. Just rent,

      if youever get out of your drunken stupor and come out of your two story carboard house, and read about the history of ugly basketball, you would realize that ugly is the best cheater with johnny cheetin wooden and jim harrick leading the way


  3. THANK YOU MIKE BONE for taking so long in hiring a new coach. Who you trying to fool that Coach Mark Trahk retired he definitely was forced into retirement, and the current players in the program did not like the move, and how you handled it. What makes it worse is two Top 10 National Recruits may not come to USC now thanks to your recent actions, and I don’t blame them.

    A good AD would have had a replacement or at least some candidates right at the conclusion of the season when you knew you were going to make the change.

    I sure hope your hiring practices are better than your firing practices

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    1. Bohn dry is a pure asshole. Most likely no coach wants to work
      under him for chump change. Trakh should have been allowed
      one last year with the two McDonald’s AA plus Rodgers and


  4. hi folks, have to feel for those 2 children left behind by the Kataen women!?being a prostitute!? her stone should read here lies a known whore!? Sincerely, Eddie


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