More From A USC Trustee

I’ve got some more comments from a USC trustee on football in today’s newsletter.

33 thoughts on “More From A USC Trustee

  1. When are we going to get an update that changes are coming? Not just rumors and innuendos from some source you made up! Come on Scotty!, Give us a tiny slither of hope. Something. Sheesh!

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  2. I’ll bet a nickel that the “source” Wolf is talking to is the guy looking directly at the Blogger when he stands in front of a mirror.


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      1. D’oh! Dear Pisley, you ignorant, horse’s ass, your comment makes zero sense. Some things never change.


      2. Hey 67 thanks for asking about my health in a previous column. I had to go back to the hospital this week for a couple of days. My blood pressure was low and was dehydrated even though I’m drinking a ton of water. Kidney problems also. Trying to get my meds right. That blood pressure medicine was screwing me up. Made me dizzy and light headed felt like I was going to pass out. The Drs couldn’t figure it out at first. Now I’m home safe relaxing posting with all of you guys and taking it easy. Glad to be home, Fight on!

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  3. The more forest fires means the more fire trucks you need to control the fires, and prevent an emergency. The board of trustees need to work harder, and longer, and get something done. USC football is already in a state of emergency so it’s time the Board gets away from their desk jobs, and put a plan of action into place. Our fire dept. responds immediately to disasters our President, AD, and Board need to do the same before Heritage Hall burns down along with the Mckay Center.

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    1. I feel you Tommy D too bad them rotten fish heads at the top don’t feel the same way. As long as they are cashing a pay check, literally rubbing elbows and kissing each other’s asses that’s all that matters to them. Never minding the results. As the program burns and wallows in mediocrity!


      1. HI Folks, mcshay states slovis reminds him of joe burrow!!!!!!!!!Joe Burrow can run with the ball!!!!!!!Whats this guy smoking??? Sincerely, Eddie


    1. Yes! Faithful always! I would like to think anyone of us would be willing to lay down his life for Scott if called upon to do so…

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      1. Well put.


      2. I don’t know about laying down my life. MG. I Don’t mind being selfish on this one. Trying to get my health issues right, just being for real. Scotty will live another day regardless.


    1. Re: The lame (what else is new?) L. A. Times story about driver arguably having the right to use the cell to film bad faith law enforcement —- be fun to see the time of the last call she made before being stopped —bet the phone records show it’s concurrent with the stop…..

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    2. She’s a freaking disgrace to the University. This is why as a minority I’m against affirmative action. You give these ignorant fools an opportunity to better themselves. Then they want to spread their so called critical race theory ignorance; like a cancer through the education system. I’m Mexican American and part native American. She made me sick with her racist nonsense that she was speaking. What’s worse she’s teaching this hate and ignorance to her son, an innocent victim in all of this. She needs to be banned from anything affiliated with USC. That will teach her to run her fat pie hole about racism towards the men in blue. By Felicia! kick rocks. What a fucin disgrace! Looks like this has backfired on her big time!


  4. Mike Bone– where is the annoucement for our new women’s basketball hire. I heard you offered the UCLA Assistant Women’s coach less money to become the Head Coach at SC then she is currently making at UCLA.

    How in the world can you hire all these associate athletic directors and former buddies from the U of Cincy yet not offer a reasonable starting salary for a Women’s basketball coach.

    You fired Mark Trekh the former coach with an offer for early retirement. Don’t you think you owe the players a top notch new basketball coach.

    It is very obvious you like to play politics. Your boss Carol Folt, will be very happy at the low starting salary you are offering for the new USC women’s basketball coach. I expect more USC players to transfer the way you are handling this entire situation.

    You overpaying Clay Helton everyone knows that. You must pay a competitive salary for women’s athletics or you need to close the shop as an equal opportunity employer.

    We’re watching you Mr. Bone very closely. So far you have failed, and it makes us all wonder what type of hire you will make when its time to find a replacement for Clay Helton.

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  5. Bone—is how I will spell your last name until you get rid of Helton, and hire qualified coaches to lead our young student athletes.

    Show us Mr. Bone we’re still hoping you can succeed.

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  6. Hi folks,usc plays byu well! lets recall the last byu contest the refs cheated like heck!pittman inbounds with foot aahh feet on td pass?ref highway robbery there?whos refin the 11/27 contest helton pay attention to the refs this time out?/ Sincerely, Eddie


  7. hi trojan fans this recruiting ranking mostly baloney!to nico go elsewhere thats not a qb name more likeaahh tightendaaahhhhhh????sincerely, eddie


  8. bribery is everywhere in pittsburgh marshals,sheriff all corrupted!!!???since at least 1970 dickie nixon times!!!!!?????Sincerely, Eddie


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