Notre Dame Gets Billboard in Southern California

Notre Dame is putting up billboards across the country including  St. Louis, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Jersey City, N.J., Charlotte, N.C., and Tampa, Fla.

And Long Beach!

Here’s the billboard off the 405 freeway featuring wide receiver Matt Salerno of Crespi High School.

And here is one in St. Louis:

And one in Jersey City, N.J.

47 thoughts on “Notre Dame Gets Billboard in Southern California

  1. Notre Dame is like Napoleon trying to conquer the world. What is USC doing to stop ND from invading their territory? Obviously, this did not happen before, but ND just like all the others in college football now see USC as a bunch of patsies or a former competitor so now the Irish can invade Troy with no resistance.

    If John Mckay would have seen these billboards around town he will have headed direct to South Bend, and painted the Golden Dome Cardinal and Gold with No. 28 Anthony Davis painted right in the middle of the dome.

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    1. Having been to St Joseph County many times and… I have to admit… Touchdown Jesus is impressive. But you go to school there ten months of the year and the weather, surrounding area and nearby culture leaves a whole lot to be desired. Nice place to visit for a day or too.


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      1. Poor Ara actually tripped after shaking McKay’s hand at the end of the game — I guess he was a little unsettled…..probably a result of having to listen to 90,000 people chant “We are SC!” for the entire second half as the score mounted…..

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  2. Notre Dame should also place a billboard throughout Southern California that reads.

    “Notre Dame loves you Clay Helton”.

    Thank you Carol Folt, Mike Bone, Lynn Swann, and Max Nikias for retaining him as head coach, and extending his contract so we can continue to compete for many more years to come.

    See you in South Bend in October of 2021. Remember the Alamo!

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    1. You left out Haden who hired him with out vetting him. He couldn’t even figure out that Clay Helton had no clue about competition in practice. A simple concept that made USC great. Haden just came to grift hiring family and friends. Kinda like Bohn head is now! WKRP in Cincinnati out west.

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  3. I believe ND will soon win a national championship. I had a close friend(he died recently) who was a diehard ND fan and he couldn’t stand Brian Kelley. I used to tell him, “if you don’t want him just send him to SC”. With our talent it would take him long to win a NC.

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    1. LOL!

      Kelley got schooled by that idiot Lane Kiffin

      Actually it was USC talent that beat the Irish that day, overcoming Kiffin’s shit play calling

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  4. If USC did this, Scottie would be climbing the walls over Blvd productions and Helton about what bad sportsmanship this was.

    That said, USC poached Markese Stepp from ND after he committed to South Bend. Unfortunate he didn’t have more touches. Hope he remains healthy and tears it up at Nebraska.

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    1. Joan,

      I’ve read your comments over the years. I’ve just been released from my Inside USC exile. I’m a proud alum of Flow’s original blog (yes, Chaz Bucket, we all miss you), and I’d just like to finally say you make genuine, valid, and solid points. You the woman, Joan!

      P.S. Ignore Owns. Him and Mad Dog 20/20 didn’t work out.

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    1. Would you expect anything more from game ball Carol aka the roaming gnome puppet? Kissing ass and rubbing elbows is the status quo now. She could give a rats ass about integrity!

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  5. Memo to: SUCC blowhards – MG, Dear Pisley

    UCLA didn’t lose their heavily viewed game by 19 points, they lost by 3 points on a half court prayer. The ‘Zags lost their magic in the victory.

    And hey bozo 19 point losers, unlike the choka, choka, choka, bozos, UCLA wasn’t favored vs Gonzaga by Colin Cowherd(LOL) and similar ilk.

    #SUCC: It’s been 24,455 days since the bozo’s appeared in a Final Four. Is any wonder nobody wants to be a Clown U BB bozo!

    #Excepting of course, Chuckie Buggs and the Boogie and his daddy.


    1. I’ll hand it to you: The “24,455 days” remark is amusing….

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    2. hey mud,

      One or a hundred…. It’s still called losing and goes in the loss column. You almost didn’t lose your last game a the sewer either if I remember right, and then your last game in the rosebowl was almost a victory too. What a f’n loser.

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    3. And the ruins still haven’t played in the Rosebowl past January in what like 23 years now, lush!. Don’t need days to sound like some drunk mathematician. I will give you credit for posting content about the Kentucky Derby though. The best 2 min in sports! They kick the NBAs woke ass in ratings, of course you left that part out. Liberal loon lush!


    1. Just put Tommy Trojan and AD#28 riding him right in the middle of that billboard. 11 touchdowns scored, most all time Notre Dame killer! Enough said.

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      1. One of those newfangled Jesuits….


      2. Pudly 76,

        I went to Loyola High in L.A. Crespi is just AN archdiocese school, second tier. Jesuits are educators and for social justice. Sometimes they are way out there. Loyola did send George Kunz to nd. He was a two time all american and the second pick behind Simpson. He played the for the Falcons and Baltimore Colts. He owned or still does own a bunch of mcdonalds in Vegas and study to become an attorney in his later years. three teammates of mine went to nd as well. One was a punter, one was a safety and one just wanted to go there and get on the team.

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      3. Yeah, Mater Dei sent Johnny Huarte to nd and a couple other less significant players… we had mostly Norbertine priests but had a few Franciscans…

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  6. Take it a couple of ways, one it is a waste of money because they can only recruit so many from So Cal. They are trying to expand their territory and get the best players from So Cal. What will SC do? first they fire Helton now. Go get Urban Myers. Then you put up a billboard right across the street showing all the great backs from SC, including White, Davis, Simpson, Allen Bush, in photos of them scoring against ND. Caption reads, ND, you are dead meat!!!! No loss of love. Hti them with a 12 gauge shotgun, sledgehammer, mortars, what ever it takes to put the fear back into them.


  7. SC is in danger of becoming a punch line…. Fire Helton, Fire Dolt….save USC football…b My biggest fear is that when Helton’s contract is up, Dolt will extend it…


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