Morning Buzz: Insider Wonders If USC Can Beat Superpowers?

I didn’t expect to be contacted by a member of the Board of Trustees, through a third party, but the comments were interesting.

One thing I didn’t mention was the trustee initially wanted to discuss some USC history and why there isn’t more things showcased on campus. Frankly, the historic displays on campus at Heritage Hall/McKay Center are almost all reserved for athletes/recruits to see in areas closed to the public, which is shameful.

The trustee also mentioned another thing.

“I’m worried people are going to forget what it was like to beat teams like Alabama or Oklahoma,” the trustee said. “We used to do that. That tradition, which is a bedrock of our program, might be getting foggy for some fans.

“We don’t even contemplate beating those elite teams anymore.”

This is true. People laugh now at the thought of USC beating Clemson or Ohio State or Alabama or Oklahoma.

“Ideally, we’ll become competitive again against those super powers, but that’s going to require a level of improvement that probably isn’t feasible any time soon.”

  • Do you think when agent Bret Just completed negotiations for new women’s basketball coach, Lindsay Gottlieb, he told USC, “OK, now let’s work on that contract extension for Andy Enfield.”

46 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Insider Wonders If USC Can Beat Superpowers?

  1. Yes, memories of the glory years are fading fast.
    It is clear the current administration does not place much
    value on a thriving and competitive football team. They are trying
    to bring fans to the games through bull shit publicity rather
    than making the decisions necessary to get the program back on track. That is: firing Helton and rebuilding with someone competetive. Sad state of affairs watching this once proud
    program muddle along in incompetency. I lay the responsibility
    in the lap of Carol Folt.

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      1. Someone should ask Nikias, Folt, Bohn and Helton who Ricky Bell was and when they say, “Ricky who?”…they should all be fired.

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    1. The problem with relying on “bullshit publicity” to keep fans happy comes in the form of the annual beat down by Notre Dame (which we cleverly avoided last year —waiting for Oregon to do it instead). If USC sails along —only to get slaughtered in South Bend this year, Folt needs to issue a statement to the effect of “I am a moron.”

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  2. In the Larry Smith and Paul Hacket years nobody gave much thought to whether or not USC would be able to beat superpower teams. Smith tried and Hacket was terrible, but they were real coaches.
    Currently our team leader wouldn’t make a pimple on a real coach’s ass. He’s softer than memory foam and as useless as tits on an Olympic decathlon champion running for governor.
    If he were a comic character he’d make Brutus Thornapple look like a winner. (Google it)
    All depends on finding a coach with enough football smarts to change the climate on the team. It could happen before Jesus comes back.

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    1. Hi RT,
      Just by way of reminder, Larry Smith beat Bo Schembechler’s Michigan team in the Rose Bowl.


  3. An Andyain’twinning contract extension for the HC whose last BB game was an abject, hideous 19 point tournament loss to Gonzaga in the Elite Eight. Clown U BB was roundly accused of quitting after the first 3 minutes of the first half.



      1. If defeating UCLA four straight games is something to hang the bozo hat on, knock yourself out. UCLA would gladly lose all it’s BB games with the bozos if meant advancing to the Final Four.

        UCLA doesn’t hang we beat bozo BB banners.

        UCLA doesn’t lose by 19 points in a Tournament Elite Eight game in front of God, 12,000 Angels and a national television audience every 20 years.

        BK if you’re happy, I’m happy.

        #SUCC: OOOOOOOOOfereverandproudofit.


      1. What’s SUCC’s tournament record? How many BB NC Banner hang from the termite infested rafters of Galen Barn?

        The stench from SUCC’s 19 point loss in the Elite Eight lingers.


    1. Let’s just say it out loud —the Gonzaga game was for real —we lost big. But beating UCLA 4 times in a row is real too.

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      1. Hey Pisley, you steaming cow pie, when does the quarterly rat harvest begin at the campus and Crumbling Mausoleum?

        SUCC student can’t get enough of those cheap protein burritos from the campus venting machines. And, SUCC needs to sell 2 billion those burritos to cover the Dr. Tyndall settlement nut.



  4. USC had the chance to fix the football team in a heartbeat and Folt said no.

    Is USC going to buyout Fickell ? The Iowa St coach ? Pray Stoops wants to coach again ? Or, if the do can Gomer, just hand the keys to the DB coach, Opie or Tony Orlando ?

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    1. If Notre Dame humiliates USC in South Bend this year AND Helton gets to show up for work the following Monday, Folt will have finally jumped the shark.


    1. PT,
      According to Aquinas, the souls in purgatory are guaranteed heaven —- Under Folt, USC football isn’t guaranteed shit…

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  5. It is nice to hear that some of the trustees remember the glory years of USC football, and that fan interest is beginning to fade.

    It all starts at the top. Carol Folt, graduated from UCSB which has no football program, and puts very little emphysis on sports period. Mike Bohn, was a backup QB at Kansas a perennial losing program, and later moved to Colorado, and Cincinnatti which until lately at are not winning programs. Clay Helton, came from Houston where he was a backup program in another losing program, and then was the QB coach at Memphis.

    All 3 could care less, and don’t understand the USC football heritage. Sadly, they also think the fans will continue to support USC athletics as they always have. All 3 don’t understand what it takes to win in college football, and what that has meant in the past to USC. All 3 will tell you they are doing a wonderful job at USC.

    Unfortnately, one Trustee only remembering the past glory at USC is not going to make the necessary changes to restore the past. To be honest all 3 at the top must go sooner than later or dust will comtinue to collect on all the wonderful athletic history that has been collected at the Mckay Center, Heritage Hall, and in the minds of many USC football fans.

    We use to Fight On……….now we have forgotten how to Fight On.

    NICE STORY -SCOTT WOLF!! The future mayor of Whittier, CA.

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  6. Why do you clowns keep bringing up Fickell as if he is some kind of great coach? That guy is a clown, USC should be able to do a lot better than some Buckeye cast off.

    Ohio State gave Fickell a shot with a loaded roster and he went 6-6 and then they canned him and rightfully so. Urban Meyer replaced Fickell and promptly won a national championship.

    Fickell might be good enough for Cincinnati, but USC ain’t Cincinnati.

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  7. Trivia Question for Scott Wolf and all USC Football fans!

    Who is the greatest USC football player ever from the great City of Whittier? He was a tremendous athlete, great person, and married a USC Song Girl before playing for years in the NFL.
    He came to USC as a QB, was switched to a defensive back by Mckay, and ended up as a tremendous wide receiver.

    Sadly, he has been forgotten due to his passing, but in my mind one of the great USC football players of all time.


    It sure would be nice to see a write up or tribute to this great TROJAN. He was the pride of Whittier back in the day. Tremendous athlete that should not be forgotten.

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    1. …And he never dropped a pass, jumped right up after a big hit & played his BEST football in Big Games….

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    1. I got stuck in an empty classroom the other day do I watched video of the last season highlights. Carr had some impressive runs. But it seems that as the season progressed the running backs slowly disappeared. I don’t think running back recruits come to SC to keep the bench warm for receivers. Stepp and Carr were under used last season, judging by the spring I guess they feel that’s not going to change with this passing fancy, fancy passing coaching group.

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    2. If true –it’s sad (he gave USC all he had). But it forces USC to make use of Kenan Christon. Kenan has the potential to be very dangerous if Harrell would only use him the way New Orleans used Reggie — grabbing passes as he comes outta the backfield, not running from scrimmage.

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      1. P.S.
        I hate seeing Kenan running straight into big d-linemen without the benefit of blockers….

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      2. He was never the same after his foot injury his freshman yr.. then he hurt his back the next season.

        Good luck to him, hope he finds success.

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    3. Historically, Keely has usually been right —unless she was agreeing with Dan for appearances’ sake…..

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      1. You’re a dummy. You’d actually comment on this after the last four years of defections under chocolate chip? Tell me mud, wasn’t there a first round draft pick this year in the nfl who wanted out so badly, he medically retired from sow? Why yes‼️ Yes there was… hahahahaha.
        What a dufus you are.


  8. Stephan Carr was not used properly at USC in this stupid air raid offense. Although he lacks great speed he had some good moves in the open field runs which rarely happened with USC’s offensive line. If you all remember Ryan Knight lacked speed also, but could break tackles. Carr, and Knight were very similar running backs, but not up to USC standards in the past where our backs had tremendous speed, power, moves, and could catch the ball out of the backfields.

    I am concerned Kenan will transfer out next, or decide to just concentrate on track. His talent has been wasted thus far at USC. Hard to believe he did not play much last year, and is probably No. 3 or 4 on this year’s depth chart. A track athlete should not be penalized for not participating in spring football If I recall correct there were a few back in the day that Mckay encouraged to run track- OJ Simpson, Earl Mccullough, Edesel Garrison to name a few.

    Track improves speed. One of the key ingredients to success in football is team speed which is clearly lacking in the Helton era along with coaching.

    The way Harrell and Helton use backs they should all transfer out, and let the two stooges play another wide receiver in the backfield.

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    1. I hope Christon stays….
      That said —if he left, it could be a blessing in disguise cuz it would force Harrell to use Ingram 20 times a game…..


  9. Same Old Shii. Gomer Claydo HE’ll ton needs to be FIRED….. How many more years does this Shii need to go On… USC Football is better then Gomer Claydo HE’ll ton. Crap…. After this years Football Season ….It is time to go and HIRE a Top Level Coach that will Make USC Offense Play up tempo Fast. NO shot gun quarterback s line up under center 3 step drop and throw the Football to the receiver…. also can hand the football to the Running Backs Quickly. …play much faster. … confusing other teams defense….

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  10. Paying that womans basketball coach 1 mill a year tells me that there are some people higher up at USC who are more interested in winning a NC in womans basketball than in football. Football pays the bills. Womens basketball doesn’t. Football has the tradition and the fans. Womens basketball doesn’t. Football is really part of the legacy of USC. Womans basketball isn’t. Unfortunately, womens basketball is politically correct. Football isn’t.

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  11. I’m a Trojan alumnus living in the Boise area since 2019. Let me tell you the difference between SC and Boise State: BSU’s president would never in a million years allow the football program to languish the way Folt has. Even if BSU’s president, Marlene Tromp, shares Folt’s feelings about football (i.e. at best a necessary evil, at worst something that should be de-emphasized or gotten rid of) she’s smart enough to know that football is what put her former community college on the map.

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