Report: Stephen Carr To Enter Transfer Portal

USC tailback Stephen Carr is going to enter the transfer portal, according to

On one hand, this is interesting because the fanboys said Carr was the best tailback in spring practice.

On the other hand, Carr has not been happy for several seasons and this highlights a bigger problem: Running backs are starting to realize this offense is not friendly to a running game.

Markese Stepp, arguably the best back, already went to Nebraska.

Carr probably felt the coaches would also favor Texas-transfer Keaontay Ingram. I wrote early in spring Ingram was impressive and the Texas-native coaching staff wants to play him. Carr would also fight for reps with Clay Helton-favorite, Vavae Malepeai.

Carr’s transfer, if it happens, is long overdue.

11 thoughts on “Report: Stephen Carr To Enter Transfer Portal

      1. He didn’t get an awful lot of help from the o-line…and he isn’t as strong as Stepp, who could carry 2 or 3 guys with him.

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      2. True. The only way a USC tailback is getting in from the one or two yard line is on his own. And Carr didn’t have the muscles for that…..

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    1. Oh yeah, we’ll they can have him. Some of the best news I’ve heard pertaining to USC football. Just was never a good back after that freshmen (back) injury.


  1. What a waste. Carr showed real promise with his HS highlights and flashes at USC. Injuries and a stupid HC/offensive scheme ruined him. I had such high hopes. Good luck.

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  2. If Carr truly wanted out, he should have done so before spring practice.

    If he had gone elsewhere at the beginning of the semester, he could have made an impression with his new school at their spring practice. Now, he has to wait until fall camp to show them what he can do.

    It’s a little long to wait until the fall when you could have done something in the spring, not to mention meeting and bonding with new teammates in April instead of in August.



    1. Perhaps he had some work to finish up for his degree? He’s been here so long he may as well get it so he doesn’t leave empty handed.


  3. hi folks,carr being pushed out for a transfer player from texas!!!!!carrs been there and deserves a chance too play???u need 3 runnings backs if are going to run the football constantly this is a problum at usc!!!!!!!sincerely, Eddie


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