USC Women’s Basketball Fixed? Now Do Football

I wrote in my USC newsletter today that Carol Folt didn’t like the optics of a poorly run/funded women’s basketball program.

And here’s what new coach Lindsay Gottlieb said a couple hours later:

“We’ve all been waiting for the commitment from this president of this university and this AD to say these young women matter and the success of this program, so I’m excited to be the leader chosen to take on this challenge.”

This will lead someone to say, “when will Folt hate the optics of football enough to fire Clay Helton?”

26 thoughts on “USC Women’s Basketball Fixed? Now Do Football

    1. She did a stint at UNC where BB is king. Still puzzling how she could understand what BB meant to UNC but can’t/won’t understand what FB means to SC.

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  1. I don’t see anything that justifies paying 1 mill for a women basketball coach other than political correctness. How you can spend 1 mill to get a great womens basketball coach and refuse to spend the money to replace a mediocre football coach is beyond me. Is womens basketball higher up on the importance of things than college football? By what standard?

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  2. Helton and optics in the same sentence? Only you think the bewildered mouth gaping look is good.
    The problem really is the Rose Bowl colored glasses worn around USC. Helton’s claim to fame is winning one Bowl game. During all of the flopped bowl game embarrassments, the administration was too busy chasing donors to notice Clay didn’t have the team ready on either side of the ball. The last loss parlayed by Helton proved that he can manage the arms extended substitution signal. He had neither the confidence of the players or the respect of the staff. But who knew?
    ….Everyone except the administration.

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      1. Michael, it is not only ucla vs. ucla, but ucla vs. ucla on an 80 yard field. That makes it a whole different ball game. Played only by ucla.

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      2. ’67 the man you should be really thanking is James Franklin, the Penn St. HFBC. Penn St. needed one first down – game over – Penn St wins. Franklin should’ve been fired on the field after Penn St’s stupid defeat.


      3. My dear friend Owns — where would one first down have gotten them? The 50 yard line? I don’t think reaching the 50 counts as a win…..


      4. Look up the term, “Glutton for Punishment” and you’re sure to see a picture of BruinRob, all 5’7″ 245 lbs of him.


  3. Sh*t ’67 you have to plagiarize one of my quote’s to validate SUCC’s victory – LOL.

    Can’t wait to see how the Clown U Softball team does in the upcoming NCAA Softball tournament.


    1. …..Prediction: It won’t come any closer to winning the NCAA Tournament than UCLA will…..

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  4. Looks like Bohn flew our new basketball coach into town via a leer jet. USC really does things first class don’t they. I still don’t see USC women’s basketball overaking Stanford, UCLA, Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona, and maybe Arizona State. Paying her the big salary for a low revenue sport is a big gamble, and I also see an empty arena even if they win the conference 1 year. We will watch this one, and see if the new coach performs, but I don’t think even John Wooden can turn this program into a “consistent winner” with the heavy competition within the conference.

    I guess this gives us a better chance than before, but again we are way behind the other programs in the Pac 12. Bohn, made his statement but just making a committment does not guarantee success so this one could backfire.


  5. Did you see how Bohn walks in the video. Looks, acts, and walks like an over the hill fraternity boy who has not missed his double double hamburgers with fries from In and Out on a daily basis. Looks to me he needs to exercise his stomach, and get off the used car lot, and golf course. Money is apparently very plentiful at USC for now let’s see in a year or so when the football program can’t afford to share money to support the other programs.

    I give him credit he spent some of his resources, but the coach now needs to perform, and they have to recruit some players to produce 20 wins a season to justify the huge salary for a low revenue sport at SC.

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  6. The 3 people in the world(or is it 2?) who follow USC womens basketball team will be thrilled with this new hire. Meanwhile the millions who follow USC football are still waiting.


  7. I do like the hire of Lindsay Gottlieb, but I see someone who might stay 2-3 years, and then move on to the next step which would be to coach in the WNBA, or hopefully the NBA. Based on her resume I really think the next level is her real dream job, and taking the USC job will make that dream come true very shortly. I don’t see USC winning the Pac 12 with the Stanford, Oregon, Oregon State, UClA, and Arizona basketball programs way ahead of ours.

    So we paid alot of money to jump start the Women’s Basketball Program quickly which is not realistic based on the other programs in the conference. If she stays 6 years which is unlikely you may get return on the investment, but that is doubtful. The program is by far NOT FIXED based on just hiring a high profile coach she does need to win on a consistent basis year after year like Stanford, Oregon, UCLA, and the other programs have been doing for the last 10 years. USC has quite a bit of catching up to do in basketball, and hiring Coach G is only a start let’s hope she finishes the job.

    In my opinion USC went cheap in hiring a baseball coach, and that is the program I would have definitely invested more resources also based on how far the program has slipped since Rod Dedeaux retired. USC has one of the finest histories and tradition in college baseball, and they let it slip of way because of poor decision making. If your spending money on one of the top coaches in women’s basketball you should also go out and get one of the best coaches in college baseball not hiring a coach from Loyola who probably in his last six year has a little better than a .500 winning percentage, and very few appearances in the NCAA tournament, and zero at the College World Series. Like Women’s Basketball College Baseball is growing with more national TV coverage so it is time to get focused next on the baseball program before it is too late.


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