Important Quotes From Pac-12 Press Conference

Here’s are the most-important quote from new Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff.

“We have to get the Pac-12 Network distributed everywhere on every platform.”

That alone is a big change from Larry Scott.

Here’s another difference: “We know where our bread is buttered. We’re focused on the revenue sports.”

Translation: Football (and to basketball) are king.

And then this from Oregon president Michael Schill on keeping the Pac-12 headquarters in the Bay Area once the current office lease expires.

“We don’t feel strongly that it needs to be there.”

9 thoughts on “Important Quotes From Pac-12 Press Conference

  1. It sounds good, but I will withhold judgement until I see actions like moving away from SF and actually having the PAC-12 network on multiple platforms. This year getting the PAC-12 network was a clusterf&$k, and with Covid restrictions you just couldn’t go into your local sports bar. I probably missed 4-5 of my daughter’s soccer games because of Larry Scott

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      1. Absolutely Pisley, especially when it comes to Clown U’s humiliating 19 point Elite Eight loss in the NCAA tournament or, pussying out of a Bowl game invitation ’cause warm milk and cookies, “any team, anywhere, anytime,” 5-1 SUCC had 2 players injured in the their humiliating Pac-12 FB Championship game defeat @ the Crumbling Mausoleum.

        Crap Pisley, you lice ridden scum, when will bozo u make good on its threat to go independent ’cause dey too “nation wide” for the Pac-12 Conf.? That way bozo FB could schedule 12 div ll and lll FB games 24/7. Just not UC Davis.

        #Elite,traditionrichClownU6 – 2ndrateAlabama52


      2. Stupid dolt. What was the point of sequestering the team 5 more weeks for a game that may not of even have happened. But the dolt, now known as mud, who cried “my team should go to their rooms and cry” for finishing their season so poorly, then tries to spin a loss into a victory of some sort.
        Waaah…. Waaah….. Waaah. I’m so embarrassed my team should stay home! Waaah‼️

        Only sow wannabe, who’s teams can’t win the big ones in the final minutes/seconds.
        0-4… and spin that you little sow wannabe biotch.🖕🏽🙀🖕🏽🤡 💋🍆


      3. Did you check the sow schedule for D2 games lately? Of course not. If you did you’d realize that sow WILL PLAY a D2 team before we ever do.

        You really are dumb as mud.


      4. Really BruinRob? 1992 ucla vs Arizona in Tucson. Ucla is getting their ass kicked by 23 with two minutes to go. What does ucla do? In true bruin fashion they kick a FG to keep their games scored streak alive. Typical pansy ass move.

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  2. he quoted structural changes and recruiting as reasons the Pac-12 was behind. one of those structural changes has the first name of Clay.

    Clay’s days are numbered. he better hope for a flawless season, even with that, i think that bohn/sosna have already made the decision to move on to a new head coach. we all know that Clay is not the mastermind behind any improvements in the football program


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