USC Gets Auburn Transfer

A safety who is from the Dallas-area wants to transfer.

Where will he go? USC, of course.

Chris Thompson, a four-star from Auburn, announced he was transferring to USC.

Thompson played in six games and had eight tackles. He was one of only three healthy safeties on the Auburn roster during spring drills but still emerged as a backup. He was a true freshman last season.

18 thoughts on “USC Gets Auburn Transfer

  1. Whoopie…another d-back….maybe we can use some of those d-backs at nose guard and NT and DT. We should have hired Urban Meyer. He would have come if he believed that SC would hire him. But SC is too politically correct. Winning big is considered racist.


    1. Question –How could Ohio State FIRE her if she “did NOT have a connection to the university”?
      Non-Employers can fire people? Okay.

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      1. Good question, barrister! Sounds like she has a case against the State Med Board, assuming all was consensual, no one under age, no pay for play?

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      2. I think she’s done, 67 —but I also think Ohio State admitted she’s one of theirs when they announced her termination…….
        Speaking of graduation (as Pudly does above) —I can remember walking outta Doheny Library, as a lowly book stacker, for a 15 minute break and seeing all the folding chairs set up for MY class’ graduation. I said hi to my friends and continued walking over to the commissary to grab a Hostess Berry Pie and a carton of Carnation milk…

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      3. Michael, great graduation story! In terms of the masseuse, you are right, she apparently was offering free massages to bed the players, then was demanding payment for services…

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      4. This thing could get messy for Ohio State before it’s over…


      5. tOSU may have cancelled her contract which effectively meant she was ‘fired’.


  2. “He was one of only three healthy safeties on the Auburn roster during spring drills but still emerged as a backup. ”

    Always good to land a 200 plus pound safety that is strong and fast (4.45 40 time). Scottie, I guess you want to say he is dog****, but you didn’t mention that guys are transferring from Auburn nearly as much as from ucla.

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      1. It’s not grand enough to call it a “trend” —Due to Scott’s disciplined methods I think we should refer to it as a philosophy….

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    1. How’s that 5* that bolted from sow doing? You know the one who faked medical retirement just to get out??

      Oh yeah, Jalen went in the first round of this draft.

      Mud you and your sow ruins suck. 👅

      Dumb as mud has real meaning 🖕🏽🖕🏽


      1. Dear Pisley, you sh*t encrusted anus, JP can’t afford another concussion.

        If JP wants to wind up like Jerry Quarry that’s his business. It won’t be UCLA that his family sues to afford JP’s long term medical care.

        BTW Pisley, your 3rd grade repartee is so feeble.



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