If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

George Kliavkoff is now the face of the Pac-12.

But for the universities that make up the conference, a big development will be who Kliavkoff hires directly under him to work with the administrators at each school.

That person will deal with athletic directors while Kliavkoff focuses on the big picture, supposedly. It will be a significant hire and the person should have a lot more experience in college athletics than Kliavkoff.

The presidents hired Kliavkoff but the athletic directors will be dealing with the No. 2.

  • USC starts holding its first graduation ceremonies today since 2019. There will be 14 in-person commencement ceremonies for the classes of 2020 and 2021. Each ceremony will be staffed by 350 people.

For the first time since 1950, graduation ceremonies will be held at the Coliseum. It’s probably the biggest moment for Carol Folt as president as she presides over the festivities for thousands of students.

  • Former USC star offensive lineman Pat Harlow has resigned as football coach at JSerra in San Juan Capistrano. JSerra went 0-5 in the brutal Trinity League and Harlow had to deal with players transferring out after the 2019 season, including QB General Booty, the nephew of former USC QB John David Booty.
  • Did you know that in 2019-20, Learfield IMG lost $1.7 million on its multimedia rights deal with UCLA? In 2018-19, Learfield lost $933,000 with UCLA. By contrast, in 2019-20, Learfield made $7.4 million with Georgia. It’s all part of an interesting story in Sportico. Since USC is a private school, its media rights deals are not public.
  • I wonder if new women’s basketball coach Lindsay Gottlieb has shared any stories with Andy Enfield yet about Kevin Porter Jr.? From what I hear they both have good stories.
  • Can you read the last page of Gottlieb’s contract?
  • The hiring of Gottlieb has gotten Mike Bohn a lot of praise this week. At the same time, his hiring of John Brannen as men’s basketball coach at Cincinnati in 2019 was a disaster. Last week it emerged that one reason Cincinnati fired Brannen in April was for “jeopardizing or disregarding the well-being, health and safety of his players.”
  • USC QB Jaxson Dart is one of three candidates for Gatorade national football player of the year. Los Alamitos QB Malachi Nelson, the California state player of the year, is also a finalist. The third finalist is Brock Vandagriff of Prince Avenue (Georgia).
  • Pitcher Brynner Waiolama of North Torrance High School committed to USC this week.

And now for some history:

  • John McKay did a lot of things. He won four national championships and had eight Rose Bowl appearances: But one that rarely gets discussed is a 23-game unbeaten streak. John Robinson topped it with a 28-game unbeaten streak that ended on Nov. 15, 1980 with a 20-10 loss to Washington at the Coliseum.

But what about the victories?

There was the 27-25 victory over Notre Dame in 1978 at the Coliseum. The 17-10 victory over Michigan in the 1979 Rose Bowl. A 17-16 victory over Ohio State in the 1980 Rose Bowl. A 20-17 victory over Tennessee in Knoxville in 1980. And there was a 23-21 victory over Arizona State at the Coliseum, which featured the halfitme performance by Fleetwood Mac.

  • If you want a bygone era, in 1980, USC had three fullbacks (Bob McClanahan, Paul DiLulo, Doug MacKenzie) blocking for tailbacks Marcus Allen and Michael Harper.

“Fullback is one of the keys to our season,” Robinson said.

Doug MacKenzie lines up at fullback for USC against Arizona State in 1980.
  • When McKay won his first national title in 1962, they used to have the final poll before the Rose Bowl. So McKay went to a football writers’ dinner at a Los Angeles hotel that December where he was given a large trophy to signify winning the championship.

At the end of the dinner, he tossed it to an aide dismissively, unimpressed with the award, and walked out of the hotel. It was another example of how he could be hot/cold with people depending on his mood.

  • Does anyone remember Stubby Shaw?

He opened the Trojan Barrel bar in 1955 that eventually turned into Julie’s Trojan Barrel in 1975, which was not to be confused with Julie’s Restaurant on Flower St., which was opened in 1941. Those were owned by the legendary Julie Kohl.

But back to Shaw. He was a fixture to students in the 1950’s and would sponsor intramural basketball teams that featured actual players like Jim Kaufman and Danny Rogers.

If Shaw was well known, so was his mother. Known to dental students as “Mrs. Shaw,” she was fixture at the dental school from 1931-62.

Mrs. Shaw (born Maude Frances Mashburn) worked with more than 3,000 dental students, the “little white haired lady who signs (the) state board examination card indicating the culmination of formal dental training.”

Some would say this was a time period back when USC was known for having family atmosphere.

43 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

    1. John McKay didn’t like the fact that USC RB Anthony Davis was dating his daughter so he chose not to promote him for the Heisman.

      John McKay didn’t have a problem with USC QB having a sexual relationship with his son J.K. McKay…go figure.


      1. Thats because Anthony Davis was no OJ SIMPSON. He beg me to have my way with anyone at anytime. John McKay knew that being tapped by the great OJ is the best thing in the world! If you want to be next send picture and request and OJ will see what I can do.

        #OJisUsc #IfitdoesntFit


  1. The PAC 12 was so out of touch they hired a sports and information director from a mega gambling center. “Well the name sports was part of his title, wasn’t that enough?” None of the athletic directors were in on the discussion. The description given tells the reader that the new commissioner is a good listener. I wonder if he’s related to hugs.

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    1. RT — “Out of touch”? No, crazy like a fox. George comes with “contacts.”
      Look for more fish wrapped in newspaper left on the doorsteps of bumbling athletic directors…… and some university presidents to go “missing.”

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      1. P.S.
        In case the above seems harsh, rest assured everybody on the “expendable” list will be warned first….

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  2. I posted this late on Wednesday but I think everyone had left the playground by the time I wrote it, so yes it is copied and pasted
    “Numerous times I have made fun of Helton’s spot on his daddy’s team. I mentioned that his dad had him groomed to be second string from the beginning. Maybe my angle is wrong. Maybe Helton’s playing favorites has everything to do with the disrespect shown to him by his coach and father.
    Any coach with a normal football understanding would never prop up a center like Toa. He’s making up for not being loved by daddy. Helton is special, like a psycho.” Daddy issues no?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Are you saying that Helton has a strong psychological need to lose? That would explain everything! Callaway. Toa. No tight end. Thanking Iowa fans for cheering against our team. Etc. Etc.
      #FoltWasRightToKeepHim –He’sUniqueAmongCoaches
      P. S.
      Did you notice how Scott declared war on my friend Owns in his 3rd Bullet Point?


      1. MG, “Since USC is a private school, its media rights deals are not public.”

        However MG, whatever secret media rights revenue SUCC made or lost, the Dr. Tyndall Settlement is the nut Clown U has to crack.


  3. What a surprise Snarky Boy, you noted McKay’s winning streak, JR’s 28 game winning streak and failed to mention Pete Carroll’s 34 game winning streak. I guess calling him “Caesar” would have made you look like the petty little man we all know you are given his success.

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  4. George Kliavkoff was favored by Folt and Bohn because he once stayed at a Hilton in Cincinnati thus the Ohio/Cincinnati conspiracy theory lives on.

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      1. [I actually know that Harvey doesn’t have a brother named Jeff —but I fucked up by calling Harvey “Jeff” —and I didn’t want to write TWO corrections in a row —-having never done that before —and thinking it would set a bad precedent]…..

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  5. News Update: The new Pac 12 Commissioner Kliavkoff has authorized gambling in all Pac 12 football stadiumsduring the Fall 2021 season after lobbying with the State of California. Slot machines, and gambling tables will inserted at the entrances or tunnels to the stadium. A sports book restaurant bar will be added to each stadium before the 2022 football stadium.

    Brilliant way to raise revenue, and provide quick exposure for the Pac 12 Conference. I knew his Las Vegas connections would pay off for the Pac 12. Perhaps, strip shows, the Rat Pack, Tina Turner, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion will also be contracted to perform at halftimes.

    No questions this will be successful, and bring fans back into the stadiums after Covid-19. I wonder if basketball is next!

    Thank goodness we hired someone with Las Vegas connections. Jerry Tarkanian, or Steve Wynn would have been my next choices.

    Look out for the Pac 12 in future years to come.

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    1. tommyd — you misread his press release — George didn’t “authorize” gambling, he mandated it. Every USC student will be required to turn in their bet sheet to Mike Bohn’s Office by Friday each week.


    2. Hey MG, sh*tfaced, bozo fat cat alumni are the perfect mark! Nobody loves to throw money down a toilet to prove their worth more than a loud-mouth, sh*tfaced bozo FB fan.

      #Example: St. Pat pays a premium for Sark’s buy out.
      #St. Pat is still referred to @ U-Dub as El Rubeski.


      1. And so explain why Wasserman is referred to a spacey Casey after throwing good money down that rat hole called chocolate chippie?

        Hahahaha 🤡🖕🏽🤡💋🍆🐀


  6. George Kliavkoff is Russian Mafia and a Trump supporter.

    And you thought the conference went to shit under the previous clown commissioner


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  7. I never said MAFIA……..I just said VEGAS is coming to the PAC 12, and if the MAFIA comes with the gambling, flamingo dancers, and showtime so be it. I am sure Max Nikias, Caruso, and Folt will welcome money at all times through all possible channels. My only concern is that Mike Bohn, our farm boy from Kansas will not fit in with the fast life coming to the Pac 12. The preacher boy Clay Helton will not fit in either. Both Helton and Bohn should be playing in the mud with “Arnold Ziffel” (former farm pig on Green Acres)

    And Jerry Buss thought he had Show Time with the Lakers, and a few Laker girls. Instead of Dancing Harry we will be able to really party without having to watch Clay Helton serve out his death sentence this year. My bets this year are against the Trojans so the odds increase he is gone right after the UCLA game in November.

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    1. So…. Helton won’ t make it to the BYU game….let alone the Pac 12 showdown with Oregon?


  8. A disastrous 21-21 tie with Stanford in 1979 kept the unbeaten streak from being a 28-game winning streak. USC led 21-0 at halftime and Robinson played it too conservatively on in the second half. The tie cost the Trojans a second consecutive national championship.

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    1. I went back to the dorms at halftime to study for an upcoming Chemistry exam, MV.
      Apparently, some 18 year old rookie freshman QB at Stanford was tossed into the game (against a vaunted USC defense) and lead the Trees to 3 TD’s in the second half for a 21-21 tie.

      I didn’t know we had “lost the game” until I got the Sunday AM LA Times.
      That 1979 USC team was monstrous. Nearly every started ended up starring in the NFL.
      The blocking fullback on that team was Marcus Allen.


  9. Just Rent,

    I am LAUGHING MY ASS OFF about how Lierfield has lost money on promoting Thug U aka ruinville, ruins. I am sure they will cut their lossess and get rid of ugly. They are paying to promote the ruins. Next radio syndicate will be KMET out in Beaumont CA. You can’t make this up. LMAO!!!!!! Couldn’t happen to a nicer school. You Clowns Lose Again.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Nope– Clay will be allowed to show up for the finale with BYU, but only as a “mascot” —– We lost to BYU last time, but Carol feels we should not lose again .

    Pac 12 – South runner up at best. ASU wins the South maybe the entire league with a strong returning QB, and great defense.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tommyd,
      I thought Helton showed up “as a mascot” at every game. [Especially Bowl, Notre Dame and Conference Championship games]….


  11. Michael: Very true statement. I am hearing Will Farrell will be taking over as interim coach for that final regular season game vs. BYU. Sadly, they probably have a better chance to win. No question this will be one of the more interesting seasons in Trojan football history with plenty of soap opera material to publish

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    1. I know it’s cruel —and that’s not like me —but, after he’s fired for losing to Notre Dame, I’d like to see Helton leave the locker room crying like Ben Stiller at the end of ‘There’s Something About Mary’……


  12. You are showing your Catholic upbringing MG. Father Guido would be proud of you. I’ve decided to make ‘S'(so named by mommy to be able to remember his own name) a happy man and scram. Hopefully be around in a few months when FB returns.


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  13. Memo to: trojnfn4

    The eventual UCLA/Under Armor contract lawsuit settlement will no doubt wipeout the current UCLA athletic dept. monetary deficit in one shot.



  14. Memo to: Dear Pisley, #1 SUCC AH

    Chip has yet to be fired for showing up shit-faced to a bozo FB PEP rally and end up fired.


  15. I guess that a sugar high doesn’t count… but he hasn’t been fired for performance yet either, I guess $2M/win isn’t stealing either.. look don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.

    I say sow should keep him. I’m for the lifetime contract…

    Dumb as mud..

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