Remembering A USC-Notre Dame Game

In today’s USC notes column supplement, I write about the 1979 USC-Notre Dame game, where the Trojans amassed 591 yards in total offense. Link here.

8 thoughts on “Remembering A USC-Notre Dame Game

  1. Ah yes, back in the day when winning wasn’t sinning, success didn’t come with suspicion, and elevating your station in life didn’t brand you as an elitist. Where the fuck have you gone Joe DiMaggio?

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      1. Well, he couldn’t be all bad….
        ….He sent flowers to Marilyn Monroe’s grave every day after the dems murdered her….

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    1. I loved watching that game. Great fun…

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      1. Michael,

        per the ND propaganda site, Pravada, they always have the greatest team of all time right then and there. SC was much better though


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