USC Saturday Buzz: The Coliseum In 1950 In Color

USC is holding graduation ceremonies at the Coliseum for the first time since 1950.

Well, Friday night, I was sent a color photo of that 1950 ceremony at the Coliseum.

I love photos like these and who knew they existed.

And here is what it looked like Friday for the first of 14 ceremonies:

27 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: The Coliseum In 1950 In Color

  1. Who cares about the graduation at the coliseum in color. Where is the picture of OJ Simpson running all over the coliseum floor??!! Graduation? 100,000 people never bought a ticket for graduation! Scott wolf when are you going to post a picture of the great OJ in living color??!!



    1. OJ,

      I thought that was funny. You are the OJ that we all know and love. BTW, I met you at the Pacificrama Dome. You and Nicole sat right in front of me watching a movie. That is before you killed/murder in hate and rage. You smiled at her in the theater. Waht happened OJ?

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      1. Answer: Walking up the sidewalk to his house and seeing Nicole in the window “with” one of his friends seems to have given O.J. the very, very mistaken notion it was time for caveman “justice”….

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  2. Carol Folt is the equivalent of a Walmart meet and greeter…nothing but a puppet for corrupt C.L. Max Nikias


    1. I wasn’t around then, but such a different time in California, the beginning of the CA dream, people moving here in droves, postwar optimism, seemed like anything was possible and that everyone could succeed.

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      1. Great observation. It’s an open question whether “anything is possible” or ‘”everyone can succeed” or “we can make tomorrow better than today”—but isn’t it fairly amazing that so many people now assume the opposite? Nothing is possible & no one can succeed?

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    1. The whole thing is impressive but last 3 seconds of that drill are fricking unreal…

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      1. I was impressed. As a an old lineman, you power is from you heps, quads, and back muscles of your legs. You need quick feet. Short choppy steps. If he does this all summer then he will be ready.

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    1. Hmmmm. Has/have our friend Owns [and our mortal enemy, tebow] seen this..?

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      1. Can I help, Pudly? Your list is too brief. You need to find the one that goes from #1 to #159.

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  3. Use to love big track meets at the Coliseum when the track was in place, and in football the famous white trojan horse Traveler circling around the track under the leadership and guidance of the GREAT RICHARD SAKKO. Seems like Richard Sakko has been forgotten perhaps Scott Wolf can provide some great pictures of Sakko and Traveler from back in the day. Traveler and Richard Sakko running around the”Complete” Track at the Coliseum on National TV was a key part of what made USC football so successful and famous throughout the Country. The good news is the USC track program is once again a national power after being asleep for so many year.s They have a good chance to win both the men’s and women’s track and field national championship.

    USC Track and Field is one of the most positive things this athletic program has going for it now along with Men’s Basketball. If you want to see some great USC athletes tomorrow tune into the Pac 12 networks’s coverage of the Pac 12 Track and Field Championship.@3PM. USC tailback Kendon Christian will be a candidate to win the 100 meter Pac 12 Championship. He is a speed burner who should be starting next year on the football team if HELTON knew what he was doing. I know if Robinson and Mckay were still at SC Christian would be in the starting rotation no doubt about it. He has big play explosive capability our other backs are 3 yds and a cloud of dust………and probably less than that with the offensive line we have.

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    1. I think our other backs are gonna surprise you, tommyd.
      btw, if you want to watch a fun ride around the track w/Traveler —watch the 1974 USC/Notre Dame Game on YouTube —- Traveler literally runs the Notre Dame cheerleaders off the track….

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    1. With a little help and a little luck, Kedon can be right in the thick of the Heisman race…..

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      1. Scott is worried over the # of spring ball interceptions —but the fact is Kedon was throwing to new guys [and Drake had moved]. I don’t think we’re gonna be seeing Slovis throw a bunch of lazy balls up this year (he certainly can’t do it against Oregon —if we get that far ).


      2. I can’t fricking believe that a post can be broken off at the last parenthesis….


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