Don’t Always Believe Stats

Here is where your eyes might cause you to disagree with stats.

21 thoughts on “Don’t Always Believe Stats

  1. There is no doubt that when he is right he can put the ball where he wants it.
    The only nick I can state is that occasionally he……I don’t know……just heaves it to a strange place……sometimes its as if the colors of the uniforms get confused.
    In my opinion its a coachable issue……will he get the coaching……who knows.
    The other issue is if he will be standing up 3 seconds after the snap. So far…..after all the shuffling our coaching staff has yet to convince most folks that our OL will be as good as last year…….and last year was……you know.

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    1. True. It’s one thing to prefer & rely on the pass —it’s something else when you [and your opponent] KNOW you HAVE to pass….


  2. “Don’t Always Believe Stats”…

    Scottie, sorry but this is flat wrong. A fact is a fact. Do you think that the NCAA made a mistake on this?

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    1. Well it is a blessing to be throwing to guys like Pittman, StBrown, London and Vaughns all of whom can go up and get them (balls that is) and have such a large catching radius.
      Non the less, a completion is a completion.

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      1. Good point, Pudly. Some of those tall throws could get picked off at the start of the season—- before everybody gets on the same page. But I’ve heard Harrell say he WANTS Kedon to take chances with the ball —not to second guess.

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    2. Scott probably can’t get the first half of the Oregon game out of his mind….

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    1. YIN: Bill Belichick 6x Super Bowl Champ.
      YANG: Dr.Helton PhD Applied Statistics.
      Explains two things:
      1. The spiritual angst I feel every fall since Darnold left.
      2. The spiritual angst I’m beginning feel thinking Dr. Folt will extend good ol’ Doc Clay’s contract as a “professional courtesy”

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      1. Just a stat quoting machine… one of hundreds of examples:
        “I go back and look at last year. I thought there was really three teams that threw the ball extremely well — LSU, Alabama and us. You look at LSU, I think they won the national championship with 168 yards rushing per game. And I think Alabama was at 166. And we said we needed to go from 120 to being in that 170+ mark. And you look at us yesterday at 173. I think the first game was 178, 179. That’s the key for us is to be able to stay consistent and be able to rush the ball and take some pressure off the quarterback and keep that threat always there.”

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      2. Clay’s philosophizing would have more credibility than dreadability if he didn’t get his ass handed to him by Notre Dame, Iowa, Ohio State, Alabama…….


  3. A coach, if he she wants or needs, can choose to game plan one of two ways:
    1. to achieve wins
    2. to achieve stats
    The two don’t necessarily go hand in hand. If the coach honestly feels his roster has the true makings of a championship team as long as they’re pounding the rock on O and playing agressive D with liberal substitutions he’s going to plan/call it differently than he would if his roster was shit, no chance at postseason, but he’s got a hot shot prima donna qb/wr combo that have a chance at getting drafted, which would help recruiting. Hello Air Raid. Hello stats used as “signs the team is improving”. Goodbye to the complimentary football that would give the best chance to win, even if trying to win means ending up 7-5. It becomes even easier to manipulate seasonal stats when the quality of opponents varies somewhere between “hot mess” and “total shitshow”.


    1. Prime example is Clay throwing out his “if we keep our pass yds, but improve our run yds so they are similar to LSU/BAMA we are just as good as LSU/BAMA” (while of course totally ignoring the diff in quality opponents between SEC & P12, penalties, turnover margin, inability to sustain time chewing drives to give D a rest, bonehead calls, etc)… Adding to the insult is making this grand “back to the run” declaration right before playing Arizona’s 128th ranked run D, followed up by his proud papa bs quote of a meaningless stat “we actually rushed for 178yds” implying he’s got the team pointed the right way, even tho, all the while, he willfully ignores that 178yds sure, it may have been an improvement for his squad, but that figure was still a pathetic 150+ yds less than what the rest of the league was gouging the Wildcats for… but hey, Slovis is gonna win the Heisman eh… then Clay can soak up all the selfish glory his perennially losing ass has been dreaming about.


  4. hi folks, qb passing stats are usuaslly not accurate! decieving! ? that nba lakervs suns contest that was some sloppy ,messy basketball game last night friday????/Sincerely,E


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