Sunday Buzz: USC v. UCLA, Part III

This is the Year of the Crosstown Rivalry.

No. 1-ranked USC (21-1) faces No. 3-ranked UCLA (15-4) for the 2021 NCAA Women’s Water Polo Championship today at 3 p.m. in Westwood.

  • UCLA men’s water polo defeated USC for the NCAA title, 7-6, in March.
  • Last weekend, USC’s beach volleyball team defeated UCLA, 3-1, to win the NCAA title.
  • So this is the rubber match between the schools. The USC women’s water polo team has been dominating this season but its only loss is to UCLA.

USC is going for its seventh national championship in women’s water polo, having won its last title in 2018. This will be the fourth championship meeting between USC-UCLA, with the Bruins winning the previous three meetings (2006, 2008 and 2009).

15 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: USC v. UCLA, Part III

  1. In the name of western values & civilization, please don’t let us have to hear from a triumphant Owns today at 5pm…..

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    1. Dear Owns,
      Scott must know [or strongly suspect] something or he wouldn’t be touting the significance of the “rubber” match…..


      1. I’m glad they’re confident —but I can never get the words of our Olympic fencing team outta my mind:”We didn’t come here to lose….
        #…We aim to win it all!”

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    1. Watch this video closely —pretend you’re defending him — there’s no way you stop that much hyper-energized physical talent without holding him —

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      1. Liked by 2 people

      2. Is this the beginning of another period of sports dominance at USC?
        Do we all owe Bohn an apology? Could things be way better than we had any right to dream?

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  2. I hear SC is vying for the national championship in skate boarding and monopoly. Pac-12…..the conference of champions


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