USC Defeats UCLA For NCAA Title

It wasn’t really close as USC defeated UCLA, 18-9, for the NCAA women’s water polo national championship in Westwood.

The Trojans led 10-5 at halftime.

Maud Megens scored six goals; Verica Bakoc scored four and Bayler Weber had three for USC. Holly Parker had 13 saves.

20 thoughts on “USC Defeats UCLA For NCAA Title

    1. I know just how happy Scott was with the results of “the rubber match.”

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  1. , speaking of water harmarville,pa pool state of pa employee scott klein!!! now add to this several bodies in the river in pittsburgh many in nissan cars by the way!and then u have lou nix in his car in florida u have soddy cars aaahhhh!!!!!!! sincerely, eddie


    Beat those lousy ‘ruins on top of winning the title.
    Where is jackass “Owns” today?
    Did it w/o Jovan Vavic at the helm.


  3. Wow…. just watched the Pac 12 Track and Field Championships.
    Track and Field is an exciting sport, and what a great job Coach Smith Gilbert has done with the USC Track Program. The Women won the Pac 12 Championship, and the Men finished 2nd to Oregon. Track Coach Smith is by far the best coaching hire that has been made by this university in a long time, and gets very little credit for it. Anna Cockrell and TT Terry are both tremendous athletes. We need speed like they have on the football team.

    Congrats to Women’s Water Polo. Sure wish the baseball program would show some improvement like the Track Program has bringing back their great heritage after going asleep for quite a few years.

    In memory of the greatest 440 Track Relay Team of All Time- Earl Mccullough, OJ Simpson, Fred Keller, and Lennox Miller. Those guys could fly.

    Fight on !

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    1. SC T&F is close to what it actually used to be 70 yrs ago ,1st time I went to a meet; now we have to watch a day later,Pac12 didn’t even televise it on same days; nevertheless SC on top as back then …ucla last ,and in everything that matters in sports. Not sure how SC does it ,xcpt through xlnt coaching and planning…beating NIKE in sports is a tough road…men showed well and/or won in main events, NIKE swept and got its points in 2ndary events mostly.

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      1. T&F scoring favors the distance running sports, and Oregon routinely stacks their deck with distance runners. They dominate the longer events….

        Of course having Uncle Phil’s money never hurts.

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  4. I think that we are majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors. Why are the womens sports winning everything? How much money are we spending on womens sports as opposed to mens sports in comparison to their rate of return.? And how much money do womens water polo and womens beach volleyball and lawn bowling and chess bring in to pay USC’s bills? Football is what pays the bills. That’s where they should be spending the money. That sounds sexist but it’s really just good business practices. If womens powder puff football could draw big crowds like mens football does, I think that the administration would spend a lot more money on it than what they are spending now on mens football.


  5. You are correct- the best coaches at SC right now are in women’s sports, and yet they are unfairly paid alot less than the men’s coaches. Sadly, but tells us all how poor a job the president and athletic department have been in hiring, and judging the performances of our men’s programs

    We are already paying all our men’s coaches high salaries they just have not performed so in most organizations they would be long gone.

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    1. this country is ass backwards…no longer pays for accomplishment…look at the schools and those assholes who lead them…dumb and dumber
      so it starts k-12 and on…

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  6. To Just Rent,

    You go by Just Owns, but what does ugly own? I see SC destroying ugly in football, basketball, women’s beach volleyball, and now women’s water polo. Not only that, SC sweeps in men’s and women’s track and then the women take the PAC 12 champisonship and men come in second while ugly slinks in the lower echelon of the standings. It is redundant, but we all still love it:

    U Clowns Lose Again.

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