Stephen Carr to Indiana

Stephen Carr announced he is transferring to Indiana.

He even thanked Clay Helton.

7 thoughts on “Stephen Carr to Indiana

  1. Stephan Carr- the best of luck to you. You definitely made the right decision this air raid offense sucks for a running back it’s a shame you did not play at SC when the running back and running game was a featured part of this offense. You definitely will get the chance to carry the ball at Indiana.

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    1. Yes, best to Carr.
      Now, let’s get back to USC: does this exodus of first rate running backs say volumes about the way they view our offense…or…. is Ingram THAT good?


  2. Watch Carr lead the Big 10 in rushing next season that should tell the true story of how inept Harrell and Helton are in judging talent, developing talent, and then running an offense to utilize all 11 players on offense.


  3. Best wishes to Mr. Carr.
    I’ll be following his progress at Indiana.

    His frosh year was electrifying, and we all expected so much in the next 3 years.
    He was hamstrung by a poorly coached O-line for the rest of his years.
    Significant Injuries didn’t help him either.

    I’m penciling Carr in for a 1000 yard year for the Hoosiers.


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