Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of The Week


Stephen Carr

He is going play for former USC running backs coach, Deland McCullough (a proper coach), and a team that ran the ball 48 percent of the time last season. That’s a win-win.

USC women’s water polo

The Trojans won their seventh national championship in women’s water polo. And first title with their legendary coach, Jovan Vavic. But he gets an assist because Sunday’s stars — redshirt seniors Maud Megens and Holly Parker — were Vavic players.

George Kliavkoff

Since he came from MGM, will he keep the $7,500-a-night MGM Grand suite with private butler that Larry Scott got for the Pac-12 Tournament.

Lindsay Gottlieb

She got Mike Bohn to blink and give her a $1 million a year contract after initially rebuffing the Trojans.

USC employees

It takes 350 people to pull off each of the Coliseum graduation ceremonies and it seems to be going off without a hitch.

usc 2021 commencement


Clay Helton

I keep hearing he got heckled at the spring scrimmage and that was with just a handful of fans. What happens when there are 50,000 at the Coliseum?

Andy Enfield

He hasn’t gotten his contract extension yet and is watching UCLA put together an elite program.

Kenan Christon

He just missed qualifying for the 200-meter finals at the Pac-12 championships. Christon’s time of 21.23 was ninth overall. The top eight qualified and the cutoff time was 21.20. Even worse, two of the sprinters who qualified didn’t even run in the final.

Coliseum suites

There are reportedly suite holders who wish to re-negotiate the terms of their leases. Good luck!

24 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Christon should have played spring football. There are a lot of good backs out there even though we lost 2 of them. Besides 21.23 in the 200 meter. He had a much better time in high school.


    1. The Biggest Loser Donald J. Trump tried to pull troops from Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany and Africa after election loss…

      What an idiot that Commie Trump is


  2. Winner the women of USC. I expect Folt to mandate (or maybe womandate) that the next head football coach be a person who identifies as female. That’s why Tony Orlando is trying to become Dawn. Talk about toxic masculinity going to toxic shock syndrome.

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  3. Carr made a wise decision.
    In regards to Gottlieb the new women’s basketball coach. USC tried to be cheap again in regards to hiring a women’s coach in facT two other candidates turned down the job including the UCLA Assistant who was offered less money to be the head coach at USC then she was making as an assistant at UCLA.

    Gottlieb got what she wanted, and I applaud her for forcing Bohn to pay her market value. Let’s see if she can now make USC a top tier program now to match up with her salary level. It is not going to be easy beating out UCLA, Oregon, Arizona, Stanford, Oregon St, and probably Arizona State year after year.

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  4. Note #1 To Scott: It seems strange to see Clay in the Loser’s Section…..

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      1. Hard to imagine getting dumber everyday when you have the iq of a dirt pile… but who am I to argue with a hashtag genius??

        I still have laughing fits picturing his son in law getting cold cocked by some drunk. 😂 hahaha….


      1. Mr. Lee has had a pretty nice career for the son of a welfare mom, for a kid who usually did not have a bed to sleep in, and who spent his last few years of High School sleeping at a friend’s house–cuz mom could not keep a home.

        Your views of who is a “bust” is quite distorted.

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      2. Pudly –Tread gently here. The day Josh was told he could never bear a child had to be one of the low points of his life….


      1. No excuses here.

        Can’t wait to see how the SUCC Softball team does in the NCAA tournament.


    1. UCLA beat them once in the regular season. This is considered a hall fame moment. “UCLA where close loses are victories in our book”. #ownslikesacloseloss

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      1. SUCC Men’s BB, on the other hand, every 20 years, loves to choka, choka, choka, choke/lose in the Elite Eight by 19 points –

        Andyain’twinning + National TV humiliation = bozo men’s BB program.



  5. WOLF didn’t you say Alford was putting an Elite program together also? The Shabazz Muhammad class?
    How did that turn out buddy?
    Will you be saying the same BS when Kijani Wright commits to the 2022 Class?
    One more thing. Did you even go to the spring game? Aren’t you supposed to cover it?

    “I keep hearing” you say?
    Stop making up this nonsense. Nobody is talking about the USC spring game because Helton is always getting Heckled and u would know that if you were actually covering the guy instead walking next to John Jackson and Darryl Rideaux so you can “hear” what they are chatting about to get “Inside USC” delivered in time.



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